Prognosis Jo Baseball: Our full guiof 2021

Baseball returns to Olympic game forecast in 2021! Many American bettors were disappointed in previous editions of the Olympic Games with the absence of this popular sport, it is back. In this article, you will know all the details on the Baseball Olympic Tournament, the teams in the running and our final prognosis!

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All about baseball at the Olympic Games

Before betting on baseball at the Olympic Games, it is important to know the context around this sport. In this part, you will discover the history of this Olympic event as well as the historical winners. This will obviously be able to help you place a step later!

Arrival of this sport at the Olympic Games

To start, baseball did its all First appearance during the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912 As a demonstration sport. This sport comes from the United States and has popularized thanks to the World Series between the two leagues that form the famous MLB championship. One of the franchises is based in Toronto in USA.

It is only during JO of 1992 in Barcelona that baseball has become an Olympic sport, since then, this sport has been retained for almost all editions, except those of London in 2012 and Rio in 2016. The Olympic tournament was maof in three distinct phases, first a preliminary round where the teams compete, clash Then semi-finals and finals for the allocation of medals. Baseball/softball has become one of the most anticipated events at the Olympic Games!

History of the Baseball Jo winners

There were a total of 5 baseball editions at the Olympic Games. It is very interesting for bettors to know the old results to be able to get an idea of certain trends that take shape in this ordeal. For this we have drawn up a summary table of medals during these editions.

Here is the history of the Baseball winners at the Olympic Games:

EditingGold medalSilver medalBronze medal
Jo 1992 BarcelonaCubaTaiwanJapan
Already atlanta 1996CubaJapanUnited States
Yeah Sydney 2000United StatesCubaSouth Korea
Yo 2004 athènesCubaAustraliaJapan
Jo 2008 PékinSouth KoreaCubaUnited States

In the end, it is The Cuba team which is currently at the top of this list, with 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals obtained in the last 5 editions. A team that really knew how to stand out during the Olympic Games. Behind the United States with three medals, then South Korea and finally Japan, which only lacks a gold medal to second position in the medal classification. The USA baseball team qualified only for two editions, in 2004 and 2008 and finished 4th and 6th respectively.

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Our JO prognosis on baseball

We will establish our analysis and our prognosis on several points. First it will be very interesting to analyze the format of the tournament, then each team qualified for this edition of the Jo Tokyo 2021. We can then deliver a precise analysis.

The format of the Baseball Jo 2021 tournament

There are 6 teams qualified for this exceptional tournament. This will take place on the fifth day of the Olympic Games, from July 28 to August 7 at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium.

This is a completely new format for the Olympic baseball event. Indeed, there will be two groups of three teams and each will play two games. A classification will be established, the 1st in group A and the 1st in group B meet for the quarter -finals.

The 2nd of each group meet and the 3rd of each group meet, so that the two winners meet during the quarters. A semi-final is then played, the winner goes directly to the final and the loser must return by the draft to be able to hope to reach the final or the small final.

Here is the official table:

The teams qualified at the 2021 Baseball Olympics

Japan qualified at the 2021 Olympic Games

It's here First team qualified for this 2021 edition of the Olympic Games, simply because it is the host country. It will be his 5th participation in this tournament, the team has already won 3 medals, with one in silver and two in bronze. The last dates back to the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Lately, team A brilliantly won the WBSC First 12 By beating South Korea in the final on a 5-3 score. The team managed to climb in the final by finishing first in the group of 6 teams, with 4 victories and only one defeat against the USA on a 3-4 score.

The team has never won a world title Like the Baseball World Cup, or the Olympic Games. However, she is used to the Asian baseball championship and won a lot! The NPB baseball championship becomes one of the world's most raised championships in baseball and most team players play in it.

⚾ Being the host country and in great shape following its various successes, Japan will be keen to want to go and seek a first Olympic title, in its own country!

Israel qualified at the Olympic Games 2021

Israel has completely Dominated qualifications at the EUROPE Olympic Games In September 2019. In its group maof up of 6 teams with the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and South Africa, the team arrived first with 4 victories and only one defeat against the Czechs 4-7.

They managed to score 34 points and take only 11 in the five qualifying games. It was by arriving first in the group that the Israel team managed to qualify for the first time in its history at the Baseball Olympic Games.

Trained by Brad Ausmus, the team is mainly Composed of American players. Indeed, players are enough to be Jewish or married to a Jewish person to be able to become a national player of this team. This offers a considerable advantage to the team since it is maof up of certain MLB players.

⚾ This team will be followed during this edition of the Olympic Games, although its last participation in the World Baseball Classic was a failure, with a third place behind the Netherlands and Japan, as well as a heavy defeat 8-3 Faced with the Japanese.

South Korea qualified at the 2021 Olympic Games

South Korea East A regular at the Olympic Games, baseball being its national sport. The country already has 3 participations and it is the title holder with a gold medal at the last Olympic games with baseball in 2008.

