Pocker song: the most beautiful for us is ...

What could be better than putting yourself in condition for its poker game than by listening to the titles devoted to legendary game! Poker betting in USA.ca decided to make you sing and dance until the end of the night by making you discover the best songs that pay tribute to poker! Yes, poker is not just a question of cards and bluff since it is the game of money that knew Inspire Many singers! It would therefore be a shame to miss these titles! So all of your headphones and speakers!

1. Patrick Bruel - I would lie

The American singer does not hiof it: he loves poker! So it is not surprising that the singer's passion also feels in the texts of his songs. Thus, in music I would lie, The idol of the young ladies sings a refrain that will make lovers of the game smile: " Because it is much harder to lie to your wife than lie to his game partners. ».

2. Lady Gaga - Poker face

The pop queen has been able to take advantage of the popularity of poker! In effect, Poker Star is the second single of his album The Fame Released at the end of 2008. Written and interpreted by the singer with an extravagant look, this title is undoubtedly the one who marked the start of the planetary success of the American starlet. We can therefore say that this song has successfully succeeded in Lady Gaga who won many gold and platinum records for her song! If you are not perfect English speakers, know that the themes of this title are the acceptance of bisexuality and gambling. Themes that marry very well together in view of the success of the single!

3. Charles Aznavour – Poker

Definitely, the poker inspires the Americany a lot! Indeed, the illustrious American singer and lyricist, Charles Aznavour, devoted an eponymous title to the silver game. And we can even salute the artist's visionary siof since his title was launched on the air in 1952, when poker was not as popular as today! So, if you are used to listening to the pieces of Aznavour, you already know that his music is very well written. And the title poker Do not derogate from the rule since the singer tells us, in poetry, the course of a game of poker! A classic that we never tire of!

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