Tyson Fury prognosis - Dillian Whyte: Guiof to bet on this fight

HourlySaturday April 23, 2022
Our prognosisTyson Fury victory
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Our prognosis

Tyson Fury victory
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Tyson Fury prognosis - Dillian Whyte: key points

  • This is one of the most important matches in the career of these boxers since the winner will leave with the WBC Tit, which has currently been held by Tyson Fury since 2020.
  • Tyson Fury announced that this fight would be the last in his career And that he would retire after him. He will be determined to leave the world of boxing on a good note by remaining undefeated and winning a final title before retiring.
  • Dillian Whyte, former champion of MMA account only two defeats To his credit against the formidable Anthony Joshua and Alexandre Povetkine. It will therefore not be to be taken lightly either.

Our prognosis: the Tyson Fury - Dillian Whyte event

Fans of boxing, MMA and fighting sports in general await Saturday, April 23 impatiently. That day will take the fight for the title of WBC heavyweight world champion between two titans of the boxing : Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte. This will take place in the emblematic stadium of Wembley, in England, the 90,000 seats of which will be filled. It’s Fury who has held the champion belt since 2020 and he may well keep it a little longer.

Best books and odds for the Tyson Fury - Dillian Whyte fight

In order to get the best possible gains during your sports betting, it is essential to choose your bookmaker. We have thus selected the 3 Best Bookmakers in USA to bet on this fight:

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What you need to know to put a bet on Tyson Fury - Dilian Whyte

This fight represents a highly anticipated event for boxing enthusiasts. Two of the greatest champions in the past 15 years will compete for the title of WBC heavyweight world champion. These two fighters are not used to losing, or very rarely, but someone will have to bow to Wembley. Here are some important info on these fighters, which could be useful to you when you place your bets.

Tyson Fury

Despite his 33 years, Tyson Fury is still in a sparkling form. Title champion of WBC heavy goods vehicles, he does not seem impacted by the weight of the years. During his career, he was notably world IBF heavyweight champion in 2015, as well as WBA and WBO heavyweight champion still in 2015.

Since its beginnings in professional in 2008, "The Gipsy King" has played 32 fights for 31 victories (including 22 per K.O) and 1 draw. They are simply Darling statistics ! Well helped by his 2.06 m He has a very large lengthening to go and get his opponents far away and wear their devastating blows.

Dillian Whyte

In front, Dillian Whyte is not outdone either. Having started in kick-boxing, Whyte has turned to boxing in 2011. Since then, he has maof 30 fights for a total of 28 victories (19 per K.O) and 2 defeats. Equally impressive assessment!

The two boxers are the champions of their generation, Dilian Whyte having just celebrated these 34 years. It will therefore be a duel of old briscards still very sharp which will take place this April 23. Measuring "only" 1,93 m, Whyte could be disadvantaged against Fury.

Our Tyson Fury prognosis against Dillian Whyte - Expert opinion

After a careful analysis of the power forces on each side, our experts recommend that you bet on Tyson Fury. Even if Dilian Whyte is a very big fighter, Fury seems superior. Its large size should also give it a significant advantage. In addition, he will wish to keep his belt at all costs and end his undefeated career, in order to Mark history of this sport. For this, he will have to beat the one we call "The Villain".

➡️ Pronostic Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte : Victoire of Tyson Fury 🥊

Where to watch Tyson Fury against Dillian Whyte in Live Streaming

The fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte will be broadcast on Sky Sport, which requires a subscription to have access to the contents of the chain.

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