The team qualified for the Olympic Games thanks to its second place in the WBSC Premier 12 in Asia, indeed the final was Japan-Southern Kids and since Japan was already qualified by being the host country, South Korea has been declared qualified.

This meeting against Japan was a real shock in late 2019, the score ended with 5-3 for the Japanese. South Korea remained behind them throughout the competition, even during the group phase. The KBO KBO championship is more and more popular In the world, it attracts very good players and the teams make performance up.

⚾ Will this be enough for South Korea during the Olympic Game Tournament? This is difficult to say, what is certain is that the team will be touncing the best and will clearly have its chance, despite its current lack of form.

Mexico qualified at the Olympic Games 2021

It will also be a First participation for Mexico At the 2021 baseball tournament in Tokyo. The team hung on at the WBSC Premier 12, finishing 3rd behind Japan and South Korea, but arriving to beat the United States in the match for third qualifying.

This very tight match saw Mexico win 3-2 with an additional inning played, in the Tokyo Dome stadium. In recent years, Mexico has not shone so much in baseball, its LMB championship is starting to emerge hard in a country where football is king.

It is historic for this country to qualify for a major and global tournament, they very often had trouble arriving at the Baseball World Cup, in the intercontinental cup or in the world classic. the American coach Rick Renteria will have work to succeed in really getting up to other teams.

⚾ It’s still a team to follow, although there have been no meetings since 2019 but everyone is at the same level of form currently!

The last two qualified at the 2021 Olympic Games

For the moment, due to the health crisis, the last two qualified are still not known for the Olympic Games. Indeed, the WBSC Baseball Last Qualify was to take place in 2020 but was postponed. During a final tournament, the last 6 draft teams will compete for two qualifying places for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

The teams in the running:

  • Chine Taipei, the world n ° 4, which has never participated in the Olympic Games but which has very good weapons to qualify. Arrived 3rd in the last Asian games with a victory against China for the little final, 10-0, they participate in these qualifications of the Olympic Games thanks to the Asian championships. Their 5th place in WBSC First 12 was not enough to qualify.
  • Chine, the world n ° 20, more in difficulty in recent years, China has nevertheless already participated in the Olympic Games in 2008 and arrived last from the tournament. The team qualified for this last chance by arriving fourth during the Asian games (so 3rd by removing Japan which was already qualified), we think that it will be complicated for them.
  • Netherlands, the world n ° 9, who arrived second behind Israel during the European qualifications for the Olympic Games, this team showed a very beautiful face during this tournament by winning 4 games for an 8-1 defeat against Israel. However, the WBSC First 12 were a bitter failure with a final place and 3 defeats for as many matches, against the USA, Mexico and Dominican Republic. It may be complicated for them.
  • Australia, the world n ° 7, which represents Oceania during these qualifications. Last arrival of the group at the WBSC, the team showed a lot of weaknesses, despite a touch of hope against the USA and a 1-2 victory. They still managed to qualify for this stage of the winners by finishing second behind South Korea and in front of USA and Cuba, rightly. Although they have already qualified 3 times for the Olympic Games and have obtained a silver medal in 2004, we believe that this team is not up to the task to hope for a qualification.
  • First and second of the WBSC of the Americas: Colombia, USA, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico will compete in a last tournament to determine the last two qualified teams for the tournament of this qualification tournament of the Olympic Games. We believe that the US and Cuba could have a good chance taking into account their history, they will be keen to carry out this route to go to Tokyo!

⚾ For the last qualified, our experts think that the Chinese Taipei team is the most likely to reach the end of the other teams. Although we still have to wait to know the names of the last two teams in the running, we believe that even if the US or Cuba qualify in this group, China Taipei could make the difference and participate for the first time in the Olympic Games.

Our final forecast for the Gold Baseball Jo 2021 medal

After all this analysis of qualified teams and in the qualification phase, our experts will give you their prognosis for the final victory and the gold medal at the Olympic Games 2021 now.

We think Japan will win its first gold medal in Olympic baseball. The form of this team in the last tournaments proves that it is not only qualified because it is the host team. She has indeed managed to win the WBSC First 12 against Korea, even if she didn't need it! In his own country And its historic stage of Fukushima, it would be a very strong symbol to see them win this tournament.

Our Prognosis Jo Baseball : Japan wins the gold medal.

Guiof to place a Baseball Jo bet

Now that you know exactly what to bet for the Baseball Olympic Tournament in Tokyo, you need to know how to be able to place your bet. Our experts have planned everything for beginners by putting the complete procedure in this part to be able to bet on baseball as soon as the dimensions become available at bookmakers.

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To bet on baseball at the Olympics you need:

  • Register on one of the best selected sites;
  • Make a first deposit and touch its registration offer;
  • Go to the sport category "Olympic Games";
  • Choose the "Baseball" subcategory;
  • Select the expert bet;
  • Return to its bet and confirm the bet.

It will only take you a few seconds to be able to place your bet on Baseball Olympic Games Tokyo. Thanks to our advice, we hope you can enjoy the best bonus and boost your possible gains on your Baseball bet in 2021!

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