Prognosis Free Fire World Series 2022: Betting on the FFWS 2022

A year after the first edition of the tournament, the Free Fire World Series 2022 will take place from May 14 to 21! As its name suggests, this competition Betway

Top Bookmakers to prognosticate on the Free Fire World Series 2022

Relatively recent discipline, E-Sport is not available on all sports betting sites. If you want to predict on the FFWS online, you must therefore choose a bookmaker that has A category dedicated to Free Fire. We have also selected the best online bookmakers for you to bet on the FFWS:

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Ideally, your bookmaker must guarantee you the following advantages: a wiof range of bets on FFWS, rated dimensions on each match of the tournament, a live space to follow the results live, a Welcome Bonus Valid on your first deposit, detailed statistics, a free mobile application and a wiof choice on payment methods. You can also consult our journals devoted to the best sports betting sites!

Procedure of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa

To properly prepare your forecasts, it is best to know the course of the Free World Series 2022 Sentosa. We will give you all the necessary information On the competition: you will be able to find out more about the dates, the qualifications, the endowment and the final phase of the 2022 FFWS!

FFWS 2022 key dates

Initially scheduled for November 2021, the second edition of the FFWS was postponed in May 2022 due to the COVVI-19 pandemic. The tournament is organized in the city of Sentosa, in Singapore. Qualifications will start not 14 from While the final phase is scheduled for the 21 from. Each of the two phases has six rounds and takes place on a single day.

Les qualifications du Free Fire World Series Sentosa

The tournament will bring together eighteen teams from eleven countries or regions. Eight of them are already guaranteed to compete in the finals scheduled for May 21. For the others, the competition begins on May 14 with the play-ins. During this qualification phase, the Ten teams in the running Compection in six rounds, which is equivalent to six parts of Free Fire. The points are counted by adding the number of kills and the position obtained with each part. The four first of the general classification qualifies for the finals.

The price of the free eSport winner

As during the first edition of the FFWS, Garena offers an endowment of $ 2 million To share between the participating teams. Depending on the final result, each team will receive a more or lower sum. For example, the winner of FFWS 2022 will pocket the tidy sum of $ 500,000, or 1/4 of the Prize Pool ! Regarding the other teams on the podium, the second will receive $ 250,000, compared to $ 100,000 for the third. The team ranked in the last place is guaranteed to receive $ 40,000.

How is the FFSW 2022 event

The final phase of the Free Fire World Series 2022 will start on May 21. At this stage of the competition, we find the eight teams already qualified as well as the four teams from the play-ins. The twelve teams compete en six rounds, which is equivalent to six parts of Free Fire. The finals take up the same system as the play-ins, the points being recorded by adding the number of kills and the position obtained with each part. The tournament winner is the one who accumulates the most points after the six rounds.

How to succeed in your sports betting free fire World Series 2022

Throughout the tournament, you must take into account several elements in order to put the odds on your side. Here are some tips that will necessarily help you in your bets!

Understanding the functioning of the game

Free Fire is a type game battle royale, which means that All teams are present During a game. The goal is to be the last remaining team. The final position at the end of each round determines the general classification, in part only. Indeed, the number of kills Also has a direct impact on the number of points obtained. The teams must therefore both be active to eliminate the maximum of opponents and show strategy to survive as long as possible!

Master live bets live

As for most E-Sport competitions, online bookmakers do not offer long-term bets on the occasion of the FFWS 2022. The best bets on the Free Fire World Serie therefore exclusively concern the winner of each round! With this in mind, you must familiarize yourself with live bets. We advise you to look at the event on one of the official Youtube channels and simultaneously On the live space of your bookmaker.

Analyze the results

The teams in the running managed to qualify via Eleven regional competitions of Free Fire. It can therefore prove to be wise to follow the results of the following leagues: North America, Pakistan, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, Latam (Independent States of Commonwealth), Vietnam, Mena (Africa) and MCP (Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines). Finally, do not hesitate to consult The list of previous edition For additional information: last year, Evos Phoenix (Thailand) had, for example, flew off the competition.

The best bookmakers to bet on the free fire World Series
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Les participants des ffws sentosa

🎮 Play-ins (le 14 mai) 🎮 Finals (May 21)
Fuego (North America) Loud (Brazil)
House of Blood (Pakistan) Evos Divine (Indonesia)
LGDs (Taïwan) Team Flash (Vietnam)
I live Keyd (Brésil) Miners eSports (LATAM)
Echo Esports (Indonesia) Farang (MCP)
V-Gaming (Vietnam) sure about)
Fire Esports (broad) Evos Phoenix (Thailand)
Todak (MCP) Vastomundo (Europe)
All-Stars Esports (MENA) 1st and 2nd of play-ins
Attack All Around (Thaïlande) 3rd and 4th of play-ins

Compared to the previous edition, the tournament counts 18 teams instead of 22. This decrease is explained by the absence of regional competitions which could not go to their end: due to the war which is currently raging in Ukraine, the Free Fire Pro League Cis was simply canceled in Russia while the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) was suspended following the ban on the game in India.

Spectators will nevertheless have the chance to see The best world teams On the occasion of the FFWS 2022. title holder, the Evos Phoenix team is a candidate for their own succession. You will also have to be wary of Loud. Second in 2021, the Brazilian team seems to have crossed a course this year. Other teams are among the outsiders: we are thinking in particular of Vastomundo, Attack All Around and Mineros Esports.

Prognosis Free Fire World Series 2022 winner

By taking into account all these elements, we advise you to Betting on Evos Phoenix. Victorious during the first edition, the Thai team had flew over the competition with 36 points ahead of the second in the ranking. This year, Evos Phoenix went on the same bases and it is difficult to see who could come to dispute his supremacy on the sixties planned.

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