Our top 5 best gifts to offer to a poker lover

A few months ago, seeing the Christmas holidays approaching, we wondered what would be the greatest gifts to offer to a poker player. So we have launched a large survey of 500 professional players, and today reveal you the classification they have concocted for you. Be careful, surprises are the key!

#5: a comfortable office chair

In fifth position of this ranking, poker players admitted to wanting to receive a cozy office chair, so as not to suffer from back and neck pain, after long hours sitting to play on their PC. Armchairs of this kind, there are at all prices and all styles. This will give you a margin of choice, if this is the gift you choose to offer this year.

#4: books on poker

Again, you will be spoiled for choice. Books on the history of poker, autobiographies, anthologies of the biggest players in the world, strategies advice ... There is something for everyone, and above all, for all levels. So be careful to find out about the degree of knowledge of the poker that the person for whom this gift is intended will have: a novice would take a great point in understanding the subtleties intended for experts, and that could put it off.

#3: hours of coaching

Another gift suitable for all levels. Many professional players propose to coach the most beginners, to help them evolve. Of course, this has a blow that will vary according to the degree of knowledge and the fame of the professional player. The price range can start around $ 30 an hour, sometimes reaching $ 200 for the most popular coaches. A cost which, if you choose the interlocutor well, can greatly be amortized by the earnings that these tips will give off ...

#2: a poker case

A great classic! This gift, certainly banal but which is always a pleasure, can suit all budgets. The professionals we interviewed are formal: any self -respecting player must have one of these briefcases at home. They generally contain all of the paraphernalia necessary for a good poker evening: cards deck, game carpet, dealer button, blind button, and tokens. You now know: if the recipient does not have this kind of equipment, this is the gift for which you will have to opt this year!

#1: Antibruity helmet

Finally, for online players surrounded by children, or simply playing in a noisy environment, as for those regularly going to the casinos, a fog helmet seems to be the trendy gift this year. It might seem surprising that this product, not being directly linked to poker, arrives in first place, but we understand that when we realize the degree of concentration and rigor requested by this game. Gift for certain types of players uniquely.

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