Baseball prognosis: Make a homerun with your sports betting

Baseball is considered by professionals of Sports prognosis Like a real gold mine. Unknown to the general public, it offers incredible opportunities for enthusiasts and investors.

To learn all the strings on this sport, it is necessary to surround yourself with the best. For this, our team of expert will reveal all the tips for making your baseball prognosis.

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We are going to talk about it a little further on our special baseball page, but this sport opposes each year teams that play a lot of match. Inevitably, enthusiasts of passionate baseball sports bettings are going to their baseball prognosis.

Unfortunately, baseball remains a confidential sport Globally compared to football, basketball or tennis. This is why it is necessary to play on Baseball specialized bookmakers. Thus, you will enjoy an incredible bet offer and above all the best dimensions.

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The various competitions in the world for your baseball sports betting

Baseball is certainly very popular in the United States, but also very followed in other countries, especially in Japan and Europe. Your Baseball sports betting will be able to expand on various competitions, which have their specificities.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

  • Number of teams: 30, including 1 American, the Blue Jays of Toronto.
  • Dates :From April to October.
  • Title holder : Boston Red Sox.

This is simply the most followed championship in the world, doing an MLB prognosis has become common in all bettors. You will learn more in our article.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

  • Lieu : Japan.
  • Number of teams: 12.
  • Dates : From April to October.
  • Title holder : Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.

World baseball classic

  • Lieu : variable.
  • Number of teams: 28.
  • Dates : every 4 years.
  • Title holder : UNITED STATES.

European Baseball Cup

  • Lieu : en Europe, variable.
  • Number of teams: 12.
  • Dates : June.
  • Title holder : Parma Baseball.

South Baseball Korea Championship

  • Lieu : South Korea.
  • Number of teams: 10.
  • Dates : From May to October.
  • Title holder : NC Dinos.

Betting on Baseball KBO League has become quite popular, because this championship offers high -level teams and real shows. You should take a closer look at the KBO baseball prediction.

To make your baseball prognosis, learn the course of the baseball season

Unlike other sports, the MLB season does not start in August or September. It is therefore an opportunity to make a baseball prognosis at periods when other sports are at rest. Here's how the MLB season takes place precisely.

Spring training

In February and March, the teams are preparing for the regular season. During this period, the franchises resume training To get in shape during the regular season. Friendly matches are also organized, allowing some players to show themselves to join the final group.

Regular season

30 teams are divided into 2 leagues: the National League and the American League. Each of them is divided into 3 divisions (West, East, Central). Each division brings together 5 teams close geographically And which will therefore be played more regularly.

The regular season begins on the first Sunday in April and lasts six months. Each franchise will play a total of 162 games, or almost one match a day. To limit travel, series of 2, 3 or 4 games against the same opponent are organized.

At the end of the season, each team having won their division is qualified for playoffs as well as the two best teams of each League. Finally, therefore 10 teams are qualified for the Playoff phase.


Also called playoffs, the playoffs follow the regular season and start in October. The playoffs are divided into two tables with the teams of National League and on the other the teams ofAmerican League. Here is the progress of the playoffs:

  • Wild Card : This match faces the two qualified franchises for the playoffs which have not won their division. The winner is qualified for the Series divisions
  • Division Series : The first team that manages to win 3 victories accesses the next round. Can be akin to quarter -finals since 8 teams are involved.
  • Championship Series : The first team that manages to win 4 victories is declared the winner of the League and will face the franchise which won the other League.
  • World Series : This final opposes the winner of the National League and the American League. As for the NBA and NHL finals, the first team that wins 4 games is declared champion and will raise the commissioner's trophy.

Our free baseball forecast for the 2022 season

After analyzing the pre-season games, MLB last season, the results of the Word Series, but also the states of form of the teams and the workforce, our experts were able to draw up a list of 3 favorites to make betting on The MLB 2022 championship.

  • Los Angeles Dodger Who won MLB's last title in a final against Tampa Bay Rays, is again favorite this year:
  • Tampa Bay Rays is also a great pretender to win the World Series:
  • New York Yankees are like every year at the level to try to dethrone the dodgers for the title.

