Italian Cup prognosis: our advice for betting on this competition

The Italian Cup of football celebration this year Its 76th edition. Better known as COPPA Italia, this direct elimination competition now brings together 44 clubs, compared to 78 before. the change of format Operated last year seems to have redistributed the cards and must necessarily be taken into account to succeed in your sports betting.

At the dawn of the 2022-2023 season, we want to give you some advice on betting on this competition. We will take the opportunity to present the best odds available online as well as our Italian Cup prognosis On the coming season!

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All about the Italian Cup for your sports betting

Compared to other national cuts (England, USA, Germany, Spain), COPPA Italia has a lower prestige. If we go back a few years, some Italian clubs tended to abandon this competition to focus on the championship. This observation seems less valid at present, which gives more interest to the Italian Cup!

History of competition

Created in 1922 Under the aegis of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the Italian Cup appeared at a complicated time for Italian football. The previous year, the championship was divided in two, with the FIGC championship on one siof and on the other the CCI championship. The growing number of teams and organizational problems have contributed to this schism.

To expand its season, the FIGC decides to create the Italian Cup, which does not have a great success at first. In effect, This new competition was withdrawn between 1923 and 1935. Subsequently, the COPPA Italia makes a place in the Italian football calendar, failing to represent a priority in the eyes of the biggest clubs.

Contrary to popular belief, the Italian Cup was not created so that the public can see more matches played by the emblematic Louis Van Hege. The Belgian striker of Milan AC evolved in Italy between 1910 and 1917, a few years before the creation of the competition. When it started, the Italian Cup was simply named Coupe van hege As a tribute.


During its history, the Italian Cup has known many changes. Since the 2008-2009 season, the final has been played for example in a single match instead of a round trip. Last year, the Italian Football Federation decided to change its format by reducing the number of participating teams.

Each round is with direct elimination, With the exception of the semi-finals that are played in two games. The winner qualifies directly for the group phase of the next Europa League. The Italian Cup takes place as follows:

  • Preliminary : 4 Serie C and 4 Serie B teams are competing for 4 places at stake;
  • Premier tour : Entry in the running of 12 Serie A teams and 16 Serie B teams with the 4 survivor clubs of the preliminary tour;
  • Second turn : matches between the teams qualified after the first round;
  • Eighth finals : Entry of the last 8 Serie A clubs with the 8 still qualified clubs;
  • quarter -finals : matches between the teams qualified after the round of 16;
  • Semi-finals : round-trip matches;
  • Finale : One match.

Prize list

  • 14 titres : Juventus Turin;
  • 9 titres : AS Roma ;
  • 8 titres : Inter Milan ;
  • 7 titres : SS Lazio;
  • 6 titres : Fiorentina, SSC Naples ;
  • 5 titres : AC Milan, Torino FC ;
  • 4 titres : UC Sampdoria;
  • 3 titres : Parme Calcio;
  • 2 titres : Bologne fc;
  • 1 titre : Atalanta Bergame, Genoa CFC, Venise FC, Vado FC, Vicence.

The last ten winners

Year Winner score Finalists Final place best striker
2013 SS Lazio 1-0 AS Roma Olympic stadium, Rome Mattia Destro (AS Roma, 5 Butts)
2014 Naples 3-1 Fiorentina Olympic stadium, Rome José Callejon (Naples), Marco Sansovini (Spezia), Gervinho (AS Roma), Felice Evacuo (Benevento), Giuseppe of Luca (Atalanta), Osarimo Ebagua (Spezia), et Lorenzo Insigne (Naples) Avec 3 Butts.
2015 Juventus 2-1 a.p Lazio Olympic stadium, Rome Mario Gomez (Fiorentina) and Antonio Di Natale (Udinese) with 4 goals
2016 Juventus 1-0 a.p AC Milan Olympic stadium, Rome Giulio Bezzotto (AS Cittadella, 5 Butts)
2017 Juventus 2-0 Lazio Olympic stadium, Rome Goran Pandev (Genoa), Paulo Dybala (Juventus) and Marco Borriello (Cagliari) with 4 goals
2018 Juventus 4-0 AC Milan Olympic stadium, Rome Maxi Lopez (Under asks and greenhouse look to Santa
Pa di USAsco (Lecce) with 4 butrs
2019 Lazio 2-0 Atalanta Bergame Olympic stadium, Rome Krzysztof Pienia (Genoa / AC Milan, 8 shoes)
2020 Naples 0-0 (4-2 t.a.b) Juventus Olympic stadium, Rome Michele Vano (Carpi) and Gianluca Scamaccale (Ascoli) with Tory 4
2021 Juventus 2-1 Atalanta Bergame Mapei Stadium-Città del Tricolore, Sassuolo Gianluca Scamacca (Genoa, 4 buts)
2022 Inter Milan 4-2 a.p Juventus Olympic stadium, Rome Dusan Vlahovic (Fiorentina / Juventus, 4 Buts)

The best books to bet on the Italian Cup

Less popular than other football competitions (World Cup, Euro, Champions League), the Italian Cup remains an essential event of the season. As a result, this is a competition available on all sports betting sites. Before preparing your forecasts on Italian football, you need to choose your bookmaker. We have selected for you The best books To bet on the Italian Cup:

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To establish this selection, we based ourselves on very specific criteria. The selected bookmakers are distinguished on several notable points:

  • ⚽ The possibilities of Paris : You will be spoiled for choice to prepare your Italian Cup forecasts, whether with pre-matt bets or live bets!
  • 💰 The bonuses offered : You will benefit from a welcome bonus when registering and certain promotions will be available during the Italian Cup!
  • 🥇 The amount of the dimensions : You will take advantage of the highest ratings on the Italian Cup matches, enough to consider greater earnings of earnings!
  • 🔎 The advantages offered : You can consult statistics on each match, use a free mobile application and activate a cash out at any time!

