Poker movie: Discover our selection

Poker is today present in All media : on the internet, on TV, in the paper press and in the cinema. We invite you to discover the best movie films devoted to poker game. Sit comfortably and open a packet of popcorn!

Le Kid of Cincinnati, 1965

The legendary actor Steve McQueen plays the role of Eric Stone alias the Kid of Cincinnati here. In the film, Steve McQueen performs a young poker prodigy who challenges a certain Lancey Howard, the biggest poker player in New Orleans. The final scene of the film is the confrontation between the two actors on a 5-card Stud poker table. A variant of poker which is no longer really popular today but which was the game in vogue in the United States in the 1960s. Needless to say that Steve McQueen is winning this duel and becomes the most famous player of the town.

L'Arnaque (The Sting), 1973

In the film L'Arnaque, actors Robert Redford and Paul Newman mount a scam to strip a rich thug, interpreted by Robert Shaw, and avenge the death of their friend. Part of the scam consists in fueling a game of 5-card Draw poker. Our two heroes are here ingenuity and collusion to raise the auctions and win the bet on the green carpet. This film notably earned an Oscar nomination for Robert Redford.

Maverick, 1994

In the film Maverick, the very popular Mel Gibson plays the role of a professional poker player who wins easily on all the Mississippi poker tables. The latter intends to win the biggest tournament in the region which takes place on a casino boat. Mel Gibson is here accompanied by the charming Jodie Foster. This comedy is above all a family film that has no shortage of twists and turns.

Players (Rounders), 1998

The film Rounders or "The players" in American version is certainly the film which turned millions of young players in online poker in the early 2000s. This dramatic comedy features the young Matt Damon, law student without The penny who works at night to pay his game debts and finance his studies. Matt Damon's life switches to night game fever when his friend Edward Norton comes out of prison and intends to get back financial health on the New York and Atlantic City poker tables. A classic of the genre ...

Casino Royale, 2006

It was on the occasion of the release of Casino Royale that James Bond added a new string to his bow. Indeed, James Bond, interpreted here by the British Daniel Craig, is also a formidable poker player capable of stripping the bad guys before putting a bullet on them. It should be noted that the poker variant is here the No Limit Texas Hold’em, the star game since the early 2000s.

Runner Runner, 2013

With the Ben Affleck duo and Justin Timberlake, the film Runner Runner has a prestigious casting. In this dramatic comedy, the young student Justin Timberlake alias Richie loses his savings on an online poker site. Furious, he decides to fly away for Costa Rica, a tax haven that houses the majority of online poker sites. This film echoes many scandals that splashed the online poker industry in the early 2000s like the Room Absolute Poker scam.

As you can see, there is no shortage of movies on poker. Since the early 1960s, the poker table has become the place of confrontation between the classic duos of Hollywood cinema: kind/bad, young prodigy/experienced, poor/rich. The trend should continue in the years to come for our greatest pleasure.

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