Pronostic ALGS Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2022

CompetitionApex Legends Global Series
HourlyFrom July 7 to 10, 2022
Our prognosisVictory of Crazy Raccoon
Cote17.00 (Make 100 USAs and win 1,700 USA!)

Our prognosis

Victory of Crazy Raccoon
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17.00 BetwayMake 100 USAs and win 1,700 USA! To bet
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All about the Algs Apex Legends Global Series 2022 championship

🎮 Sport Sport
🕹️ Game Apex Legends
📌 Date of the final July 10, 2022
🏆 Last winner SCARZ Europe
💰 Bet on the Algs 2022 Betting on Algs 2022 on Betway

Algs is one of the biggest competitions Sport in the world. The best players ofApex Legends will be present and will compete to try to win the final coronation. In order to understand the functioning of this competition, here are some important figures that should allow you to see more clearly:

  • 💥 Number of teams : 40
  • 💲 Endowment : 2 000 000 $
  • 💰 Winner prize : 500 000 $
  • Number of groups : 4

The best books to bet on the Algs Apex Legends Championship 2022

Esport competitions and in particular on the Apex Legends game, are not very often available on bookmakers. It can be difficult to find a platform offering this type of bet. Fortunately, our team knows all the tips and knows where to find a bookmaker allowing you to deal with the Apex Legends Global Series.

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The progress of the Apex Legends Global Series 2022

For you to understand how the Apex Legends Global Series works, we will explain the progress of this tournament to you.

The dates of the 2022 Algs

Here is how the Apex Legends Global Series will take place:

  • July 7, group phase : The 40 teams, divided into 4 groups, will each make 18 games to determine in which table they will go during the Bracket Stage.
  • July 8 and 9, Bracket Stage : There are three different tables during the Bracket Stage and the best teams on each table will manage to join the final. In all, 20 teams will access it.
  • July 10, final : The remaining 20 teams will compete in the "Match Point" format. The 10 teams leaving the winner's table will go with points ahead, according to their ranking within this table.

The price of the Algs Apex Legends Global Series Woner

This year, the global endowment for Apex Legends Global Series is to 2,000,000 the dollars ! Faced with the growing interest in this competition and esport in general, prices only increase.

The winning team will notably have the right to leave with the flirtatious sum of 500 000 $ ! The 2ᵉ will receive $ 300,000, while the 3ᵉ will receive $ 200,000.

The 20ᵉ members are part of the last team to be paid and receive the sum of $ 18,000.

APEX Legends Global Series teams

Find off below the list of all the teams that will be present during the Apex Legends Global Series:

Reignite Team Unite Team Liquid Optic Gaming TSM NRC Luminosity Adraccoon
Team Empire Clouds Gamewith Alliance Team Burger Elevate GMT eSports 100 Thieves
Acend Team Singularity strike DreamFire Vega Players Stick Fennel
SpaceStation Element 6 Reject For7 IG.International Suave Fenix Team Crazy Raccoon
Athxhvy Rage Scan 1iQ Orthros Fang Exo E8 Zeta Division

Among all these teams, some stand out in the image of the Team Liquid. This young team full of talent is maof up of nocturnal, flanker and funfps. The recent arrival of the latter should allow them to pass a course and why not win these Global Series! The Crazy Raccoon Ras will also want to go and seek the final victory.

We will also have to be wary of NRG, which continues to progress over the months. It has a formidable roster maof up of two young fragers, Nept it's rocker, then Captain Sweetdreams. The latter arrived in the team in January 2021 and managed to channel his two young teammates, so as to make this team one of the best in the world.

Finally, Alliance is also likely to win the ultimate title. This reference of Apex Legends in Europe is maof up of the Hakis - Vaifs historic duo and the newcomer: Yuki. They notably finished 1st in tournament #4 of the ALGS - Europe autumnal circuit.

The qualified players of the Apex Legends 2022

Among the players who will be present at the competition, some stand out and are very popular with fans ofSport. Here are the players that will have to be monitored during these Global Series:

players Age Crew Nationality
ImperialHal 23 ans TSM American
Sweetdreams 23 ans NRG American
Ras 23 ans Crazy Raccoon Korean
Selly 24 ans Crazy Raccoon Korean
Hacked 27 ans Alliance Swedish

How to succeed in your sports betting betting Algs Apex Legends 2022

To succeed in his Sport bets On eSports and on Apex Legends Global Series in particular, it is significantly adopted the same rules as for your bets on traditional sports.

First of all, it is essential to Choose the right bookmaker. Indeed, all bookmakers are different and each offer their advantages and disadvantages. To bet on the Algs, it is necessary to opt for a bookmaker which offers this competition obviously, but also beautiful ratings on esports. Because this discipline remaining little publicized, certain sports betting platforms prefer not to offer high ratings so as not to take risks.

In addition, you will have to study the players And teams in the running to predict the results of the meetings. Remember to analyze their previous performances and search, if you find, interviews with them to know their state of mind.

Finally, it is very important not to play to regain a bet that has been lost. This is the best way to lose your capital, because the bets carried out under nervousness and in a precipitation are not the fruit of a fair and controlled analysis.

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Prognosis Algs Apex Legends Global Series 2022 winner

In order to concluof this article, our team wishes to give you their prognosis for these Global Series. After analyzing this competition, we almost unanimously see the Crazy Raccoon Write this year. Their team of titans maof up of RAS, Selly and Zeder is impressive and should make all their opponents pale. Ras occupied the First place in the world ranking, while Selly was elected MVP from the world championship and Zeder was crowned Asian champion. They are therefore the big favorites of this tournament.

FAQ - Pronostic ALGS Apex Legends Global Series Championship

➡️ How to register for the Algs Apex Legends Global Series?

Global series are only open to professional players Apex Legends. To reach this stadium, players must participate in Challenger circuits, regional pro leagues and play-offs to hope to get a place for the final tournament.

📺 How to look at the Algs Apex Legends competition live?

The 2022 algs championship will be broadcast on the chaine Twitch official competition. You can also watch the matches on their YouTube channel.

📍 Where will the Algs Apex Legends Global Series 2022 championship take place?

The competition will take place in the gigantic PNC Arena of Raleigh, in North Carolina. Spectators will therefore have to go to the United States to attend this tournament which promises to be spectacular.

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