Texas Holdem

It’s undoubtedly the poker star. Known around the world, it is not the most played version, but it is the most publicized. By dint of talking about it, beginners can be intimidated, and not want to take the plunge. Whether you are a confirmed neophyte or player who wants to refresh your memory a little, we have prepared a 100 % Texas Hold’em summary article!

Characteristics of Texas Hold’em

The principle is very simple, it is a variant of poker which is both technical and psychological. You don't necessarily have to be a crash of observation to be able to win at Texas Hold’em, be reassured! The good old Hold’em is therefore played around a table can accommodate 2 to 10 players. You will just need a pack of 52 cards, and three pawns, a white to report the dealer, the person who distributes the cards, and two others placed on the left of this player, who will have to pose on the table there Small and the big armor.

The blinds are minimum bets that are used to launch the game, and start the auctions. In the first round, just "follow" the big blind to be able to join the second round.

The Texas Hold’em is played with 2 private cards (which you alone see), and 5 open, posed successively, visible face on the table. The goal of each hand is to get the biggest hand to be able to win all the bets, but if you are struck with a spell and your hand is not really strong, then you can go to bed (Wait for the next game by passing your turn), or use the good old bluff technique!

Finally, know that Texas Hold’em is played in Limit, where the maximum amount of bets is defined before playing, in No Limit, where the bets can fly to reach peaks. And the Texas Hold’em Pot Limit determines a balance between the two, a player can relaunch within the limit of the total sum of the pot. For example, if the pot contains $ 100, and the big blind is $ 50, you can bet any amount between $ 50 and $ 100.

Uncounted a game

Each player is distributed two cards, and the first auction starts. This step is called pre-flop. Everyone decides if their pair of cards is worth playing. The big armor will serve as "entry into the game". If you choose to integrate this hand, you will have to put the equivalent of the big blind at least, that is to say follow.

The round end, the first three cards are placed in the center of the table, visible face. This is the flop, this is where the first combinations appear and where the game really starts. Indeed, a player who had a hand maof up of strong cards can be the weakest if his hand does not agree in any way with the flop. The small blind and the big blind are placed, you can then follow ("check") by placing the sum of the big armor. If you have a very strong hand and you want to scare your opponents, you can already increase the bet, in other words "raises". The next player will have to follow this increased bet if he wants to play, or go to bed ("fold").

The turn displays one more card at the table. The bet system is the same, except that it will be doubled to climb the auctions. Finally, the river is the last round, the dealer add a card to the four already placed on the table. At this point, to win, you have to have the best hand, or have managed to intimidate all the opponents of the table until they go to bed. You can then choose whether or not to show your cards to let the mystery hover!

Before playing Texas Hold’em, get to know the hierarchy of cards, this is the ultimate priority to be able to assess the value of your hand and not play unconsciously!

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It's not just Texas Hold’em in life!

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