Game problems

Sports betting sites offer a multituof of bets available in all kinds. For most players, the game and the adrenaline provided are associated with pleasure and entertainment. However, for some users, the practice of gambling can be a deeper problem. Generally taboos, problems related to gambling exist and are considered to be a full -fledged disease. We are talking in this case of game addiction. In this case, the player, as well as his entourage, are affected on a daily basis by this grip. We explain you in this article of our Betting guide, step by step, the clues that make it possible to detect this disease.

The premises of dependence

Addiction, whatever it is, implies a relationship of physical and/or psychological dependence between the object of dependence and the subject. In the case of gambling, the start of dependence manifests itself very precisely. At first, the player particularly appreciates the use of the site and the bets relating to it.

However, doctors and researchers have noticed that the first step towards dependence generally begins following a substantial gain. Indeed, following this event, the player will assimilate the game with easy money. He will thus do everything to reproduce this experience. The border between pleasure and feeling of gain will become unclear.

Perceptible changes

A player naturally tends to speak and share his activity on online game sites. Associated with pleasure, it is natural to want, sharing those around him. However, it is precisely when you observe a break in terms of communication that it is necessary, on the part of the entourage, to question the approach carried out by the player on the use of the site.

Indeed, the fact that this player no longer shares his experience indicates that he no longer assimilates his activity to pleasure, but to a feeling of guilt and shame. Its mood then generally becomes variable: it fluctuates according to the gains or the losses generated. In addition, the deposits maof on the site are more frequent, because the player is convinced that he " will redo ». The notion of money hardly won in "real life" disappears as you go.

Acceptance of the problem, a first victory

Faced with this situation, many possibilities are available to the player in order to get out of it. The first step, perhaps the most difficult, is to accept that the relationship with the game is problematic. If this is your case, having accepted your illness is a first victory. Then, it is necessary for the player to turn to a doctor or any organization appropriate to treat this disease. Learn to free yourself from this grip, learn to communicate again, this is the key to success.

Double -edged legislation

The gaming and chance industry has been working in USA for many years, but this activity was illegal before our Quebec region established specialized legislation. To summarize, it was in particular a way of taxing a professional sector which was often in the hands of the organized crime.

However, in a paradoxical way, the American government has not implemented specific prevention for the fight against addiction to gambling. This is why, one could say that the legislation implemented has been able to have some negative effects on public health. We are talking about the mental and physical factor of individuals here. Even if the government does not make it a workhorse, some societies in the game industry have taken the bull by the horns! This is particularly the case for Loto-Québec which finances many research projects related to excessive game while maintaining a certain awareness of players.

Despite a possible undervaluation of the situation, it would seem that 5% of the population of Quebec announces that they are compulsive players. The path is therefore still long.

The so -called "pathological" game

The game is considered pathological when excessive addiction translates into dependence on gambling. The player is then unable to stop playing and controlling his bets. We can then assimilate addiction to a disease when the bettor needs to consume his practice, so he has a real need to play. Thus, the individual can increase the frequency of the game in order to avoid a state of lack.

What signs can testify to an addiction to games?

  • The bettor is totally concerned about sports betting and the game,
  • bets fully occupy its daily life while eclipizing its other activities,
  • He will set advances of progressive money to reach the desired adrenaline,
  • He sets limits, but takes more risks than he had planned,
  • The bettor wants to reduce his practice, but is unable,
  • He lost, but absolutely wishes to do it again,
  • The bettor hides from the others his time of practice, or even completely his activity,
  • The game is a way of escaping the concerns of everyday life,
  • The player always finds a way to bet, even if he is in the grip of financial difficulties.
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