Counter Strike prognosis: place your bets on eSports in 2022

Fans of electronic sport and more and more esports in USA. We want to give you our forecasts on the famous multi-player online game Counter Strike Global Offensive. In this article, you will know the major events and you will know what the favorite teams are to win the next tournament.

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All about CS: Go

To be able to bet on Counter Strike Go, you must absolutely become an expert. Rest assured, we have everything planned for you. In this part, you will discover the details of the game, but also its history in Esport as well as its history. This should help you make a lot of choices!

Details on the game

If you like video games and especially eSports, you already know CS Global Offensive. The very first CS was released in 2000, like a mod for the game Half-Life.

It was a multiplayer first -person shooting game where two teams meet on a map. One of the teams must carry out a terrorist act, the other must prevent the opposing team from succeeding.

The success was instantaneous, several games then went out to arrive until Counter-Strike Global Offensive in 2012.

Famous author of Half-Life is the team of Valve Corporation Who has developed this opus, available on PC and living room consoles as the PS3 and Xbox 360, and even now on the Xbox One. In 2018, the game was left free-to-play to players. Several game modes are available: classic, occasional, competitive, demolition, arms race, death match, Wingman, Danger Zone and resumption of control.

The beginnings in esports

As soon as the game arrived in 2012, tournaments were organized in LAN (Offline), such as the Steelseries Go 20212. Only teams from Sweden participated and that is the team Ninjas in Pyjamas who won this one.

It was only on September 21, 2012 that the first international tournament was launched: the Dreamhack Valencia 2012. The ninjas in pajamas (NIP) team won 2-0, despite the lack of large teams at that time.

It was only when the ESWC 2012 was launched, with qualifications around the world, that high -level teams were able to find themselves face to face. The Counter Strike Global Offensive Major Championships was launched.

The NIPs once again managed to win this first major tournament, facing their rivals, the American Very Games. The Swedish domination continued on major competitions for several years, to reach up to 12 lan titles currently, including 6 major international titles. Recently, the team has lost their superb, however and sees new other teams stealing the show from them.

History of tournaments

You certainly want to know the current trend in terms of the shape of CS Go teams? Although some teams have experienced hours of glory, new names are starting to make their place and may well be the favorites of tomorrow. We therefore want to give you the history of the last major tournaments that have taken place.

  • ESL One Rio 2020 : the tournament was first postponed in 2021 because of the health crisis but was finally canceled by Valve, the game publisher. Since 2013, it is the first time that this major has not taken place ;
  • StarLadder Major: Berlin 2019 : The 15th edition of this competition saw a final between the Danes Astralis and the Kazakhs of Avangar. Astralis came out victorious on a score of 2-0, gains of $ 1,000,000;
  • Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII - Katowice Major 2019 : The 14th edition of CS Go Major Championships was in Poland. It was Astralis who won in a final against Encu on a score of 0-2, gain of $ 1,000,000;
  • FACEIT Major: London 2018 : The 13th edition in London was the 2nd title in Major d'Astralis, which won 2-0 against the Ukrainian team from Faceit;
  • ELeague Major: Boston 2018 : The 12th edition saw 24 teams compete in two different cities. The Cloud9 team won in the final against the Australians of Faze Clan 2-1 and has become the first North American team which wins Major CS GO;
  • PGL Major: Krakow 2017 : During this 11th edition, two teams that no one was waiting for met in the final. The Kazakhs of Gambit ESPORT and the Immortal Brazilians. It was Gambit who won 2-1 in the final. Astralis was eliminated in the semi-finals.

The biggest winner of CS Go Major Championships is the Astralis team with 4 wins. Created in 2016, this team led by Nikolaj Nyholm is clearly the best world team of this game, with 3 victories in a row in 2019-2018 and is therefore The title holder. A resounding feat. This is obviously a team to follow.

Notre pronostic Counter Strike GO

Do you want to know what is our opinion on the next tournament that will take place at the Counter Strike championships? Our experts are there to guiof you and give you the best advice to follow this exceptional competition.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The next CS event: Go Major will take place October 23 to November 7, 2021 in Stockholm in Sweden. It will be the 16th edition of the tournament and for the occasion, the largest prize pool in the history of the game has been launched.

