Poker variants

The success of poker through ages and cultures has maof that multiple variants were born! You will find for sure your favorite version, whatever your budget, your tastes or your level at Online poker USA. We present to you today the most common. Don't be afraid and make your choice! If you are a beginner, there are variants to get your hands before going to more elaborate game modes.

Several formats to decline according to your tastes

Starting in poker is never very easy. This is an impressive environment, where the "fish" meet the "Sharks", and even if we would like to start putting a foot in it, we don't want to be plucked in the first hand. You are prudent, this is the first of the qualities of an excellent poker player! After learning the theory, do not be afraid to go into practice. Poker variants are not staggered in levels proper, but some are less complicated than others to play. Among the different variants of poker, there are of course the famous Texas Hold’em and the Omaha, but also on 5 Cards Draw, the 7 cards Stud, the Draw and the Razz. Everyone can be played in Limit, Limit pot and No Limit, with low and high subvariants. There are many combinations?

The greatest variants of poker

Texas Hold’em is extremely popular. Indeed, the formats are multiple! Whether you play in Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit, this is the most popular version of the largest world championships, like that of the World Series of Poker. One of the many other advantages of Texas Holdem is that the number of players does not matter: we can play it at 2 as at 10 without being bored for a second!

Did you know that theOmaha Poker Is the variant of the most played poker in the world? It is played quite similar in Texas Hold’em, but the major difference is in the number of cards with which we play. If the Hold’em is played with 4 cards in hand to complete the five on the table with the best combinations, the Omaha only authorizes two private cards. You must therefore associate one of yours with four of the five visibles of all on the table.

Among the best known versions, the Stud Poker At 7 cards is also very popular with players. Unlike Texas Hold’em and Omaha, players will not be able to use common cards, all are private and not all discoveries. The South with 7 cards is tailor-maof for players not appreciating the technical siof of the poker.

Among the large versions of poker, there are also 5 Card Draw, Razz, Le Nullot, the 3 cards poker. And if you play poker in a casino, think of Caribbean Stud poker, a very simple to learn and very fun variant. Make your choice to earn a maximum of money, but above all ... have fun!

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Poker variants

Omaha Poker

The Omaha is one of the most played poker versions in the world. Very similar to Texas Hold’em which also illustrates the rules of the poker game, the Omaha will be very accessible to you if you have the basics of Texas ...

Stud Poker

The 7 cards poker Stud variant is the third more played after the Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Until the dazzling success of the latter, the Stud was the most popular variant in the United States. This version ...

Texas Holdem

It’s undoubtedly the poker star. Known around the world, it is not the most played version, but it is the most publicized. By dint of talking about it, beginners can be intimidated, and not want ...

Caribbean Stud poker

There are several types of poker players on the internet. If some prefer to bet on their favorite variant to make as many benefits as possible, others choose to vary the pleasures to keep the siof ...

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