Basketball prognosis Olympic games: To understand the competition well

Basketball is surely one of the Olympic game forecast The most famous for each edition! This year, during the Olympics Tokyo 21, very large teams will compete in an exceptional tournament. You will discover through this article the undersiof of this competition and our prognosis on the final victory during the Olympic Games.

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All about basketball at the Olympic Games

We find it very important for all bettors in USA to soak up the sport on which you want to bet to be effective. In this part, you will know everything about basketball at the Olympic Games: its history, but also the history of the winners or some records, to be ready to understand this Tokyo 2021 edition.

Basketball history at the Olympic Games

Basketball appeared as a Demonstration sport at the 1904 Olympics in Saint-Louis, it was very logically in the United States that it started, since it is national sport. Three New York teams opposed this first demonstration. The Olympic public immediately joined this sport. It is therefore logically that the IOC decided to incluof this sport a few years later after organizing the format.

So it's in 1936 at Berlin Olympics that basketball has become an Olympic sport. This first edition was symbolically won by the United States. At the start, this event was reserved only for men until 1976 in Montreal where women were able to compete in an Olympic way. Basketball has become an unmissable event during the Olympic Games, there were 19 male editions and 11 women's editions.

History of the Basketball Winners Jo

To be able to bet on Basketball Jo, it is very interesting to know the last winners of the Olympic Games and the history of this competition. Among the 19 male editions and 11 female editions, there have been clear teams that stood out from the others. You surely imagine that it is.

Here is the classification of basketball medals at the male Olympics:

NationGold medalSilver medalBronze medal
1 - United States1512
2 - Russia244
3 - Serbia (Yugoslavia)151
4 – Argentine101

Here is the classification of basketball medals at the Women's Olympics:

NationGold medalSilver medalBronze medal
1 - United States811
2 - Russia303
3 - Australia032

Unsurprisingly, it is the United States that largely dominate these trials, whether on the male or female side. In total, 28 medals were won by these two US teams, against 16 for Russia (and USSR).

During the last Rio games in 2016, the US won two gold medals, men against Serbia and women against Spain. American women have won all editions since 1996 in Atlanta, and men have won 6 of the last 7 editions, since 1992 in Barcelona.

Individual records at the Olympic Games

Some basketball players have dropped records and have become Olympic champions several times. We wanted to make a summary of the biggest names in world basketball that have entered the Olympic legend.


  • 🥇 Michael Jordan: The very popular United States player is double Olympic champion in 84 and 92;
  • 🥈 LeBron James: Still active, King James is also a double Olympic champion in 2008 and 2012;
  • 🥉 Carmelo Anthony: Currently at Portland Trail Blazers, he was triple Olympic champion in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Women :

  • 🥇 Teresa Edwards: The popular basketball player is quadruple Olympic champion, in 1984, 1988, 1996 and 2000;
  • 🥈 Lisa Leslie: also American, she is also quadruple Olympic champion in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008;
  • 🥉 Sue Bird: Currently at the Storm of Seattle as a leader, she is also triple Olympic champion in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Records are exclusively American. This sport is completely dominated by these American teams which are much more advanced than the other countries at this level with its famous NBA championship which attracts crowds.

Choose Bookmaker to bet on Basketball Jo

One of the most important points to bet in the best way on our basketball prognosis at the Olympic Games is to select a bookmaker at the height. Hundreds of sites exist in USA, but only some offer adequate advantages and offers that will allow you to put the odds on your siof and focus on the sports bet.

Our experts have maof a selection of the best books thanks to several criteria.

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Our Basketball Prognosis Olympic Games

We will establish our analysis and our prognosis on several points. First it will be very interesting to analyze the format of the tournament, then each team qualified for this edition of the Jo Tokyo 2021. We can then deliver a precise analysis.

The format of the 2021 OJ basketball tournament

There are twelve nations which are qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. At the start, a group phase is set up, Group A, Group B and Group C composed each of 4 teams will determine the qualified for the phase final. Two teams in each group qualify directly for the quarter -finals, while the best third will also qualify. The tournament will take place from July 25, 2021 to August 7 for men and from July 26 to August 8 for women.

The teams qualified at the 2021 Basketball Olympics

Group A-Iran, USA, United States, Victoria tournament winner

In this first group, teams accustomed to the Olympic Games, which have already participated several times in this competition is opposed. We will analyze them one by one to draw a conclusion.

  • Iran : The team finished 11th during its last participation in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, it is clearly the little thumb of this group, which will have a lot of difficulty getting out of this trap.
  • United States : Following their defeat at the last 2019 World Cup in the quarter-final against USA (79-89), the team has a very great revenge to take and undoubtedly wishes to keep its title of Olympic champion. Since this WC defeat, the US have won all their matches on very wiof scores.
  • USA : The American basketball team is obviously a serious candidate during these Tokyo Olympics. Led by quality players like Gobert or Batum and Fournier, the selection hung a third place in the World Cup and has already managed to obtain a silver medal in London in 2012.
  • Victoria tournament winner : Greece, China, USA in a first group and Uruguay, the Czech Republic and Turkey in another group will confront in a tournament to determine the last qualified for the Olympics in this group on June 30 and 01 July. We believe that the American team can have a good chance of qualification.

🏀Our prognosis for this group?

We believe that USA and the United States will undoubtedly qualify for the final phase of the Olympic Games. Behind, it is possible that if USA qualifies, they can hang on 3rd place and hope to become one of the best third!

