Pronostic British Open 2022

HourlyThursday July 14, 2022
Our prognosisVictory the scottie shifler
Cote15.00 (bet $ 100 and earn $ 1,500)
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Our prognosis

Victory the scottie shifler
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The best odds

15.00 1Bet SportsIf you bet $ 100 and Scottie Scheffler wins the competition, you pocket $ 1,500 (100 x 15.00 = 1,500) To bet
13.00 SportsIf you bet $ 100 and Scottie Scheffler wins the competition, you pocket $ 1,300 (100 x 13.00 = 1,300) To bet
10.00 BetwayIf you bet $ 100 and Scottie Scheffler wins the competition, you pocket $ 1,000 (100 x 10.00 = 1,000) To bet
Subject to the evolution of the dimensions

All about the British Open Championship 2022

It’s finally the return of one of the four Grand Slam tournaments! The British Open finally arrives in early July for all enthusiasts. If you liked to place forecasts on the Bet on your favorite on Betway

This time, this time, 150th British Open which takes place in history. For the thirtieth time, it is the old race of St Andrews which hosts the event. The last time was in 2015. The route is maof up of 18 holes, with a total of 7,297 yards.

Here is the British Open 2022 route:

Hole n ° Nom Yards
1 Burn 375
2 Dyke 452
3 Cartgate (out) 398
4 Ginger Beer 480
5 Hole O’cross (out) 570
6 Healthery (out) 414
7 High (out) 371
8 Short 174
9 End 352
10 Bobby Jones 386
11 High (In) 174
12 Heathery (in) 348
13 Hole O’Cross 465
14 Long 614
15 Cartgate (In) 455
16 Corner of the Dyke 418
17 Road 495
18 Tom Morris 356

This field is very appreciated by the players world golf, competitiveness and difficulty of the course pushes them to give the best of themselves.

History on the British Open Men

The British Open Men is a Golf tournament created in 1860. It is simply the first official competition in the world, and therefore the oldest. It takes place in the United Kingdom and is organized by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Even if it has always been a benchmark competition in this sport, it was only in 1960 that it became a Grand Slam tournament.

This takes place on one of the eight historic links in the country and faces a bearing each year. British Open passes right after the Masters and American Open, which gives it special importance, since it almost comes to finish the golfers' season. The route is now based on Stroke Play rules (part by blows).

Records established at British Open

Necessarily, Several records are still held by golfers in this competition. By knowing them you can realize the possibilities during your forecasts.

🥇 Some records:

  • Wider victory : Old Tom Morris with 13 shots ahead, long he was the record of all the Grand Slam combined until the arrival of Tiger Woods at the US Open (15 blows ahead) in 2000;
  • Older player: Old Tom Morris, he was 46 years old and 99 days during his last participation;
  • Larger number of titles obtained : Harry Vardon, the Briton won the tournament 6 times, in 1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911 and 1914;
  • Larger number of titles (active player) : Tiger Woods, with three victories (2000, 2005 and 2006);
  • The lowest score on one by 72 : Tiger Woods with 269 points;
  • The lowest score on one by 71: Henrik Stenson with 264 points.

All British open records can be found directly on The official tournament website. Each year, you can expect to see records fall!

History of the winners of the British Open

We wish to remind you of the names of the winners of the latest editions. Many of them are still in activity And can still claim the title during the British open 2022, so it is important to know them!

🏆 The last winners:

Player pays Editing
Kockin Morikawa United States British open 2021
Shane Lowry Ireland British Open 2019
USAsco Molinari Italy British open 2018
Jordan Spieth United States British open 2017
Henrik Stenson Sweden British open 2016
Louis Oosthuizen / Zach Johnson South Africa / E-U-U British open 2015

The edition of the British Open of Golf 2020 had been canceled Due to the pandemic. As you can see, the winners literally change each year, as there are quality players on this competition.

Favorites for the British Open Golf 2022

You know it, 156 players compete On this St Andrews course during 4 rounds. Wondering who is our favorite? Let us present to you those who can largely claim the title.

Favorites :

  • Rory Mcilroy : Winner in 2014 of the British Open, the 33-year-old North Irishman is currently 3rd in the world. The best player of the year on the PGA 2019 circuit is favorite during this edition;
  • John Rahm : Spaniard brilliantly won the American open in the last season. After 2nd in the world ranking, the young Jon Rahm (28 years old) arrives in this competition to win his first title in Scotland;
  • Scottie Scheffler : The winner of the Masters 2022 is this 26 -year -old American. Scott Alexander Scheffler is experiencing a meteoric ascent on the PGA course. He is currently world n ° 1, largely in front of his other competitors;
  • Justin Thomas : The 29 -year -old American from Louisville has currently won two US PGA (2017 and 2022). In a good shape, he recently broke the record for the most distant return (7 shots late in the 4th round) during the PGA championship in Southern Hills. The world n ° 5 is to be monitored;
  • Kockin Morikawa : This 25 -year -old is already a size of the world golf course. The American is currently 4th in the world and has already won the British open and the US PGA (in 2021 and 2020). This time he comes to win his third Grand Chelem;
  • Brooks Koepka : twice winner of the American open and US PGA, the 32 -year -old did not say his last word in this tournament. Its record is fourth place in 2019 on this route. The former world number 1 can be the surprise of this edition;
  • Tiger Woods : The tournament signs the best return of the most famous golfer in the world. Already winner three times from the British Open, the American returns from a serious injury following a road accident. Although he is not in great shape, his experience can make the difference.

