Cheat in poker

Please note, the editorial staff declines all responsibility if you are caught in the flagrant crime of cheating at poker! This article tells you about the best known cheat methods in terrestrial casinos. We didn't try them. As for the software that offers you to see your opponents' cards when you play online, take a good anti-virus, because it is mostly malware. We also doubt the effectiveness of calculators, if it worked, the number of players instantly rich thanks to the poker would arouse the suspicions of the operators. In short, whatever the method, we advise you to play according to the rules, because we believe a lot in Karma. Who sows the wind harvests the storm, as they say!

The so -called accomplice method

If you find a friend who will help you win in exchange for a percentage of your earnings, there are two types. The internal accomplice, with your own table. As in the Kem's game (yes, this game we play and we agree on a sign to do when we have the right hand so that the other shouts "Kems!"), The cheaters get along on a coof Silent to give information on their cards. This can pass for tells seen from the outside. Indeed, frowning, scratching your nose or ear, all means are good for winning the money from other players both in order to share it at the end. For this we refer to the epic part in the film "The players" when the two friends are unconscious enough to play poker with police officers. We don't tell you the end so that you go to see it!

The external accomplice is a little more difficult to spot, but not infallible! As proof of the example of a German player who chained victories, trophies and the best places to rank tournaments in which he participated. Ali Tekintamgak thus reached the last table of the Partouche Poker Tour (PPT) in 2010. Only journalists being authorized to work as close as possible to the players, his accomplice pretended to be one two to take his place behind his opponent . They both established a coof in advance, and the false journalist indicated the cards to his friend by more or less discreet signs. Videos of the final hand of Barcelona WPT circulating on the web very well capture this moment when the impostor, a shady camera on the two cards of Ali's opponent and carries his hand near his chin to reveal to Ali two very close cards (one 8 and a 9). His cheat method seems to have remained the same throughout his tournaments and Ali Tekintamgak was unmasked and disqualified from the PPT the same year.

Magic technique

This method is only playable in the parts between friends at home, unless you have exactly the same game as that of the casino. You also have to be very clever and try not to be fooled. Just know how to distribute and choose the cards that suit you. Pay attention to players who mix the cards with dexterity and win (a little too much) often the game, we can reasonably think that these players are cheaters. Do not put them all in the same basket, there are very good players knowing how to mix the cards!

Among the cheat systems, we also note the existence of infrared lenses and invisible ink with which employees of corrupt and unscrupulous casino wrote information for the cheating player. Stefano Ampollini is the most famous cheater that has invested in these lenses for the modest sum of $ 2,000 and won more than $ 91,000!

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You know the most common cheat methods, learn to play straight!

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