Group B - Australia, winner of the Split tournament, Belgraof tournament winner, Nigeria

This group is not yet really trained, it is difficult to give a real trend without knowing all the elements that compose it. We will still give you our opinion on the 2 teams already present and the 2 qualified potentials.

  • Australia : The team clearly dominates the Oceania championship, it is by far the best basketball team in Oceania. On the international scene, they are still present but never manage to hang a medal or a podium. They arrived 4 times 4th in the 2016, 2000, 1996 and 1988 Olympic Games. Australia also finished 4th at the last world championships by losing to USA during the small final. The team clearly has a curse on international competitions.
  • Winner of the Split Tournament : The event will be from June 30 in Croatia. The tournament will see 6 teams compete in two groups. The first composed of Germany, Russia and Mexico, the second in Tunisia, Croatia and Brazil. The winner will join his place in group B of the Olympic Games. According to our experts, Russia could get out of it and join Tokyo.
  • Belgraof tournament winner : This tournament which will also take place on June 30 and July 01 is maof up of two groups. On the one hand the Dominican Republic, New Zealand and Serbia, and on the other Puerto Rico, Italy and Senegal. Only one of these teams will qualify to go and play Tokyo at the Olympic Games. We think Serbia could do well and win its ticket for the Olympic Games.
  • Nigeria: It will be the second participation of this nation in the Olympic Games, their last was in 2012 where they were 12th in the tournament. The great chimezie metu of the Spurs and Al Farouq of Orlando will want to lead their country as far as possible. His last results make us think that they could have a chance in this group.

🏀 Our prognosis for this group?

In this group not yet composed, we first believe that Australia should qualify again. The team still performs great performances in tournaments as important as the Olympic Games. L

Group C - Argentina, Japan, Spain, Kaunas tournament winner

Another fairly raised group, it is important to analyze the teams present in this group C, because only two of them will be able to participate in the final phase. Except of course if the best 3rd is in this group!

  • Argentine : Winner of the Basketball Olympic Games in 2004, Argentina is still there, despite its journey missed in 2016 in Rio where they finished 8th. Recently, the Argentine Basketball Team managed to win the Pan-American Games in Peru in 2019. Not to mention the final of the lost world championships in 2019 against Spain (75-95). They also arrived second behind Venezuela at the beginning of 2021 for the qualifications of the americup. Led by Deck and Laprovittola, Argentina wants its revenge.
  • Japan : The Japanese will have a lot of trouble to get out of it in this group noted. Last of his group at the last world championships in 2019, the Japanese showed a lot of weaknesses on the field. It is also his first participation in the Olympic Games since 1976, very difficult to believe that they can get out of it.
  • Spain : reigning world champion thanks to their victory in 2019, Spain is not on its first try at the Olympic Games. Finalist in 1984, 2008 and 2012, who arrived 3rd in 2016, is one of the biggest competitors at the title race. Led by Rubio, Claver or Gasol, the team led by the Italian Scariolo is preparing for these Olympic Games.
  • Kaunas tournament winner : This last qualification tournament which takes place at the end of June in early July will determine the last component of this group of Olympic Games. Composed of a first group with Lithuania, South Korea and Venezuela, and a second with Poland, Slovenia and Angola, it will be a fierce battle. Difficult to know which of these teams will manage to take their ticket for the Olympic Games, we believe that Poland or Venezuela could have a good chance.

🏀 Our prognosis for this group?

In this group, it is very clear, the first two places will be for Argentina and Spain. The two nations will fight, it will be a real revenge compared to the last World Cup final in 2019 which opposed the two teams. Our experts do not imagine Japan being able to get out of it, the fourth arrival team should however be able to hope for a third place.

Our final forecast for the Gold Basketball JO 2021 medal

Thanks to the analysis of these groups, our experts can draw some conclusions on the winning potential of the Basketball Olympics in Tokyo. Although 4 teams are not yet known, we do not think that those who are in the running can win the Olympic Games.

The favorites in our opinion:

  • Spain : last world champion, the nation can go very far during these summer games;
  • United States : the large US team has all the weapons to be able to win this title and keep its domination internationally;
  • USA : This team is maof up of players who are currently playing in the biggest clubs in the world, although they have never won an Olympic title, this is one of the teams to take seriously for the medal of gold !

🏀 Our prognosis GOLD DO 2021 gold medal?

According to our experts, the United States will win the Tokyo Olympic Games. This team is a real winning machine. After its completely missed 2019 World Cup, this opportunity would be for them to show their world domination once again in basketball. So we are going to bet on the US win the Olympic Games!

Guiof to place a Baseball Jo bet

Here, you know our prognosis on the final victory of the Basketball Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. The United States will surely have an interesting siof of the tournament. If you do it a little in advance, it is possible to maximize the gain potential and obtain a XXL rating.

Indeed, if you await qualification in the final phase, it will necessarily be lower. We have planned a small guiof so that you can place a bet as soon as the dimensions are accessible.

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Here are the steps to bet on basketball at the Olympics:

  • Proceed with an account opening on one of the selected bookmakers;
  • Place money through one of the secure means offered by the site;
  • Consult the "Olympic Games" section from the sports betting catalog;
  • Go to the "basketball" event;
  • Choose the selection of experts or your own selection;
  • Return to an amount of bet and confirm!

Even if you are a beginner, you can without any concern to put a bet on the gold medal at the basketball Olympics. A few minutes will be enough to access your player account and the bookmaker catalog that you have chosen.

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The Olympics are unique and there are other types of bets.

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