Poker: When pros decipher political debates!

Unless you have lived in a cave for a long time, you know that the presidential campaign rages in the media, to know who will succeed Barack Obama by becoming the 45th President of the United States. The debates are linked and are not alike, the communication teams of the two candidates are two overtrained armies, and the analysts of these verbal jousts are on the lookout for the slightest sign. Yes, but who would be better than a professional poker player to decipher the signs that do not deceive? Here is an anthology of comments from the great players of our time.

Mike Matusow, the accuser pro-Trump.

The poker player, a republican oriented, was nicknamed "L'Aux" years ago, and he is today up to this reputation. He doesn't chew his words! Besides, he is one of the most talkative players around a poker table.

"Reading the opponent, exploiting its weaknesses […] [is] totally in the domain of poker. […] "

Like millions of Americans, Matusow followed the first television debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. He considers that the Democratic candidate cheated by carrying a headset which would have blowed her arguments and against arguments throughout this political battle. The people who see it as a reflection of light will say that Mike wants to discredit the democratic part by focusing on conspiracy theories. We doubt more, the player is totally on the siof of the wealthy republican candidate. Even if he admits it half-word, he thinks that Hillary is likely to win against Trump.

Daniel Negreanu, the fervent Democratic supporter

He won the H.O.R.S.E championship this year, and now comments on political news, just time to give his opinion on the issue. Before that, he wanted to clarify that reading the opponent, exploiting his weaknesses and minimizing his forces was completely in the domain of poker, as much as in the political domain.

Negreanu had planned that Trump would struggle to be appreciated by the public, because he got into the habit of discussing on a much more populated scene and animated by the crowd, undoubtedly this relative silence destabilized him. However, he would have liked to see a little more aggressiveness on the part of Hillary, even if she managed to keep his calm in the face of the virulent attacks of the Republican.

Doyle Brunson, the Republican who does not want Trump

The 83-year-old poker legend is anti-hillary as possible and does not hiof it. He also exchanged via Twitter some flowery words with another poker size, Vanessa Selbst. He deplores the lies of Hillary Clinton and violently criticizes his colleague on the ethics of poker. Despite his clearly republican position, and his apparent support for Trump's radical ideas, he is not particularly in agreement with his personal values.

Phil Hellmuth, the observer

More than by everyone's founding ideas, Hellmuth, self-proclaimed "dirty poker kid", analyzed the performances of the two White House candidates. He called Hillary as "very professional". He admits that she did a very good job, that the attack was finally fine, since she highlighted two major faults of Trump who are unacceptable for a president: an obvious lack of experience and an impulsive temperament .

The professional player still balanced the balance by singing the praises of the real estate magnate. He considered that he had looked very "presidential", that "he did not shot himself in the foot when he could have slipped several times". Hellmuth believes Trump plays the outsider card perfectly.

The speeches of all these players are very influenced by their own political opinions, and we are impatiently awaiting the next televised debate to analyze, too, the actions of the two candidates. Who knows, maybe we are better poker players than we think? Indeed, this job requires "reading" people. To your televisions!

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