Wimbledon prognosis: bet with our experts on the Grand Chelem tournament

Among the most followed tournaments in tennis and in particular in the Chelem, Wimbledon is almost essential. Each year the best tennis players and tenniswoman compete in a district of London on lawn. Discover in this article all the undersiof of this edition of Wimbledon 2022, in order to bet the best on the tournament.

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Everything to make a Wimbledon bet

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In our opinion, it is quite essential to be able to best know the tournament and the context on which you want to bet. In this part, our experts will therefore explain everything to you on the Grand Slam tournament of Wimbledon, from its history to the history of the winners.

The appearance of the Wimbledon tournament

The origin of tennis is very linked to the appearance of Wimbledon. First appeared thanks to the palm game, the Tournament was created in 1877, only three years the real appearance of tennis.

It was first the Challenge Round which was set up, that is to say that the winner of the previous edition played the final automatically, facing an opponent who qualified during direct eliminations ( as during the 1st editions of the US Open).

It was one of the first tennis tournaments that introduced a test of simple ladies in 1884, only a few years after its beginnings. Now clearly part of one of the three major tournaments in the world of tennis, considered the Second older tournament, it was logically integrated into the term "Grand Slam" used by journalists around 1938 with the victory of the American Donald budget in all major tournaments.

History Wimbledon winner

It's about the 135th edition of the Wimbledon tournament in London, as you can imagine there is a huge history behind this Grand Slam tournament.

Our experts have decided to set up a list of players who have marked editions, because it can clearly be used to bet on Wimbledon.


Pays titles:

  • 🥇 United States: 15 titles with a first in 1972 and a last in 2000;
  • 🥈 USA: 8 titles with a first in 2003 and a last in 2017;
  • 🥉 Sweden: 7 titles with a first in 1976 and a last in 1990;
  • 🏅 Australia: 6 titles with a first in 1968 and a last in 2002.

Individual titles from 1968 to 2019:

  • Roger Federer: 8 wins in Wimbledon;
  • Pete Sampras: 7 wins in Wimbledon;
  • Novak Djokovic: 6 wins in Wimbledon (title holder);
  • Björn Borg: 5 wins in Wimbledon.

It’s obviously the player American Roger Federer Who maof this tournament his playground. He went beyond the records of Pete Sampras obtained in the open era.

He won 8 victories between the years 2003 and 2017, a real feat! Only one man seems capable of double the American champion: Novak Djokovic. The Serbian won his sixth title last year, and may well go beyond Federer.


Pays titles:

  • 🥇 United States: 27 titles with a first in 1968 and a last in 2016;
  • 🥈 Germany: 8 titles with a first in 1988 and a last in 2018;
  • 🥉 Australia: 4 titles with a first in 1970 and a last in 2021;
  • 🏅 République-Tchèque: 3 titles with a first in 1998 and a last in 2014.

Individual titles from 1968 to 2019:

  • Martina Navratilova: 9 wins in Wimbledon;
  • Serena Williams: 7 wins in Wimbledon;
  • Steffi Graf: 7 wins in Wimbledon;
  • Venus Williams: 5 wins in Wimbledon.

The Czech Republic player is undoubtedly the one who dominated the Grand Chelem tournament with its 9 victories. More recently and still in activity, it is the Williams sisters who since 2001 have arrived almost each time in the final!

The last 3 editions have been sold by defeats in the final, twice by Serena and once per Venus. Australian Ashleigh Barty won the last edition, and hopes to make a double, rare on the grounds on grass, especially in female tennis.

Choose a bookmaker to bet on Wimbledon

It is obviously necessary to succeed in choosing a good bookmaker to be able to place a bet on Wimbledon in 2022. Many criteria are normally to be taken into account to find the best, but our experts have done the job for you thanks to extensive analyzes.

You will know how we choose the best Paris sites for Wimbledon! Our bookmakers are selected compared to:

  • 🧿 The quality of their dimensions: To bet on Wimbledon and optimize your earnings as much as possible, you absolutely have to choose a bookmaker that offers the best dimensions on the market, simply because it will vary your potential earnings;
  • 💎 The amount of their bonuses: Bookmakers' promotional and bonus offers can tip the scales in your favor. They allow you to boost your bets on Wimbledon and make more bets;
  • 🔐 The safety of their site: It is very important to select a 100 %secured sports betting operator, both in data protection and in other areas, you must be able to deposit and remove safely!

With the selection list of our experts, established thanks to these criteria, your time will be completely saved. You will not have to do long research to find the best bookmaker to place a Wimbledon prognosis and find a Wimbledon side! Everything is at your fingertips to follow the prono of experts.

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Our Wimbledon 2022 prognosis

This is certainly exactly what interested you before coming to our page, we will in this part reveal to you our prognosis Wimbledon 2022. You will first know in detail the format of this edition, the qualifications for this Grand Chelem tournament And we will then reveal our favorites to you!

