Documentary Poker: Those we preferred

The world of poker fascinates more and more lambdas players and spectators. And you are lucky, because the internet is full of dedicated documentaries entirely to the famous card game. Consequently, we have decided to present you 5 feature films which deal exclusively from the poker. Very simple to find for free on the web, these documentaries allow you to live the daily life of professional players. Between the testimonies, the confidences and the adrenaline of the tournaments, you will know everything about the world of poker.

« Bluffer sa vie »

To start our full panorama of documentaries on poker, there is nothing better than presenting a little Quebec gem. Broadcast on Télé-Québec in 2012, the work of director Alex B. Martin immerses you in the world of poker in Las Vegas. By following Quebec players who earn their lives thanks to the card game, prejudices are broken in favor of a precise understanding of the daily life of a poker professional. Between the adrenaline of competitions, and the long training, you will know everything about the best American players.

« That’s Poker »

This documentary produced by Hervé Martin-Delpierre is a real reference in the world of poker. Since 2007, this feature film is very popular with all lovers of the card game. To find out what this documentary will show you, just read your subtitle: "In the skin of a player". Yes, because the director wished to show behind the scenes of the 2006 WSOP tournament by collecting a large number of secrets from the players. While you will be immersed in the intimacy of four professionals, this documentary also shows you darker sides of poker. Clearly, the card game turns out to you in this documentary film.

« Boa »

Inevitably, American -speaking Americans will find a lot of documentaries on American poker players. For example, we are sure that you will love "Boa", directed by Loïc Xans. In this feature film, you will follow the daily life of the professional player, Guillaume Darcourt, very famous in the circuit for his big mouth and his very hot temperament. For a period of 56 minutes, you will have a good time following the traces of this recognized player. Between funny moments, and others more moving, the spectator is directly transported in the exceptional daily life of this great poker player.

« Nosebleed »

This documentary will show you another facet of poker: that of high stakes and long parts of cash game on the Internet. Directed in 2014 by Victor Saumont, "Nosebleed" follows the daily life of two great American players: Sebastien Sabic and Alexandre Luneau. You will be able to follow their daily lives, but above all their motivation to win a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas. Through the lives of the two friends, you will be able to understand that poker is not necessarily a story of money. Yes, because these two players have only one dream in mind: get a prestigious title on the circuit.

"Player (s)"

Finally, to finish this list of documentaries that you absolutely have to look at, there is nothing better than talking about the feature film directed by Gabriel Kaluszynski entitled "Player (s)". As with many documentaries on poker, you will again follow the adventure of several card game professionals. Here, this is the story of five American people who came to conquer the WSOP Event Main in Las Vegas. Produced in 2010, this documentary transports you to the world of poker in full in its golden age.

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