Winning prognosis Jo Athletics: Know everything here

Many American players were waiting for him, the Tokyo Olympic Games will finally take place on July 23, 2021. Despite a postponement following the health crisis, the event will attract just as many sports betting and one of the most popular remains bet on the country that will have the most medals at the Olympic Games 2021. Our experts will tell you everything to be ready for your Olympic game forecast !

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History of athletics at the Olympic Games

First of all, to be able to place a bet on athletics and more particularly the popular sprint tests, it is important to know its history and its history. Our experts have planned this part to you so that you can better understand a possible prognosis on gold medals in athletics.

Everything about the Jolete Athletics event

This is the oldest event in the history of the Olympic Games. During the Me antics In ancient Greece, many race and competition events have been practiced. The Greek legend says it was Hercules, Zeus's son who defined the size of an athletics track during the first Olympic games by simply measuring the length of his foot 600 times.

A lot of athletics tests have emerged over the history of the Olympic Games, it is sport that has the most among all the others. Generally offered in the Olympic stadium of the host city, it is in the program of Modern Olympic Games from its first edition In 1896 for all men and since the 1928 edition for women.

This sport has long been exercised only by men, but the modern Olympic Games, driven by Pierre of Coubertin, have finally integrated female athletes into this fabulous sport. Certain athletics events are today among the most followed in the world at the summer games.

The various athletics tests in the Olympic Games

Being the most represented sport at the Olympic Games from the first edition, it only increases. It is now possible to follow 47 athletics events during the Olympic Games, with 24 for men and 23 for women, as well as a mixed event during the 2021 summer Olympic Games.

Here are the different events athlete to the Olympic Games:

Athletics man trials
100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m, marathon, 110m hedges, 400m hedges, 3,000m steeplechase, 4x100 m relay, 4 x 400m relay, 20km walking, 50km walking, length length , Triple jump, high jump, pole jump, throwing weight, throwing disc, throwing javelin, decathlon
Women's athletics trials
100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m, marathon, 100m hedges, 400m hedges, 3,000m steeplechase, 4x100m relay, 4 x 400m relay, 20km walking, 50km walking, length length , Triple jump, high jump, pole jump, weight throwing, disc throwing, javelin throwing, heptathlon.
Mixed athletics test (novelty OJ 2021
4x400 m relay.

Among this impressive number of different competitions in this sport, some are much more followed than others. Obviously, these are 100m OJs, 200m Jo and 400m OJ which are the flagship events, which the whole world does not want to miss.

Records in athletics in the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games being the biggest competition for all sportsmen in the world, it is often during it that world records are broken, simply because athletes are preparing for months in advance and because motivation is at its maximum to win a medal. It is indeed the ultimate coronation for an athlete, like a World Cup for a footballer.

Here are some athletics records that fell at the Olympic Games:

  • 100m men's record: Usain Bolt with 9.63S, at the 2012 Olympic Games in London;
  • 200m men's record: Usain Bolt with 19.30s, at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing;
  • 400m men's record: Wayof van Niekerk with 43.03s, at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio;
  • Record of the 110m Man Hedges: Liu Xiang with 12s91, at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens;
  • Female 100m record: F. Griffith-Joyner with 10S62, at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul;
  • 200m woman record: F. Griffith-Joyner with 21S34, at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul;
  • Record of the 400m Woman: M.J Pérec with 48S25, at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta;
  • Record of the 100m Hedges Man: Sally Pearson with 12s35, at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Unfortunately, we did not have a American who broke a record during the various athletics events at the Olympic Games. Although Andre of Grasse managed to obtain three medals at the 2016 Olympics, 100m, 200m behind Usain Bolt and 4x100m. Records fall every year and it is still possible to see athletes surpass themselves in Tokyo!

Athletics winners during the last Edition Jo Rio 2016

It is interesting to know the last winners of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, simply because some of them will run again during the 2021 edition in Tokyo. Our experts have gathered for you the names of the winners of the most popular athletics tests in 2016.

  • 🏆 Podium 100m Man in 2016: Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin then Andre of Grasse;
  • 🏆 200m man podium in 2016: Usain Bolt, Andre of Grasse then Christophe Lemaitre;
  • 🏆 Podium 400m Homme and 2016: Wayof van Niekerk, Kirani James, Lashawn Merrit;
  • 🏆 Podium 100m femme en 2016 : Elaine Thompson, Tori Bowie, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce ;
  • 🏆 Podium 200m Femme and 2016: Elaine Thompson, Dafne Schippers, Tori Bowie;
  • 🏆 Podium 400m femme en 2016 : Shaunae Miller, Allyson Felix, Shericka Jackson

During the 2016 Rio edition, the Jamaican and Jamaican runners were widely pointed out with 4 gold medals on these 6 very popular events. Although some of them are not going to run during the Tokyo 2021 games, like the great Usain Bolt champion, some names will be to remember!