The format of the Wimbledon 2022 tournament

Several events take place in parallel during this Wimbledon 2022 edition. It is possible to find men (single and double), women (single and double), mixed doubles, boys (- 18 years old, single and double) and the Girls (- 18 years old, single and double). Of the Simple and double wheelchair events will take place for the second time in history in Wimbledon.

The main matches are played at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club à Wimbledon, while the qualification matches will take place on the court of Bank of England Sports Grounds in Roehampton.

The main tournament takes place in direct elimination phase, from the 1/64th finals to the final! For men, the matches take place in 3 winning sets, while women play in 2 winning sets. With all his matches, there is a lot of time to bet Wimbledon and follow the exploits made!

Qualifications for the tournament

There are several ways to qualify in Wimbledon and participate in this Grand Chelem tournament. First of all 32 series heads are designated To be able to join the tournament directly, depending on their world rank.

Then they are the qualifications which take place before the event that determines 16 new players who integrate Wimbledon. During these qualifications, 128 players are engaged and only 16 can qualify for the main draw of the tournament, winning the three qualification towers.

Last means of qualification possibility, Wild Card, distributed by the organization's subcommittee before the tournament. These are actually invitations, exceptional authorization to some players to participate in Wimbledon, without fulfilling the qualification criteria. There are generally 6 Wild Cards which are distributed for the last participants in Wimbledon!

Endowments and points during Wimbledon

ATP and WTA winning details:

Here is the full table of the prize money from the Wimbledon 2022 tournament, which once again broke its own record, with total gains up to £ 40 million:

Competition Winner Finalists Half - finalist Quarter finalist Eighth finalist 16th finalist 32nd finalist 64th finalist Reach the 3rd round Reach the 2nd round Reach the 1st round
simple 2 000 000 £ 1 050 000 £ 535 000 £ 310 000 £ 190 000 £ 120 000 £ 78 000 £ 50 000 £ 32 000 £ 19 000 £ 11 000 £
Double 540 000 £ 270 000 £ 135 000 £ 67 000 £ 33 000 £ 20 000 £ 12 500 £ / / / /
Double Mixte 124 000 £ 62 000 £ 31 000 £ 16 000 £ 7 500 £ 3 750 £ / / / / /
Simple rolling chair 51 000 £ 26 000 £ 17 500 £ 12 000 £ / / / / / / /
Double wheelchair 22 000 £ 11 000 £ 6 500 £ / / / / / / / /

Wimbledon winner prognosis

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Simple men

Our experts have several favorites for the winner of Wimbledon 2022:

  • Novak Djokovic : siof at 1.75 at Betway.
  • Rafael Nadal : Listed at 6 at Bwin.
  • Carlos Alcaraz: Listed at 8 at Bet99 Sports.
  • Matteo Berrettini: Listed at 8 at Betway.
  • Happy Auger aliassime: Listed at 12 at Bwin.
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas: Listed at 15 at Bet99 Sports.
  • Denis Shapovalov: Listed at 20 at Bet99 Sports.
  • Hubert Hurkacz: Listed at 20 at Bwin.
  • Nick Kyrgios : Listed at 20 at Betway.
  • Andy Murray : Listed at 20 at Betway.
  • Marin Cilic : Listed at 20 at Bwin.

Our prognosis?

Clearly, the Serbe Novak Djokovic, last winner of the tournament, will want to defend his place with all the will that we know. Despite his 35th birthday, he still has the capacity to defeat other participants. Victory of Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon!

Dames Simple

Our experts have several favorites for the winner of Wimbledon 2022:

  • Each Swiatek: siof at 2.5 at Betway.
  • Naomi Saka: Listed at 8 at Betway.
  • Simona Halep : Listed at 12 at Betway.
  • Coirs Gauff: Listed at 12 at Betway.
  • Carolina Pliskova: Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Paula Badosa: Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Anett Kontaveit: Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Elena Rybakina: Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Angelique Kerber : Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Our Jabur: Listed at 15 at Betway.
  • Serena Williams Listed at 15 at Betway.

Our prognosis?

After the retirement of reigning champion, Ashleigh Barty, the title in Wimbledon seems very disputed. A single woman stands out, favorite of bookmakers, she is also of our expert, who therefore sees Iga Swiatek winning her first Wimbledon.

Notre pronostic Wimbledon Femme : Iga Swiatek

How to make a Wimbledon winner bet?

Now that you know exactly our forecast on Wimbledon, you most certainly want to bet! This is completely normal, the tournament is fast approaching and the ratings are more interesting than ever. This is why we decided to offer you a free guiof to place a bet on the Wimbledon winner.

To bet on Wimbledon:

  • Open an account on one of the best books on our list;
  • Place a first deposit and obtain your registration bonus;
  • Go to the “Tennis” category and then to the “Wimbledon” tournament;
  • Select one of the experts' forecasts;
  • Choose an bet and confirm the bet!

Above all, we want you to vibrate as much as possible during this magnificent event that is Wimbledon. It is exactly for this reason that we wanted to guiof you at best to bet. Now you are ready to put the odds on your siof during Wimbledon 2022!

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