The ASMR technique, a strange effective phenomenon?

What are ASMR technique?

ASMR is an acronym of the name "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" that can be translated into American by an automatic response from sensory meridians. It doesn't happen to you more to understand, right? To popularize the term, it is explained by the feeling of well-being of a visual, auditory, cognitive or olfactory stimulus. This fairly abstract notion is mainly visually and auditory, since it is discovered in the form of videos swarming on the internet. Do not run off, there is nothing badly placed or limit in this article.

ASMR: This feeling is difficult to describe for the subjects that have already experienced it.

Videos have a very specific subject, such as a tutorial on the folding of a table towel or the review of a revolutionary hair brush. Microphones are often distributed out of frame and people filming whisper. They alternate the sides so that the spectator captures the sounds in one ear or another, or in stereo. When a product is to be unpacked, it is placed near the microphones and manipulated, unpacked slowly so that the sound is exploited as much as possible by the spectator's brain. This feeling is difficult to describe for the subjects that have already experienced it. They speak of a tingling, a chatouille which leaves from the top of the skull to spread in the back, passing through the neck. These chills would be very stealthy, but this relaxation technique would succeed, among other things, to help people with insomnia in the long term.

Does it work on everyone?

From what we have seen, it is not effective every time. We wanted to do the guinea pigs to be able to explain to you better, but we must admit defeated on this one. The videos that all receptive people have advised us left us from ice. We expected a sensation similar to that of a hot bath, it was the cold shower that was waiting for us. Instead of relaxing, some have deeply irritated us. We have inquired about the question and for non-receivers (like us), we will arrive at an approaching result thanks to the noise "Madeleine of Proust": the storm, the rain falling on the roof, the noise maof a candy From our childhood when we unpack it ... In short, if we still encourage you to find out to determine whether the ASMR phenomenon has a positive effect on you, we felt a little ridiculous to watch Videos of young women whispering in an unnatural way the manual of a hair brush.

How is this relaxation technique used for poker?

The main characteristics that identify the videos using the ASMR technique are simple. The protagonists whisper to communicate, the camera is fixed, and the sounds are clear. ASMR video on poker insist on the noise produced by cards and tokens. The conditions are supposed to be optimal to relax on the theme of poker. The tutorial is interesting, the sounds of tokens and cards make you want to play. We will let you judge the effectiveness of this technique as a relaxation strategy.

We allow ourselves to doubt about this means, because in the videos, everything is felted, slow and must imitate the primitive protection of the listener, as if his mother reassured it with words as sweet as the voice. The slowness of gestures and words is extremely contrasting, even completely opposed to the frantic pace and adrenaline of a good part of Hold’em. Do not trust our skepticism, several studies have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the ASMR technique and its profits could be a solution to make the vacuum before a frenzied part. Try and give us your feelings, we look forward to knowing!

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