Best bookmaker to bet on athletics at the 2021 Olympics

Before knowing our prognosis on the biggest athletics tests and betting on them, you will obviously have to choose a bookmaker in USA to place your bet. Thousands of sports betting sites currently exist in the country, our experts have therefore established a list of the best of them thanks to several criteria.

Our selection criteria:

  • 📈 The best odds: We compared the different odds in previous editions of the Olympic Games to find out which bookmakers in USA will offer better during the competition in Tokyo in 2021 on athletics;
  • 🎁 Advantageous bonuses: Our experts have selected sports betting sites that offer interesting welcome bonuses, but also promotional offers not to be missed, so as to be completely boosted for the Olympic Games;
  • 🔐 Withdrawal security: In our selection, we excluof all bookmakers that do not present a legally obtained game license and security systems for players. You can enjoy great security on our selection.

The work of our experts to be able to offer our readers the best bookmakers for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021 was simply colossal. Thanks to them, you will not have to ask yourself questions and you can directly integrate the top of Paris establishments in USA for the ATLé events!

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Athletics gold medal prognosis

You were waiting for it, we obviously maof a prognosis for gold medals in athletics on the most popular events. With our extensive analysis, you will simply be able to know the favorites and try your luck to bet on the Olympics Tokyo!

OJ 2021 - Betting final 100m

100m man finish

This is the most anticipated event during each edition of the summer games. The 100m takes place only in a few seconds, but it is filled with intensity, stress and records. The athletes who present themselves to this test are seen as real superheroes, which run at a speed-flair.

You certainly want to bet on a sprinter and live the 100m final in Tokyo with more adrenaline. The first name that comes to mind is surely Usain Bolt, this rocket which broke all the records will not, however, be present during the Tokyo edition which decided to stop its career.

The favorites for the 100m man final?

  • We can obviously talk about the big favorite for Tokyo games in the 100m, Christian Coleman Who maof a last world championship in an exceptional 2019, becoming champion with a 9S76 race. This United States athlete only participated in the 4x100 meter relay during the 2016 Olympics and clearly allows his team to access the grand finale. At 25, this is one of the great hopes of the United States, but was unfortunately suspended for the Tokyo Olympics.
  • The American Other they grass is obviously also expected, since he succeeded in the last Olympics to arrive just behind Usain Bolt in 200m and to win a bronze medal in the 100m and 4 x100m. Recently, he achieved great performances at the World Championships in Doha in 2019 by going on the podium with 9S90.
  • Justin Gatlin Will be a good part in Tokyo in 2021. The very famous American runner, a 100m, 200m and 4x100m specialist is eagerly awaited for what will certainly be its latest edition. At 39, the sprinter has already participated in 3 Olympic Games. He obtained a gold medal, a bronze and silver medal at the 100m during these three participations. During the Doha championships, he finished second behind the new Coleman rocket.
Our prognosis?

✔️ For this prognosis 100m Jo, with the absence of Coleman, suspended for 2 years for doping, we believe that the American Andre of Grasse could have a great chance of gold medal. This would allow USA to win this ultimate event for the first time.

Final 100m Woman

The 100m woman's final is also very intense, the sprinters are increasingly trained and are closer to the performance of the greatest male rockets. Betting on the 100m female final in Tokyo is obviously a good idea, because this ordeal may be ignited!

Favorites for the 100m Woman final?

  • Of course Elaine Thompson is the first name that should come in the mouth of all bettors during this event. The Jamaican sprinter is holding the title, she won the Rio Olympic Games on the 100m and the 200m but also obtained a silver medal on the 4x100m by propeling her team. Although she underwent several injuries, the runner achieved a good performance in Doha with a fourth place at 10S93.
  • The latter's compatriot, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, is surely one of the favorites during this 100m test. With 9 world titles, 2 gold medals at the Olympic Games and 5 other medals, this Jamaican athlete wins everything in her path. She won the last 2019 world championships in the 100m and 4x100m, but also the London Olympic Games in 2012. At 34, it will absolutely be necessary to follow it;
  • Tori Bowie, the 30 -year -old American is also in the race to win an Olympic medal during the 100m and 200m. With a gold medal in Rio at the 4x100m, a silver medal per 100m, she had managed to climb between the two Jamaicans. This sprinter will obviously be followed with great attention.
Our prognosis?

✔️ We believe that the sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will win the gold medal Jo 100m. Indeed, it presents all the conditions to get there and to show during the last competitions that it is a major opponent, ready to discover it in Tokyo.

OJ 2021 - Betting final 200m

200m man final

Obviously, the 200m runners are generally the same as 100m. These athletes are indeed trained to be able to participate in these two tests, a sprinter must generally excel in both. Our prognosis will therefore necessarily be shorter because the analysis is significantly the same.

The favorites for the 200m man final?

  • Andre of Grasse should shine once again in this test, in view of these previous results;
  • Justin Gatlin will be keen to try to win a medal in the two events, 100m and 200m;
  • Christophe Lemaitre is the great American hope, he excels in 200m and has already managed to win a bronze medal in Rio in 2016, he could be the surprise of this final.
Our prognosis?

