US Open prognosis: bet on the last Grand Chelem tournament of the year

The US Tennis Open is the last tournament in Betway

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Everything to make a US Open Tennis forecast

First of all, it is better to know the history of the tournament on which you want to place a bet. In this first part, our experts wish to enlighten you on the Grand Chelem US Open tournament. In this way, you will also become an expert!

The history of the US Open

The US Open tournament has arrived almost in the process of creating tennis. With a first edition organized in 1881, this is one of the oldest tournaments. At the start, this competition took place in the form of Challenge Round : The title holder was automatically qualified for the final while the other players clashed in order to win the remaining place. It was therefore easier to win this tournament several times in a row, and it is also Richard Sears who still holds the record With 7 titles!

The tournament then enlarged from year to year and the Challenge Round disappeared in 1911 to make way for the format that we currently know. Called the United States Championship, the tournament then became the US Open and joined the Chelem Following the words of certain journalists in 1938 who used this word to designate the performance of Donald Budge, winner of all major tournaments that year.

Le palmarior the l'US Open

This year, the US Open celebrates its 134th edition. Regarding one of the oldest tennis tournaments, an impressive history hides behind it. We therefore wanted to present a list of all the players who have marked their US Open editions with their names.


In men, the three most titled players shone before the start of the open era in 1969.

🏆 Most titled players in history:

  • William Larned: 7 titles, the first in 1901 and the last in 1911;
  • Richard Sears: 7 titles, the first in 1881 and the last in 1887;
  • Bill Tilden: 7 titles, the first in 1920 and the last in 1929;
  • Jimmy Connors: 6 titles, the first in 1974 and the last in 1983.

🎾 Most titled players in activity:

  • Roger Federer: 5 titles, the first in 2004 and the last in 2008;
  • Rafael Nadal: 4 titles, the first in 2010 and the last in 2019;
  • Novak Djokovic: 3 titles, the first in 2011 and the last in 2018.

📅 The last three editions:

  • MB Open 2021: Daniel Medvedev;
  • US Open 2020 : Dominic Thiem ;
  • US Open 2019: Rafael Nadal.

During the first editions of the US Open, it was easier for the best players to win several titles in a row thanks to the Challenge Round system. Among the players still in activity, some can still hope catch up From the history of the tournament. This is the case of Roger Federer, even if the American is at the end of his career, and even more of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, who is still in great shape.


Again, the most titled player experienced her hours of glory before the start of the open era.

🏆 Most titled players in history:

  • Molla Bjurstedt-Mallory: 8 titles, the first in 1915 and the last in 1926;
  • Helen Wills: 7 titles, the first in 1923 and the last in 1931;
  • Chris Evert: 6 titles, the first in 1975 and the last in 1982.

🎾 Most successful players:

  • Serena Williams: 6 titles, the first in 1999 and the last in 2014;
  • Naomi Osaka: 2 titles, the first in 2018 and the last in 2020;
  • Bianca Andreescu: 1 title, EN 2019.

📅 The last three editions:

  • Use Open 2021 : Emma Raducanu ;
  • US Open 2020 : Naomi Osaka ;
  • US Open 2019: Bianca Andreescu.

The American Serena Williams is clearly the largest player in the US Open in decades. Other names are nevertheless beginning to emerge like that of the talented Naomi Osaka, which has won two of the last four editions. The latter managed to bring Queen Serena Williams to fall into the final (6-2, 6-4) in 2018! Title holder, Emma Raducanu will also certainly be there to try to keep it.

Choose a bookmaker to bet on the US Open

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Notre pronostic US Open tennis

Here we are, we will in this part reveal our prognosis on the US Open 2022 winner. To start, our experts still wished to present the format of this edition, from the qualifications to the final table. You will also discover our favorites in men and women.

The format of the US Open 2022 tournament

The US Open 2022 tournament will take place August 29 to September 11, 2022 In the Flushing Meadows Municipal Park in New York. It is the USTA National Tennis Center that hosts this exceptional tournament, with 22 shorts for training and players' training. First there are four main courts called "short show" for gala matches, then thirteen shorts for less important matches. Five land is used for training.

The entire tournament is played on a hard -type hard surface. Each year, several events are organized at the US Open: the simple gentlemen, the simple ladies, the double gentlemen, the double ladies and the mixed double. Each event will clearly be an opportunity to find all the best players of the moment! During these five main competitions, organizations are somewhat different.

Indeed, the single tournaments oppose 128 players on seven rounds with direct elimination, while the double events oppose 64 teams on six laps. As for the mixed double tournament, it opposes 32 teams on five laps. For the men's tournament, the matches are played in 3 winning sets, while women compete in 2 winning sets. With the number of games on the program during this edition, you will therefore have time to bet on the US Open!

Qualifications for the US Open tournament

It exists Different ways to participate in the US Open 2022 tournament. First, some players directly integrate the main draw through their ATP / WTA ranking and are therefore standard heads. The others access the main draw thanks to invitations from the organization or through the qualification tournament.

Since 1927, 32 players in the simple and 16 players in the doubles have integrated the US Open as a series of the start. The week preceding the tournament, qualifications take place in the USTA National Tennis Center, where 128 players compete in sixteen groups, each composed of eight players and two heads of series.

It is also possible to participate in US Open National Playoffs From 14 years old for American players. This eliminatory phase makes it possible to obtain an invitation called Wild Card to participate in qualification tournaments and hope to integrate the main draw.

