Betting on the world volleyball world championship

From August 26 to September 11, 2022 will take place the 20ᵉ edition of the World volleyball world championship. The competition, initially planned in Russia, will finally take place in Poland and Slovenia, due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Russia has also been withdrawn from the competition for the benefit of Ukraine. This tournament is organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Read this article and discover our pronostic volley-ball On this tournament.

🏐 Event World Volleyball World Championship 2022
📌 Date From August 26 to September 11, 2022
🏆 Favorites Poland; Brazil; Italy
📺 Where to look? SportsNet
🏅 Former winner Pologne

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Procedure of the 2022 volleyball world championship 2022

This competition includes 24 teams which will be divided into 6 groups of 4. They will therefore compete during the group phases, then the teams which will be able to qualify will reach the final phases. Arrived at this stadium, the matches will be at direct elimination and the loser will be eliminated from the tournament.

Group stage

As we have just stated, there will be 6 groups, each composed of 4 teams. Each team will once face each of the group's group teams and will therefore play 3 games.

The first two of each group will join the phases finales, while the best 4 thirds will also be able to join the knockout stages.

Final phase

The teams having managed to climb to the final stages will therefore play matches at direct elimination. It will start with the knockout stages. The winners will join the quarter -finals while the losers will be eliminated.

Then so on, the quarter winners will join the semi-finals and the scenario repeats to qualify in the final. The teams failing in the semi-finals will also compete in a Small finish intended to designate the team that will end in 3ᵉ Place of la Competition.

The groups

If you have not yet read the composition of the different groups of the tournament, you can find them below:

➡️ Hen has Ukraine Serbia Tunisia Puerto Rico
➡️ Hen b Brazil Japan Cuba Qatar
➡️ Hen c Pologne United States Mexico Bulgaria
➡️ Hen d USA Slovenia Germany Cameroon
➡️ Hen e Italy USA Turkey Chine
➡️ Hen f Argentine Iran Netherlands Egypt

What are the best volleyball teams and players during the 2022 World Championship?

Among the best current volleyball teams, we find the Pologne, which is the big favorite of this competition. This is the double title holder, since she won the 2014 and 2018 editions. Each time she beat the Brazil In the final, which is logically one of the other favorites, after reaching the last two finals of the world championships.

But it will be necessary to be wary of Italy, a recent winner of the European male championship in 2021. She is quite capable of coming to play the spoilsports, just like the USA, which won gold at the 2020 summer Olympic Games.

From strong men who will be most scrutinized during the competition and who could make the difference, we will be able to find:

  • Wilfredo Leon, who is one of the best players currently, if not the best. Poland's receptionist-attacker will wish to bring back a third title of world champion following his country.
  • Earvin N’Gapeth, who plays for the Paykan Téhéran VC club, in the Iranian League and who has been making very good seasons for a few years. He will be one of the pillars of the American team.
  • Antoine Brizard, who was elected best player in the world in 2021 by the International Volleyball Federation and intends to give everything to take USA as far as possible.
  • Nameer Abdulaziz, which is undoubtedly one of the very best today. However, the Netherlands should not rest too much on him, at the risk of being too dependent on his performance.

They all play in top clubs and may well help their nations spend as many tricks as possible.

The Place of the USA Team during the Men's Male Volleyball Championship

The Canada is a regular on major international competitions, but he has never managed to win a major title. This year again, it is not one of the favorites, but could well be considered an outsider.

His recent results suggest that they could achieve a good performance. They failed in the final of North America Championships and the Pan -American Cup in 2021 and ended in 8ᵉ place at the 2020 summer Olympic Games.

They will notably be able to count on Jordan Pereira And Graham Vigrass, who are in good shape this season. The American team may therefore have a card to play.

The types of bets to make their prognosis for the world volleyball world championship

Volleyball is not one of the most popular sports, even if its popularity rating increases, which means that the Choice of Paris It is not necessarily as developed as other sports. The types of bets offered still resemble a lot to those of tennis.

You can make ordinary bets such as betting on the winner of the competition, or simply on the winner of a match. But you can also make a little more special bets like betting on the Sets name that there will be in the match, or on the winner of a particular set.

You will therefore have an important choice, but all bookmakers will not offer the same types of bets. This is why we recommended some platforms in particular at the start of the article.

Our prognosis on the world volleyball world championship

It is now time to go to our prognosis on the world volleyball world championship 2022. After having carefully analyzed all the factors to take into account to achieve a good sports bet, our team of experts deduced that it is the Pologne Who is the team that has the biggest chance of winning the 2022 volleyball world.

She won the two previous editions, in 2014 and 2018, then does not seem to lower diet. It is currently in good shape and has best world players, like Wilfredo Leon. It will therefore be difficult to stop this team which, in addition, will have the advantage of playing in front of its audience since it is she who co -organizes competition with Slovenia.

➡️ Global prognosis Volley 2022: Poland victory 🏐

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