Poker rules: you have to know how to play to start a game

To get into the monde poker and avoid making you eat by sharks ready to bite in your bankroll, you have to know the rules of poker and operation at the game table. Indeed, poker is certainly a game of luck but it is above all An address game that requires hours of learning and improvement to hope to win significant prices. To start or optimize your knowledge of the game, we invite you to read our poker rules guide. Good reading !

The goal of the game in poker

It is possible a player in poker in free or fun mode, but the real excitement of poker lies in the possibility of making money. Your goal in poker is to dominate your opponents at the table and take their money as much as possible without losing your bankroll.

It is therefore up to you to make the best possible combination with the cards you have, know when to bet, throw or bluff to raise your bankroll. The one who wins a poker tournament is simply the player who has accumulated the most tokens, so it is essential to manage your efforts to the table well to last as long as possible. The poker rooms all offer free tournaments or freeroll to allow you to train, this is a very useful tool for starting without getting plucked.

Poker's hierarchy

It is essential to know at your fingertips the value of the cards and possible combinations in poker. You may happen to make mistakes due to the fatigue or speed of the game, in this case you will not be able to go back and evoke your error to cancel the blow. We invite you to memorize the following or print it to play online and thus avoid beginner's mistakes.

  • The strongest card: or high card. When players do not have a winning combination, we choose the strongest card in their game to designate the winner.
  • The pair : These are two cards of the same value (example: two aces or two kings).
  • The double pair: These are two pairs (example: 2 AS and 2 Kings).
  • The Brelan: These are three identical value cards (example: three kings, three 10).
  • The quinte: These are five cards that follow (example: 9, 10, valet, lady, king).
  • La Flush : These are five cards of the same color (example: five tile cards or five clover cards).
  • Le Full : It is a pair and a broken.
  • The square : These are four identical value cards (example: four AS).
  • FUS FUSH : These are five cards that follow and the same color.
  • The Quinte Flush Royale: This is the best possible combination in poker. The player here has the combination: AS, King, Lady, Valet, and 10 of the same color (example: Ace of Pique, Pique King, Pap, Pine Valet and 10 Pique).

The operation of the poker table

We explain the basics of the game at the poker table here. Each action is indeed codified and it is necessary to respect the operation of the poker game to be well perceived by your opponents.

  • The dealer distributes the cards. In a game of Texas Hold’em poker, each player receives only two closed cards.
  • The small armor and the big blind which are compulsory bets are paid by the two players to the left of the dealer.
  • The players express their action in the direction of the needles of a watch. The player can follow and pay the amount of the big armor, restart by betting the double of the big blind or throwing his cards so as not to get involved.
  • Once each player has maof his decision, the dealer releases 3 cards: the flop. These are common cards.
  • After the distribution of the flop, a new auction starts. Players can bet, throw their card or check.
  • A fourth common map is drawn: the turn and a new auction lap begins.
  • A fifth common map is drawn: the river. A final auction starts. In the end, a player can win the blow if all the other players go to bed or the players who are still in the blow show their card on the table. The strongest combination is obviously the one that saves the player.

Depending on the poker variants, the development of the poker game differs but here it is the general rules that apply to most types of poker. Good luck and good game !

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