These players are in our opinion the Favoris du British Open Golf 2022. It is clear that all the competitors will give themselves as much as possible to win this title of the Grand Slam so coveted, but these very high level golfers may well be above the lot!

Qualifications for the British Open Golf 2022

To participate in the British Open 2022, a long journey awaits players from around the world. We want to give you all the details in this part, so that you can see more clearly.

The exemptions from the British Open Men

The qualification course is not the same for everyone! Indeed, out of the 156 players participating in the British Open, approximately two-thirds of them are exempt from qualifications. In total, there are thirty reasons for different exemptions.

Here are the main exemptions:

  • Players in the top 20 of the previous PGA season;
  • Players in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking;
  • The former winners of the tournament under 60 years old;
  • Golfers who have already won a Grand Chelem tournament;
  • The ten best players of the last British Open.

As you can see, there may be many reasons to be automatically qualified for British open. This assures the world to see the best players on the course.

The qualification tests for the British Open Golf

For local players and for those who are not exempt, it is therefore necessary to go through qualifications to arrive at the British Open of Golf. It is a total of 13 courses in Ireland and Great Britain that welcomes Over 1,300 players in June, shortly before the start of the tournament. There are at least 12 qualifications to seek on each regional qualification course.

  • 1️⃣ Conditions for qualifications:
  • 2️⃣ costs of 180 $ to participate;
  • 3️⃣ Index of 0.40 or less.

Once the 288 qualified players, a final event takes place on June 28 simultaneously on the Hollinwell courses, Fairmont St Andrews, Prince’s and St years Old Links. It was after having passed this final that amateur golfers can integrate the tournament. A chance given almost to everyone!

Our advice for betting on the British Open Golf 2022

If you want to bet on the British Open 2022, you must follow our advice absolutely. Our experience on this competition allows us to guiof you to put the most chances on your side!

Follow golf news

Before the competition begins and you place your forecasts on the British open, it is important that you are During all the news of the golf course. Indeed, injuries can take place at any time, players can also make important declarations.

By following the news of this sport directly on a Site like the team, Golf Planete Or Le Figaro, you are sure not to miss anything and have all the elements in your hands. You must soak up the golf course.

Look at the evolution of the dimensions

By consulting several bookmakers, you can Analyze several weeks before the tournament The evolution of the ratings of the players. This can also give you good indications for betting. Indeed, if for example a player becomes one day to the other favorite of sports betting sites, there must be a reason.

By following this evolution, you can know exactly how bookmakers reflect to fix the golf ratings. You can even find a very good opportunity at any time To place your bet on the British Open.

Place several forecasts

As you know, with 156 participating players, it is very difficult to find the winner directly. In the golf, even if a player is favorite, it is very rare that he wins several great chelems in a row, so much Competition is fierce. Although it is possible (as Tiger Woods does), it is interesting to place several forecasts on the competition.

In effect, The odds are very interesting, even for favorite players. This allows you to place several bets and make a profit if one of them is a winner. For example, by placing simple bets of $ 10 on Rory Mcllroy, Jon Rahm and Scottie, you earn at least $ 60 in profits if one of these players wins the tournament!

Notre pronostic british Open Championship 2022

You look forward to it, here it is! We are revealing to you here Our prognosis on the British Open Championship 2022.

This year is clearly The return of Tiger Woods Who is talking the most! But the big golf champion is clearly lacking in competition and could find it difficult to regain his high level.

The young generation could still shine on the British Open 2022. Scottie Scheffler arrives in this edition with a maximum confidence, just like Collin Morikawa, who has already won the competition. You will also have to pay attention to certain big names in the world golf course, such as Rory Mcllroy, Brooks Koepka or Justin Thomas.

In our opinion, the young Scott Alexander Scheffler is The big favorite of this edition. Recently Champion of Masters 2022, the new world number 1 wishes to confirm its domination at the British Open.

🏌️ Our prognosis: Scottie Scheffler wins the British Open 2022, rating at 15.00 on Betway

FAQ of the British Open Men 2022

✅ Where does the British Open 2022 take place?

The British Open 2022 takes place in Scotland in the History of St Andrews.

✅ Who is the British Open victories record holder?

It is the British Harry vanard who still holds the record for victories at the British Open with 5 titles (1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, 1914).

✅ When will the British Golf 2022 open open?

This year, the British Golf Open will take place from Thursday July 14 to Sunday July 17, 2022.

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