✔️ We think this time that The American Gatlin could do well for what seems to be its last Olympic games and win the GOLD JO 200M gold medal. Our experts will try a prognosis on him!

200m Woman final

In the same way as for men, the 200m woman's final is often disputed with the same competitors as the 100m final. Our experts still carried out a small analysis for a 200m joke prognosis.

Favorites for the 200m Woman final?

  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will obviously be in the race for the Olympic title, although she could focus her efforts on the 100m title;
  • Elaine Thompson could have weapons to win a new Olympic medal in 200m. With his record at 21S66, it is very difficult not to estimate that this is one of the favorites in the title;
  • Dina Asher Smith, the 25 -year -old Briton is a real freshness in the world of athletics. With her record at 21S88 in 200m, she is one of the best current sprinters and excels in the 200m. She could clearly have her chances!
Our prognosis?

✔️ Our experts may surprise you, but we think the Briton Day Asher Smith could win a first gold medal Jo 200m woman. Her youth and passion could transport her to the Olympic summits!

OJ 2021 - Betting final 400m

400m man finish

The 400m man is also highly watched in USA during the Olympic Games. This is a race where men are fighting a battle for more than 45 seconds to arrive first. It is highly regarded because spectators have time to see real reversals unlike the 100m and 200m where some sprinters make the difference in the starting block.

The favorites for the 400m man final?

  • Wayof van Niekerk The 28-year-old South African currently has the 400m world record with 43S03, but also that of 300m (30S81). He is the title holder of the gold medal of this event with his last magnificent victory in 2016 in Rio which allowed him to win a new world record. Unfortunately, a serious injury stopped it until 2020, its participation and its form are therefore uncertain for the 2021 Olympic Games;
  • Komani James The Grenadian is surely the one who had the fastest progression among the sprinters in athletics. World champion at eighteen, he continues the great performances and notably managed to win the silver medal in Rio against Wayof Van Nierkerk, with a very nice time of 43S76;
  • Steven Gardiner, the Bahamean is currently part of the new generation of high -quality sprinter. At 25, the sprinter is a specialist in 200m and 400m. Vice-world champion in London in 400m and world champion in Doha in 2019 with a time of 43S48, it is one of the major favorites given its current phenomenal form.
Our prognosis?

✔️ We believe that Steven Gardiner could be the big surprise of this 400m man in Tokyo and win the gold medal Jo 400m. The form of Van Nierkerk may be going to deprive him of the games and Kirani James showed some signs of weaknesses in Doha recently. Our experts will put a play on this young athlete!

Final 400m Woman

Our experts have analyzed the latest athletics competitions, the form of all the racing sprinters for the Tokyo Olympics in order to offer you a complete and free prognosis on the 400m Women's final at the Olympic Games. Very appreciated in USA, we know that our readers will be very interested in what our experts will bet!

The favorites for the final 400m woman?

  • Shericka Jackson, a Jamaican once again 26 years old, who is very likely to reach the 400m final and win the title. This large athlete recently obtained a podium in Doha when he arrived in 3rd place, but also a bronze medal in Rio in this same discipline. Her personal record is 49s78 and she is really able to beat him thanks to the stake;
  • Shau seedlings Who comes from the Bahamas is clearly the revelation of recent years on the 400m. With a personal record at 48s37, it dethrones a lot of big names in the sprint at just 26 years old. Since her gold medal in Rio in 2016, she continues to perform exceptional performances, on many events. Small agreed only in Doha at the last world championships with a second place;
  • Salwa Eid people Who comes from Bahrain will surely be the youngest during this edition and this 400m event. At only 22 years old, she already has the Asian record with 48s14 and even exceeds the last two favorites at this level. It will be the first Olympic Games for this sportsman who surprises the whole world, an exceptional opportunity to shine in the eyes of the world.
Our prognosis?

✔️ For this 400m JO prognosis, we think that Shaunae Miller-Iuibo is expected to win the gold medal in the final. Despite Salwa's extraordinary abilities, we think that his youth and his lack of experience will be fatal to him, Shericka Jackson should have trouble passing her 49S78 record which is likely to be light for such a title.

Guiof for a prognosis Jo 2021 Medaille

You are now ready to place a prono on the biggest athletics events at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games! Our sports experts have done everything to give you all weapons and knowledge to place a well -thought -out bet. If you want to place an bet, you will absolutely have to know how to do it if you are a beginner

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Here's how to make a winning athletics prognosis for the Olympic Games:

  • Choose a bookmaker in USA from the top above ⬆️ and make a first registration;
  • Place a balance to be able to touch the welcome bonus of the site;
  • Go to the “Olympic Games” category of the bookmaker;
  • Go to "Athletics";
  • Select the test and name of the winner;
  • Confirm your bet. 👌

In just a few minutes you will be able to place your bet. Know that you can bet in advance on the gold medals in athletics, even before the different finals, this will allow you to obtain best odds and follow with great attention and adrenaline the previous towers!

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The Olympics are exceptional, there are several other tests on which to bet.

Take advantage of all our forecasts to bet during the Olympic Games:

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