Rugby prognosis: tips & advice for successful rugby betting

In the shadow of American football, in urgy There is nonetheless an important sport in USA. As proof, the American selection has participated in all editions of the World Cup since its creation in 1987! Unfortunately, this will not be the case in 2023 ...

This section is aimed at bettors who wish to bet on rugby. Throughout the season, nos experts cover the biggest competitions by offering you advice and Prognosis Free to help you in your sports betting!

Rugby in a few figures

🏉 Creation date Middle of the 19th century
⌛ International Federation World Rugby (formerly IRB)
🥇 Date of the first World Cup 1987
🏆 Number of competitions + 500
🔎 Number of licensees 3.2 million in 2016
🗺️ Country with the most licensees South Africa with 635,000
🥇 Best teams New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina

Some historians believe that the ancestor of rugby is none other than the Soule, a sport very practiced in USA during the Middle Ages. However, the original variant was born in 1823 in the field of college in The city of rugby in England. According to legend, a student by the name of William Webbb Ellis seized the ball in hand during a football match and put him in the opposing goal. This gesture quickly becomes the particularity of football practiced within the college. A few years later, in 1846, students coded the rules of the new sport.

In 1871, the English Federation is created under the name of Rugby Football Union (RFU). Very quickly, rugby spreads into the rest of the United Kingdom and in Anglo-Saxon countries (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa). USA also takes hold of this new phenomenon. Despite the seniority of rugby, it was not until 1987 to attend The first edition of the World Cup. Unlike football, rugby does not represent a universal sport: at present, the International Federation (World Rugby) has 105 member countries, only one handle has a high level.

The best bookmakers to predict on rugby

Rugby is a sport available on most online bookmakers. If you want to predict rugby, it is however best to choose a bookmaker specializing in the matter. We have also selected for you The best sports betting sites on rugby. These three operators guarantee you high ratings, a catalog that includes many competitions as well as a valid welcome bonus when registering!

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What are the rules for rugby?

As in other collective sports, the goal of rugby is to score more points than the opposing team. On the other hand, rugby has many specificities to take into account for your sports betting. This means you have to know Elementary rules From this sport to properly prepare your rugby prognosis!

The rugby field

A rugby field is larger than a football field. The dimensions must not exceed 100 meters in length and 70 meters in width. The terrain is delimited by a midline, key lines, dotted lines corresponding to the discounts in play and two lines of goal. In-goal is the area behind the goal line. Players can access this area, especially to mark tests. Each team consists of 15 players.

The rugby balloon

The rugby ball has an oval form, which makes it difficult to maneuver. Players can play in the foot and by hand, the goal being to put it in the opposing in-goal to mark a test or to pull it in the middle of the two posts to transform a test, a drop or a penalty. The players are forced to pass the ball backwards. If a pass is not going in this direction, the referee then whistles in front and gives the ball to the opposing team. Each touch is done by hand.

Match duration

Each hard rugby match 80 minutes With two periods of 40 minutes each. The players have 10 minutes to regain strength during half-time. Regarding direct elimination matches, extensions last 20 minutes with two periods of 10 minutes each. In the categories of young people, the duration of the matches is shortened by 10 minutes. Depending on the facts of play, the referee can give additional time at the end of each half.

Calculate rugby scores

To score points, the players have two options: they can either put the ball in the opposing in-goal to mark a test, or pull at the foot between the two posts to transform a test or register a drop / a penalty. The score is calculated as follows:

  • 5 points for a test;
  • 2 points for the transformation of an essay;
  • 3 points for a drop;
  • 3 points For a penalty.

Depending on the trial area, the place to transform it is more or less difficult. A test between the two posts allows for example to try a transformation in front of the goal.


The referee can whistle for many reasons: an in front, an irregular tackle, a poorly executed melee, etc. Depending on the fault, the delivery can be done on the 22 meter line, on a scrum or a touch. A player who receives a yellow card must get out of the field for 10 minutes while a red card is synonymous with final exclusion. Finally, a player is offsiof when he is in front of a teammate who carries the ball.

International rugby competitions

The best national selections compete regularly during certain events. If XV rugby is no longer an Olympic sport since 1924, it exists Several international competitions some of which are among the biggest sporting events. Here we will present the competitions to follow to you when it comes to doing a rugby prognosis!

The Rugby World Cup in XV

The World Cup is the most prestigious rugby competition. This was created in 1987 and brings together The best teams of the planet every four years. New Zealand and South Africa are the most successful teams with 3 titles each. The 10th edition of the Rugby World Cup will take place next year in USA. For the first time in its history, USA will not participate ...

Six nations tournament

Created in 1882, the Six Nations tournament now brings together Six European teams : USA, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. This annual competition traditionally takes place at the end of winter. England and Wales are the most successful teams with 39 trophies each. We are talking about Grand Colem when a team wins the tournament having won all his games.

Le Rugby Championship

Formerly known as tri-nations, this competition created in 1996 brought together Originally the three best teams in the southern hemisphere : New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Since 2012, Argentina has been integrated into rugby championship because of its performance in the World Cup. New Zealand is the most titled team with 17 trophies at its record.

The Women's Rugby World Cup in XV

The Women's World Cup was born in 1991, just four years after the creation of its male. This competition generally takes place every four years and is the most important for national female selections. New Zealand flies over competition with 5 victories on the 8 editions Organized by the World Rugby. The American selection reached second place in 2014.