Italian Cup prognosis: teams in the running

Since the 2021-2022 season, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has decided to reduce the number of participating teams to make competition more attractive. The Italian Cup now brings together 44 clubs, against 78 before.

This decision caused the Lega Pro dissatisfaction, the third Italian division. I have to say that This new elitist format Brought together the 20 Serie A and Serie B teams, with only 4 places granted to the LEGA Pro ... Discover the teams below for the Italian Cup 2022-2023!

The 20 Serie A

AC Milan Atalanta Bergame AS Roma Lazio Rome
Juventus Turin Inter Milan Naples Fiorentina
Bologne fc Hellas vereon US Lecce AC Monza
Torino fc Salernitana Sampdoria US Sassuolo
Spezia Calcio Empoli Udinese Cremonese

The 20 Serie B teams

FC Südtirol Bari Venise fc Parme Calcio 1913
Benevento AC Pérouse MODENE FC Genoa CFC
Pise SC Reggina Spal Ternana
Unhappy Cagliari Frosinone Côme 1907
Cosenza Brescia Ascoli Palermo FC

The 4 Lega Pro teams

The 4 Lega Pro clubs in the running are Feralpisalo, Padua, US Catanzaro and AC Reggiana. During the preliminary round, these four teams will play matches against Serie B teams:

  • FC Südtirol - Feralpisalo;
  • Modena FC - US Catanzaro;
  • Bari -Padoe;
  • Palerme FC - AC Reggiana.

Discover our winning prognosis of Italy 2023

Depending on the bookmakers, you can bet on the team which, in your opinion, will win the Italian Cup 2023. Before revealing our prognosis, discover the best dimensions available online below:

Crew Cote
Juventus Turin 4.50 on Betway
Inter Milan 5.00 on Betway
AC Milan 6.00 on Betway
Naples 8.00 on Betway
AS Roma 11.00 on Betway
Atalanta Bergame 15.00 on Betway
Lazio Rome 21.00 on Betway
Fiorentina 34.00 on Betway
Sampdoria 51.00 on Betway
Sassuolo 51.00 on Betway

We advise you to Betting on the victory of Juventus ! After two complicated years, Juve will want to hit hard this year. Winner of 5 of the last 8 editions of the Italian Cup, the Turin club began a small revolution with the arrivals of Pogba, Di Maria and Bremer this summer, without forgetting that of Dusan Vlahovic last winter. With a plethoric workforce at its disposal, Massimiliano Allegri will have the mission of making the double Cup / Championship!

Two other teams can claim the title in the Italian Cup: AS Roma and Inter Milan. Second most titled club in this competition, Roma has started a new cycle with José Mourinho and will want to chain a second consecutive year with a trophy. Paulo Dybala has just joined the ranks of La Louve. Title holder, Inter Milan managed to keep the same team and even allowed the luxury of welcoming Romelu Lukaku again!

Some tips for preparing your Italian Cup forecasts

To put all the chances on your siof on each prono, you must analyze the match that interests you in the smallest detail. You need to take into account the specifics of football, but also those of the Italian Cup and the world of sports bet! Our experts have some tips to give you:

  • 📝 Team compositions : Between the championship and European competitions (Champions League, Europa League), Italian clubs have to face an overloaded calendar. This can sometimes encourage coaches to rest their usual holders during the Italian Cup. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you just have to wait for the composition of the teams before validating your prognosis. Official compositions are generally communicated an hour before kick -off.
  • 🥇 The results of previous editions : The Italian Cup is a historic competition. If you do not need to trace the whole history of this competition, it may be useful to consult the results of previous editions to identify some certainties. Between 2003 and 2010, AS Roma, for example, played 6 finals. Ditto for Inter Milan between 2005 and 2011. Recently, Juventus won 5 of the last 8 editions of the Italian Cup. Some scorers have also maof this competition their specialty.
  • ⚽ Types of sports betting : The magic of the cut is not just a ready -maof formula. Each year, a few surprises are on the Italian Cup program. This is the reason why it is better to avoid the handsets with more than three games. Other types of bets can help you in your forecasts, such as the simple bet and the bet on the number of goals. In addition, the draw match can prove relevant on the final: 4 of the last 10 finals ended in a draw after regulation time.
  • 💰 The advantages offered by bookmakers : To properly prepare your forecasts and therefore optimize your chances of earnings, you must use all the services provided by your bookmaker. To start, do not hesitate to use the bonuses offered to limit the costs of your bets. You can also consult the statistics provided on each match to assess the history of confrontations between the two teams. Finally, cash out is a feature that can help you secure your earnings or limit your losses.

FAQ Cup of Italy: we answer all your questions

In this last part, we will give you the latest information around the Italian Cup!

✅ What are the favorites to win the Italian Cup?

Selon us experts, Three teams can claim the title This year: AS Roma, Juventus and Inter Milan. These three teams have produced a very interesting transfer window and have a complete workforce to play on all tables. We nevertheless grant a slight advantage to Juventus. After two complicated years, the old lady thirsts for revenge ...

✅ Where to watch the Italian Cup?

As in previous editions, the Italian Cup matches will be broadcast for free on Youtube, up to the semi-finals included. If you live in USA, the team will broadcast the semi-finals and the final while the BeIN Sports channel will transmit the entire competition.

✅ What are the best books to bet on the Italian Cup?

Betway, Bwin and 1bet offer The highest ratings On the Italian Cup. These three bookmakers also make you enjoy several bonuses, including a valid welcome offer on your first deposit. You will also have the possibility of consulting full statistics on each match.

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