These 3 franchises are clearly above the lot and have a good chance of winning the final victory. We advise you to put a bet on one or more of these franchises before the start of the regular season which begins in early April. You can choose the best Bookmaker Baseball to do it with our list below which offers the best Baseball dimensions:

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3 tips for your Baseball forecasts

Because baseball is an atypical sport, both in terms of the season and matches in themselves, it is essential to be well -advised To make your baseball forecasts. Even if many parameters come into account when you finalize your bet, follow these 3 tips to the letter should make you cross a CAP.

How to bet well on baseball?

To bet well on baseball, the first advice is not to disperse too much on the types of available bets. Rather focus on these types of bets recommended by baseball experts:

  • Moneylines: Like ice hockey or basketball, a baseball match will never end in a draw. So it's a real advantage Compared to other sports such as football, because you can bet on only 2 issues. Remember to bet well on a winner at the end of possible extensions.
    • Example : Houston Astros against New York Yankees. Make $ 100 on an ML victory of the Yankees at a dimension of 2.55. If the Yankees win the match, you will win $ 255.
  • The totals: in uncertain matches, it can be Difficult to release a winner. Instead of risking losing your bet, it is often wise to turn to additional sports betting, such as the Paris Under/Over. Some franchises are known to score many points, others to be quite low offensively. Analyze these statistics, and bet on the totals of a match.
    • Example : Boston Red Sox against New York Yankees. Make $ 100 on more than 7.5 points in the match at a dimension of 1.90 and win $ 190 if the match ends with 8 or more points.
  • Handicaps: some unbalanced match is not at all interesting to bet in moneyline. To allow players to bet all the same on this match, the bookmakers attribute disabilities to teams. The supposedly lower team will therefore have a positive handicap and will start the match with a point advantage. If you see this team opposing good resistance, it may be interesting to bet on your handicap.
    • Example : Boston Red Sox against Los Angeles Dodgers. Make $ 100 on Dodgers+3.5 at a dimension of 1.90. If the dodgers win the match or lose it by 3 points or less, you will win $ 190.

Analyze statistics

You saw him, The season is long And each team plays a large number of matches. You will therefore have a large sample of statistics to make your bets. Check for example the Last 10 games of each team to see their state of form or the result of direct confrontations.

These data are practically unique in baseball, it would be a shame to deprive yourself ! Spend a few minutes to analyze the match, for tenfold pleasure when your bet is winner.

It is also very important during Sports Baseball Sports Building analyze the weather, the orientation of the wind and several weather data because a part can be clearly influenced by this. For example, cloudy weather tends to promote strikers, while the good weather benefits launchers.

Also, injured players Obviously are to be taken into account, it is a question of verifying that the quarterback as well as the main launchers will be well available and in the workforce, this is of paramount importance.

Launcher statistics Can be analyzed in more detail, you will have to know its results in the face of right -handed, left -handed launchers, but also outside, at home, day or night, many different parameters can be found quite easily on the Internet.

To make a good Baseball Prono or MLB prognosis, we strongly advise you to arm yourself with different statistical tools and make a complete before match, because it is a sport in which more than ever they are important!

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Check the workforce

If in football, the coaches are more or less aligning the same team every weekend, in baseball, the turnover is much more frequent. With some matches almost every day, some key players are preserved. Before you put your bet, therefore always check the composition of the team, the absent and other injured. This crucial point can have an influence on Moneyline, handicap and also over the Over/Under.

Launchers are to be taken into account

The launchers are very important in this sport, they can by themselves be a decisive element in the victory of a team in a match. You will sometimes even have the possibility of betting that a launcher begins or not a game.

The shape of the launcher is a crucial element to take into account to be able to bet on baseball. If you can find out which launcher will start the game and in what shape it is, you can try to become the outcome of the meeting much more easily. Indeed, the player who begins the game should launch for at least 6 rounds and it is a third of the launches that will be maof by replacement players.

In addition to knowing the state of shape of the main launcher, if you manage to inform yourself about the form of replacements, you may have a good chance of making the difference and having the upper hand on your sports bet. These elements are simply crucial, the quarterbacks are of a very big impact on the game in baseball, but Launchers can simply change the match on their own.

Usually, Victory depends at 70 or 80 % of this player himself. Bet on baseball with these tips, you will see that your chances will be increased!

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