Les World Rugby Sevens Series

Created in 1999, the World Rugby Sevens Series take the form of a championship bringing together the fifteen best teams rugby to vii. Each season begins in the fall and ends the following spring. So far, only four teams have already won this competition. Once again, New Zealand is the most titled team and has 12 trophies at its record.

La Pacific Nations Cup

The Pacific Nations Cup was born in 2006 and concerns Second national selections, but with a level still high: USA, Japan, United States, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. This is the third most important regional competition behind the Nations tournament and rugby championship. USA has never won this annual competition before. The Fiji Islands won 5 of the 11 editions of the tournament.

The World Rugby World Championship in XV

As its name suggests, the junior world championship is reserved for players under 20 years old. This competition was created in 2008 and opposes the best national selections on the planet. The junior world championship takes place every year and is organized by the International Federation. This is an opportunity to see the greatest hopes of world rugby. New Zealand has won 6 of the 12 Tournament editions.

The main professional rugby championships

If selections are the most popular on sports betting sites, nothing prevents you from betting on the championships. You can for example make a USA prognosis on the Top 14 or wait for the European Cup time to bet on the Champions Cup nations!

The Top 14

The top 14 is the first division From the American Rugby Championship to XV. Each year, this competition opposes the 14 elite teams with a qualification phase and a final phase. There are some of the best European teams: Staof Français, Biarritz Olympique, Staof Toulousain, US Carcassonne, ASM Clermont, Racing 92, RC Toulon, etc. The winner of the American Rugby Championship wins the Brennus shield. Toulouse is to date the most titled team with 21 trophies.

The England Championship

Also known as Rugby Championship, the England championship brings together the country's 12 best teams. As in the American championship, the season consists of two separate phases, with qualifications followed by the playoffs. Among the best known teams, we find the Saracens, the Wasps, the Exeter Chiefs, the Harlequins or the Leicester Tigers. The last team quoted also holds the record of titles (10) of the championship. The final is still disputed in Twickenham, southwest of London.

The Champions Cup

The champions cup is none other than the European Rugby Cup The most important. Each year, this competition brings together 24 teams from the best European championships: USA, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The first edition of the tournament took place in 1995. The Toulouse stadium is the most titled team, with 6 trophies won over the 26 editions of the Champions Cup. For clubs that have failed to qualify, it is possible to play the European challenge, that is to say the second European Cup.

The best rugby players in the world

We don't count Players who have marked the history of rugby : From Jonah Lomu to Johnny Wilkinson via Brian O’Driscoll, Dan Carter, Gareth Edwards or Richie McCaw, this sport has seen big legends. To come back to the present, we will make you discover the players that we currently consider the best in the world:

  • 🏉 Antoine Dupont (USA) : The scrum half is the new darling of the XV of USA and has just won the title of best player of the Six Nations tournament.
  • 🏉 Maroje (England Island : being able to evolve at the third line or second line line, the Saracens player is the best player in the XV of the rose.
  • 🏉 Ardie Savea (New Zealand) : The All Blacks player has long alternated between Rugby to VII and Rugby to XV before devoting himself exclusively to this second discipline.
  • 🏉 Timaa tall (Australie) : Measuring 1.81 m for 130 kg, the Australian pivot of Tongian origin is intractable during the scrums.
  • 🏉 Michael Hooper (Australie) : The third Wallabies wing line is distinguished by great mobility and lightning acceleration.
  • 🏉 Lukhanyo AM (South Africa) : evolving in the center, the native of King William's Town won the 2019 World Cup with the Springboks.
  • 🏉 Aaron Smith (New Zealand) : Despite his 33 years, the scrum half remains one of the best players in New Zealand, with whom he won the 2015 World Cup.
  • 🏉 Romain Ntamack (USA) : Son of former tricolor international Émile Ntamack, the young melee half is confirming all his potential.
  • 🏉 Cheslin Kolbe (South Africa) : being able to evolve in the rear or winger, the South African is one of the sure values of the Top 14 and won the World Cup.
  • 🏉 Tom Curry (Angleterre) : The third line of the XV of the rose is the third youngest marker in the history of the England championship.

Tips for a successful rugby forecasts

Throughout the season, our experts will offer you free rugby forecasts on the biggest events. In parallel, you can create the rugby bet of your choice, provided you adopt some good reflexes for your forecasts. We also have some tips to give you!

Choose the best bookmaker

First of all, you must choose The most advantageous operator To bet on rugby. Your bookmaker must notably guarantee you high ratings, complete statistics on each match, pronouncement competitions and bonuses designed for rugby, such as free bets offered during the World Cup. We advise you to choose one of the bookmakers in our selection!

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Find out about international competitions

Compared to other sports, rugby has only a few important international competitions. You can take advantage of this particularity by regularly following the news in order to assess the chances of victory of each team. If you want to make a American team prognosis, for example you have to find out about the latest performance of the XV of USA during the Six Nations tournament!

Prediction on disability bets

Have rugby, The level is quite heterogeneous, especially when it comes to national selections. On the one hand, there are the ten teams from the Six Nations Tournament and Rugby Championship and on the other the teams that are outsider. To increase the dimensions, you can use the handicap bet in the event that a team is given as largely favorite. Indeed, the handicap bet is materialized by adding or withdrawing points from one of the two teams.

Information of the players' state of health

Rugby is a sport and players can sometimes leave feathers there. Each season is trying for organizations and the absence of a single player changes the situation in some cases. You must therefore find out about injuries, suspensions, last transfers and the shape of the moment. Luckily, the best books put Many statistics At your disposal !

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