When poker meets his community online

Playing online poker is not just playing. For some players, it is a job, and for these players in general, or even for others who exercise another professional activity, poker is a real passion. Who says passion, says star in the middle. Some celebrities of the poker world even film their everyday life, which gives birth to what is commonly called in the world of Youtube, vlogs. Here is the analysis of a growing phenomenon!

What is a vlog, and how is this support used in the world of professional poker?

A vlog is a contraction of the words "video" and "blog". The trend explodes today on YouTube, where the stars of the net are not content to be experts in their field by publishing videos specialized in what they are doing, but complement their filmography with videos that show their community behind the scenes of their life or their profession. If, today, we use the term "influencer" to designate these gamers or queens of beauty, these vlogs also benefit professional poker players today. Because, like a blog where you sliof a little to illustrate your business or your passion, poker players are not only "poker faces" around a table, but also share their human experience by filming.

"[…] Poker players are not only" poker faces "around a table, but also share their human experience by filming themselves. »»

In the world of professional poker, Vlogguer consists in filming themselves on the journeys that lead our favorite champions to a tournament or to debrief quickly on large events from an internal point of view. This is the advantage today of having phones that take excellent images! But for those who want a more professional rendering once the content has been published on the famous free online video platform, video and suitable sound intake equipment is preferable.

If, on Youtube, the assembly and publication are done by the human hand and carefully controlled, on Twitch, it is different. Everything is live, everything is shown and spontaneous. Periscope is also used for this purpose and makes the experience even more alive for the public.

How do you react the casinos that host big tournaments in front of this new communication mode?

The law does not really mention this new fashion, but obviously, casinos are quite reluctant when they see recording equipment within their establishment (even if it is extremely complicated to completely prohibit cameras or Casino phones). An extremely popular poker influencer goes to the cheek explaining that it is better to apologize rather than request authorization upstream at the risk of being refused the request.

There are different styles of vlogging, but we find the same frame in each. Lasting that is generally between 15 and 25 minutes, players talk about their passion and dissect behind the scenes for their community. Some recount and film their day in the forest or on the way to a tournament, others prefer to preserve their intimacy by speaking to their camera and for those who film their parts, a voiceover comes behind explain the game (often with pictorial explanations) , which is very interesting if you want to learn a little more about "how to play poker better"!

Whatever the format chosen by everyone, we adhere completely, we are already part of the community of many of these poker/internet star players!

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