Endowments during the US Open

Here are the details of the ATP and WTA gains:

Tour Prime Points ATP
Winner 3 000 000 $ 2 000
Finalists 1 500 000 $ 1 200
Semi-finalist 800 000 $ 750
Quarter finalist 425 000 $ 360
Eighth finalist 250 000 $ 180
Third round 163 000 $ 90
Second turn 100 000 $ 45
Premier tour 61 000 $ 10

This table is valid for the 2021 edition, but the premiums change every year. During the latest editions, the organizer decided to increase the endowment perceived during the first laps of the US Open and to reduce somewhat that of the last laps.

However, given that this tournament arouses more interest each year and therefore of TV rights, we must expect that The endowments soar ! This is obviously an additional motivation for players. Like the other Grand Chelem tournaments (Roland-Garros, Wimbledon, Australian Open), parity is to put the endowments.

US Open winner prognosis

Here we will reveal our prognosis on the simple gentlemen and the simple ladies, with the best odds available online!

Simple gentlemen

Here are the main favorites to win the US Open 2022 tournament:

  • Novak Djokovic - rating at 2.50 on Betway ;
  • Daniel Medvedev - rating at 3.25 on Betway ;
  • Carlos Alcaraz - rating at 4.33 on Betway ;
  • Rafael Nadal - Cost at 6.00 on Betway ;
  • Nick Kyrgios - rating at 7.00 on Betway ;
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas - rating at 12.00 on Betway ;
  • Jannik Sinner - rating at 13.00 on Betway ;
  • Matteo Berrettini - rating at 21.00 on Betway ;
  • Taylor Fritz - rating at 21.00 on Betway ;
  • Felix auger aliassime - rating at 21.00 on Betway ;
  • Andrey Rublev - rating at 21.00 on Betway ;
  • Dominic Thiem - rating at 26.00 on Betway.

Our prognosis

And Novak Djokovic There remains the favorite of bookmakers, its chances of participating in the US Open 2022 are falling out day by day. Indeed, the Serbian player still refuses to comply with the vaccination obligation and has already missed the Australian Open for this reason. The recent Wimbledon winner will therefore probably not be present at Flushing Meadows.

We advise you to Betting on the victory of Daniil Medvedev ! Holding the title, the Russian had beaten Novak Djokovic in three sets in the final. This year, he will still have to be wary of Rafael Nadal, once again sparkling in Roland-Garros, provided that the injuries spare the Spanish player. The prodigy Carlos Alcaraz will also be one of the attractions of the tournament.

Quarter finalist last year, Felix auger aliassime is also one of the outsiders, in the same way as Nick Kyrgios, Jannik Sinner and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Among the notable absences, Alexander Zverev forfeit a few weeks before the start of the tournament. Hard from courts for over a year, Roger Federer will not return to the US Open either.

Simple dames

Here are the main favorites to win the US Open 2022 tournament:

  • Each swiatek - rating at 3.50 on Betway ;
  • Simona Halep - Cost at 8.00 on Betway ;
  • Naomi Kosaka - rating at 10.00 on Betway ;
  • Elena Rybakina - rating at 13.00 on Betway ;
  • Our jabur - rating at 15.00 on Betway ;
  • Emma Radan - rating at 15.00 on Betway.
  • Coco Gauff - rating at 15.00 on Betway ;
  • Bianca Andreescu - rating at 17.00 on Betway ;
  • Aryna Salenka - rating at 17.00 on Betway ;
  • Caroline Garcia - rating at 17.00 on Betway ;
  • Anett Kontaveit - Cost at 18.00 on Betway ;
  • Maria Sakkari - rating at 21.00 on Betway.

Our prognosis

Last year, Emma Radan became the first player in history to win the US Open having passed through qualifications. The Briton is therefore expected at the turn, but will no longer be able to count on the effect of surprise. In recent weeks, another player has been revealed and could experience a trajectory similar to that of Emma Raducanu.

By winning the Cincinnati Tournament just before the US Open, Caroline Garcia actually became the first player to win a WTA 1000, from qualifying. The American will therefore be one of the players to follow! Despite everything, we advise you to Bet on the victory of Simona Halep So much the Romanian seems to be back in shape for a few months.

Other players will also mix with the struggle for the title. First in the WTA ranking, Each swiatek has just won Roland-Garros, but has never done better than an eighth final at the US Open. For his part, Serena Williams Disputes the latest Grand Chelem tournament in her career and will want to end up on a good note, she who won the US Open six times.

How to make a US Open Tennis winner bet?

You now know our prognosis on the US Open Tennis. To conclude, our experts wish to explain to you in detail how to place your bet as simply as possible. The tournament will arrive very quickly and the odds will necessarily drop over time: the faster you place your bet, the more you can enjoy the best dimensions on the market!

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Here is our guiof to make a bet US Open:

  1. Proceed with a registration on the bookmaker of your choice;
  2. Make a first deposit and obtain the welcome bonus;
  3. Go to the Paris catalog then go to "Tennis" and "US Open";
  4. Choose the type of bet best suited to your prognosis;
  5. Indicate the amount of your bet and confirm the bet!

Our goal is clearly that you can make the most of the US Open 2022. This exceptional tournament is not only magnificent to watch, but also reserves full of opportunities in terms of sports betting. We still have Some tips to give you To fully enjoy the services of your bookmaker.

For your forecasts, you can for example be interested in the live space and try to bet live on the number of games, the number of sets, etc. Do not forget to consult the page dedicated to promotions regularly to receive Free Paris offered on the US Open. Thanks to this complete guide, you will be able to put all the odds on your siof on each match of the tournament!

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