2,000,000 dollars are brought into play, this may clearly offer us an impressive competition for the return of the competition, a year after the Capital of Rio. Throughout the year 2021, qualification tournaments are organized to be able to participate in this major event.

Indeed, all the points which had been acquired by the teams for the qualification in Rio in 2020 were reset!

Avicii Arena will host this tournament, which should promise excellent games. 24 teams compete in a tournament In American system format, the 8 best teams in the first phase meet the 8 best teams in the world, then the 8 best teams in the second phase play a direct elimination table.

Qualified teams

We will therefore have in this 8 -team tournament which are the « New Legends », which will be directly qualified for the second phase of the tournament and 16 teams « New Challengers » Who will compete to determine the 8 best of them who will access the second phase. We already know the qualified CS Go teams for this Major Stockholm 2021.

New Challengers :

AstralisENCE Big Movistar Riders
Heroic mousesportspaiN Gaming Team Spirit
Copenhagen Flames FaZe Entropy
Godsent Sharks EsportsTyloo Renegades

New Legends :

Ninjas in PyjamasTeam Vitality G2 ESports Team Liquid
Fury sports Evil GeniusesBorn to win Gambit Esports

They are simply the best CSGO world teams, it is a safe bet that there will be a lot of spectacle during this 2021 edition.

To bet PGL Major Stockholm, you will have to simply follow the favorites of our experts, which we will reveal to you right away.

Our favorites

We have some advice to give you before betting on Counter Strike during this famous tournament. By analyzing the latest results, the composition of the teams but also the latest results, we were able to draw up a favorite list to be continued !

These should offer you some opportunities during the phases of this major. You will also know our favorite for the final victory!

Favorites for CS Go Major Stockholm:

  • Navi, rating at 3.80 on Betway ;
  • Gambit, 5.00 rating on Betway ;
  • Vitaly, rating at 7.00 on Betway ;
  • G2, rating at 9.00 on Betway ;
  • Liquid, rating at 11.00 on Betway ;
  • PIP, rating at 11.00 on Betway ;
  • Astralis, rating at 17.00 on Betway.

Lately winner of the Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI, the Ukrainian team of Navi seems one of the favorite teams For this tournament. They have a great revenge to take after their 0-2 defeat in the final of the Extreme Masters Season XVI against Gambit, which will also be there.

With a new team in place, the departure of RPK and the arrival of young talents like Nivera and Kyojin, The Vitaly team seems to relaunch this year 2021.

They notably defeated Gambit to the IEM Summer 2021! Also count on the G2 and Liquid team, without forgetting the Legends Nip and Astralis, who will necessarily have their say.

🎮 Our prognosis ? Nip winner of the tournament. With the arrival of the sniper Dev1ce, elected MVP of several tournaments, it could be interesting to bet on this team with this magnificent rating at 11.00 on !

Choose Bookmaker to bet on Counter Strike

Obviously, throughout the tournament, if you want to bet on CS Go, you absolutely do not have to neglect the selection of your bookmaker.

Depending on this one, you can indeed touch better gains in the event of a victory, but also many more advantages throughout your adventure.

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To select the best site of Paris Kunder, you must take certain criteria into account.

  • 🎁 Compare existing bonuses: To place a CS Go prognosis with as much balance as possible on your account, you must choose a site that offers the most interesting bonuses on the market. Not only in terms of amount, but also in terms of its conditions. Welcome bonus, regular promotions, nothing should be left to chance;
  • 📈 Compare the market dimensions: Obviously, do not be fooled by a bookmaker who offers too low dimensions compared to reality. The potential gains in your Counter Strike prono will be affected directly, you could win much more by selecting the best existing dimensions;
  • 🌐 Compare sites safety: Betting on CS Global Offensive must be a pleasure, which is why it is essential to be interested in the safety of the site you want to select. This must protect your data on a daily basis, but also have a license obtained by a game regulatory authority.

Rest assured now, you will not have to do all this work of comparison and analysis to find the Best Bookmaker ESPORT CS Go.

Our experts have selected several sites that will simply get the best odds, the most interesting bonuses on the market but also to be in total security. What are you waiting for to prepare your CS prognosis?

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