Pronostic Logan Paul – Mayweather

CompetitionMatch d’exhibition
HourlySunday June 6, 2021 - time to be confirmed
Our prognosisMayweather victory
Cote1.06 (bet 100 CHF and win 106 CHF)
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Our prognosis

Mayweather victory
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The best odds

1.06 PowerPlay SportsIf Mayweather wins the fight, you will win 100 x 1.06 = 106 CHF To bet
1.05 BetitonIf Mayweather wins the fight, you will win 100 x 1.05 = 105 CHF To bet
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Prognosis and verdict

The exhibition combat between Floyd « Money » Mayweather and the American Youtubeur Logan Paul Will take place on June 6, 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in Florida. For the occasion of this long -awaited match by fans, we will share our prognosis for you.

To do this, we have identified the best bookmakers to bet on this event, but also, Characteristics of different fighters. We focused on their records, their forms, their physical attributes, but also the differences between the two boxers.

Of course, our personal verdict, as for many experts and boxing legend like Mike Tyson, is on a Victory of former world champion Floyd Mayweather. We understand why Mayweather accepted this fight when we know that it will bring him $ 100 million, if not.

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About Floyd "Money" Mayweather and the American Youtuber Logan Paul

Of course, F. Mayweather accepted this fight only for money. With $ 100 million at the key, or more, Floyd can touch big. « Pretty Boy » is an unbeaten champion in English boxing while Logan Paul, a eldest brother of the tumultuous Jake, is only a boxing r since 2018. To establish the best prognosis Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul, we are going to analyze The profiles of the two boxers.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather

Undisputed champion of English boxing, Mayweather has a list of 50 victories including 27 kos for 0 defeat and 0 draw. An impressive record that all the big names in boxing such as Mike Tyson greet.

Although in retirement, Floyd Mayweather remains a Professional boxer. With a dodge technique and a capacity to take the extraordinary blows, the boxer has already emerged from complicated situations.

In addition, he has Perfect execution qualities. Its hooks, uppercuts and jabs (direct blows) are fatal. So yes, he is certainly smaller than Logan Paul, but that does not prevent him from compensating with his experience and adapting his style in combat.

How ? It is very simple. He will have to adopt a style at Iron Mike Tyson. That is to say that he will have to Break the distance between him from L. Paul. Having more lengthening, Jake's eldest brother will have this one advantage on Floyd.

Nevertheless, by breaking this safety distance and working on the body to weaken the defense of the "money" r can quickly reach the liver, which would come to a technical ko. In 2018, he destroyed the Tenshin Nasukawa Kick-boxer in just 2 minutes with An incredible boxing demonstration.

In 2017, he faced a UFC legend, the very famous Conor McGregor. Released victorious in the tenth round, the American managed the fight as it is in front of an Irishman known to be One of the best UFC Putsters.

Floyd masters the noble art of English boxing. For many, this discipline is considered one of the fighting sports bases (without opening a debate). Years of experiences, speed and endurance of the boxer combined with its attack capacity will make the difference.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a 26 -year -old American ur who really started boxing in 2018. He is especially famous for his videos and his influencer status. Quieter than his brother Jake, Logan only played 2 fights against British Youtubeur KSI.

The first match ended with equality between the two fighters. KSI wanting revenge, a second match was organized. This time, The Englishman won the fight by decision of the judges. This last performance by L. Paul attests that he has Very little chance of being at the level To beat Mayweather.

Logan regularly posts on networks, photos and videos of his training. Lately, a video watch The Youtubeur dodging the blows In the area with a style reminiscent of Mohammed Ali.

It therefore appears that "Maverick" is in good shape and worked hard for this exhibition fight. And it is better to be ready. Weights and sizes diverge between the two boxers. Mayweather will display a weight of about 68 kilos for 1.73 meters while Logan will display a weight of 86 kilos for 1.88 meters.

This difference in weight and size has only one and crucial advantage for Logan: it is that he can Hold the former world champion at a distance. With a good execution during the sequences, a mastered technique and endurance at Floyd level, Logan will be able to hold some rounds.

Victor Ortiz, UFC veteran has confessed that L. Paul could give trouble to Mayweather. An opinion which therefore diverges from that of Mr. Tyson. Nevertheless, the photo shoot of May 7, 2021 and the overflow of Jake only brought up Floyd who is determined to destroy Logan.

Pronostic Logan Paul – Mayweather – Conclusion

For this fight, it is certain that we see a Floyd Mayweather victory. You have to expect the former world champion to adopt a slightly different style than previous fights.

Being smaller than Logan, he will have to adapt to this 15 centimeters difference. Nevertheless, it will be " interesting " To see how Paul will fight. Although he has very little experience in professional boxing, his larger extension will be very useful to him.

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