Poker books: here is what we offer you

Well, if you landed on this page, it's because you like to read. At least, that's what we presume! If this is not the case, do not flee to the simple reading of the word "book". Yep, if reading will almost be torture for reading allergies, it is, all the same, essential not to miss the many knowledge that this hobby can bring you. So, even if you are not a fervent reading follower, do not miss our selection of the three best books ever devoted to poker! You will see, there is something for everyone since we have taken care to make you discover guides to help you improve, as well as novels. In short, you will have what Floch your knowledge and entertain you ! So take advantage of it!

A poker player

A poker player is the novel to put in all hands of the game enthusiasts! Indeed, in this book, the author, Jean-Sébastien Hongre, tells us about the life of Antoine, a young thirties, computer scientist, married and soon dad. Unfortunately, the latter is bored in his life even if he apparently has everything he could dream of. Until the day he discovered poker on the occasion of an evening with friends. The novice will discover a real passion for this game which makes him live emotions that he had never felt before. Written by a fan of the famous card game, this novel is one of the essential books of the Poker Library. Take advantage!

Poker for dummies

With dummies, everything becomes easy! Indeed, if you have already had the opportunity to take advantage of the books in this collection, you already know that the authors have the gift to explain simply, the most complex notions! This time, it is to poker enthusiasts that they will be of service! Indeed, Lou Krieger and Richard D Harroch share with you their best advice and tips to help you become emeritus poker players! Very easy to read and very well constructed, this player for player will adapt as well to novice players, as to the most experienced players! In short, a guiof to put in all hands!

Poker No Stress

Managing stress is a very important element to become an emeritus bettor! And that, the authors Pascale and Marc Polizzi explain it to you better than us! Poker No Stress is a poker guiof that changes from those we are used to seeing. And it must be said that it feels good. Indeed, the two authors proviof you with a real gold mine of information in this book. In one and the same reading, you will learn to develop reflexes that will serve you to channel your stress during your games. Very well written and very well documented, this book will teach you to develop "Zen-attitude" in order to triumph in all your poker sessions.

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You now know the best books devoted to poker. To learn all about the poker culture, we invite you to read the following: