Olympic game forecasts: our advice to predict the Olympic Games

You didn't even know that it was possible to bet on the Olympic Games ? Rest assured, because online bookmakers are not about to drop this planetary event that attracts crowds in front of televisions and on the Internet.

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All the charm of this historic competition Also lies in its political, financial and societal weight. No person in the world remains foreign to the Olympics, so that you are billions during each edition to rush to you in front of television retransmissions. We are talking here about the most followed sporting event worldwide.

Thus, sports enthusiasts of all kinds will be able to indulge in their passion by placing their money on an online bookmaker with Prognosis. The Olympic Games are also an opportunity to bet on disciplines less usually exploited by operators. Notice to curling, swimming, or figure skating fans: it's time to find the next winner of an Olympic gold medal.

How to bet on the Olympic Games?

Do you want to make sports betting on the Olympic Games, but you don't know how to do it to optimize your chances of earnings? No worries, our team of experts explains all of this to you. As a bonus, you will benefit from Our advice for betting at best!

Choose the right bookmaker

There are many books on the web. This is why it is important to well analyzed the Different platforms present online. Indeed, not all of them offer the same content or the same sports disciplines. It is therefore wise to find out about the available sports.

It is therefore essential to choose your platform carefully by following very specific selection criteria. For this, our experts give you their evaluation factors to make your job easier in your research.

  • Analyze the different types of available bets;
  • Analyze the different accessible sports;
  • Analyze if the bookmaker is available on mobile;
  • Analyze the different options of the site (TV, Live);
  • Analyze the different bonuses offered by the site;
  • Analyze the different payment methods;
  • Analyze the quality and responsiveness of customer service;
  • Analyze the safety and reliability of a bookmaker;
  • Analyze if the bookmaker also offers an online casino.

The bonuses offered

Bonuses are promotional offers that will be offered to you as soon as you register, but also, during your development on the site. Regarding sports betting, bonuses are generally the same. However, some bookmakers may show more generous that others.

Indeed, the sporting welcome bonus is often presented in the form of Free bet to hundreds of frames, see more. As a result, your registration will bring you a significant nest egg to start your adventure within the platform.

Also note that you can benefit from regular offers per day, week or month. It is therefore advised to watch bonuses proposed. These promotional offers will therefore allow you to considerably increase your bankroll.

However, you will have to find out about stake conditions that may vary Depending on the platform. This is an important factor, because the latter can be more or less advantageous depending on the site on which you are betting.

Another thing too, and which is not the least, is to find out about The site loyalty program. This program will reward you with your activity. Free bet, cash back, real money, there are many awards.

3 bookmakers to bet on the winter Olympics 2022
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
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Follow the news and collect as much information as possible

News follow -up is an important thing for Betting Olympic Games. Indeed, the Olympic Games remains a most prestigious competition. Many high -level athletes and teams will deliver a fierce competition.

Follow the news of the winter games 2022, it is to know which athletes or teams are in great shape, come back from injuries, to know if personal events can impact performance, but also, what are the athletes who have shot their reverences and therefore leave a vacant Olympic title.

Also note that the games will take place in summer. This therefore means that the seasons and championships of many sports are finished. Take the opportunity to find out about the season of a team or athlete to diagnose their chances of medal and thus establish the best Olympic game prognosis.

Athletes and countries that are favorites

Betting the Winter 2022 Olympic Games is bet on the best athletes and nations in the world. Indeed, the different states will compete on different disciplines to try to win The most medals and Olympic titles.

As for athletics, Justin Gatlin is the sporty favorite From the most famous races, the 100 meters. It will nevertheless be wary of the Jamaicans, although the Usain Bolt legend, decided to retire.

The speed tests are dominated by the United States as well as by Jamaica. As for funds, these are the states of Kenya and Ethiopia. For other sports, other than athletics, you have to look at the last season as well as the world rankings by sports. Nevertheless, here is a small summary table on the 6 best nations as well as their numbers of medals.

Nation Ranking Gold / silver / bronze medal
United States 1 1 023 / 796 / 707
Russia 2 395 / 319 / 296
Germany 3 275 / 315 / 347
Britain 4 263 / 295 / 293
Chine 5 244 / 167 / 155
USA 6 212 / 241 / 155

Opt for a two -way Olympic Games bet

The two -output bet is very simple in its operation. Simply bet simultaneously On one of the two from a match (between two teams or players). This bet is interesting, because it allows you to be able to make an bet even if you have a doubt about the outcome of the match.

In other words, let's take the example of Djokovic facing Nadal. Djoko's rating is 1.50 and that of Nadal at 2.50. You bet 10 USA on Nadal and 10 others on Djoko. Nadal wins the meeting. So you win: (2.50 x 10) - (1.50 x 10) = 10 profit USAes.

Bet live with streaming broadcasts

Bet in live will allow you to follow the Olympic Games while performing sports betting. It is a great way to adapt your bets according to the progress of a match and thus, Optimize your chances of gain.

This bet is only available for certain sports such as football for example. In addition, you should know that the streaming option is not Available on certain platforms sports betting. This is why it is important to analyze the sites well.

On the other hand, theoption live score is available on almost all bookmakers. Therefore, you can instantly follow a meeting and adapt your bets. However, you will not have the video.

Bet live with streaming broadcasts

Watching 2022 Winter Olympic Games Streaming, allows you to Look for free. The only condition is that you must have an account With money on the bookmaker in question. Streaming broadcasts are also sometimes available for people who have bet in the last 24 hours and who have no more balance on the account. Few books allow streaming with a simply account and without any other condition.

In order to view the Winter 2022 Olympic Games live, the bettor must go to the section "Paris live" And he can select the sport he wants to view. Bet in direct, allows you to bet depending on the events which takes place during the 2022 Olympic game. Be careful however because the images broadcast are sometimes deferred Compared to reality and it is the same for the dimensions.


Statistics are at the heart of Sports betting Olympic Games. Indeed, although the outcome of an event or match cannot be known in advance, there are, however, factors that make in mind.

You don't have to be a mathematics genius to establish statistics, it's not that complicated. Simply Calculate a few averages Depending on the bets you want to perform.

For a I seem out exactly an egg a null match, you just have to establish an average of goal or points, conceded and scored to have a general idea of what can, probably, happen. For shopping, this is the same operation, take the latest official chronos recorded and then do the average.

There is a lot of opportunity to use this method, but tell yourself that in general, if you have figures for specific data, it is that you will be able to establish an average and thus, draw up coherent statistics. This way of proceeding is ideal for optimizing your chances of gain.

Gérer said bank role

La Bankroll is your betting wallet where your credits are located to bet. To increase your chances of earnings, it is not enough to rest on the best statistics or the best odds, but to know how to manage your money.

Those who spend without paying attention, are likely to make mistakes and generate more losses than benefits. This is why it is important to manage your funds well. To do this, it's very simple, you just have to follow Very specific "rules".

  • Do not bet under the excessive grip of alcohol;
  • Set yourself limits not to be exceeded;
  • Establish your betting budget (split and select the disciplines);
  • Use the automatic gain calculator;
  • Calculate your potential losses on bets with high odds;
  • Vary the types of bets to try to optimize your chances;
  • Perform in -depth research to establish the best forecasts;
  • Use bonuses and promo coof to increase your bankroll.
3 bookmakers to bet on the winter games 2022
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet


A tipster is a person who regularly delivers Sport information or special Paris. The advantage of following these people is that you will not have to find the information, because they will come to you directly.

The Tipster are specialized in this area, which means that the information that will be provided will be processed with professionalism. Tipster also proviof Sports betting advice. In addition to that, the tipster has a lot of advantages.

Indeed, the latter, as professionals or simply in love with sport, spend hours at Analyze each meeting, sportsman, ratings Olympic Games and decrypt with meticulousness, the championships. It is therefore a time saving when it comes to your bets, but also, in optimizing your earnings.

Take advantage of the beginner's luck

Superstition or simple fact of coincidence, the chance of the beginner is a very anchored concept in the world of the game. If you are starting out in sports betting during the 2022 Olympic Games, you can make a random bet and see what it gives. Luck may smile! Otherwise, there are other ways to cover luck:

  • 📅 only bet on Fridays 3;
  • 🐰 Avrain a rabbit, but it will not be good for your karma;
  • 🐴 Get a horse iron at the risk of taking a shoe;
  • 🍀 crawl in the grass in search of a 4 -leaf clover;
  • ✅ Read our articles to be unbeatable on betting (most reliable means).

What should you know before betting on the summer Olympic Games or the Winter Olympic Games?

The origin of Olympic Games Go back to the beginnings of sport in general. Yes, because the Greeks organized from Antiquity, the first games in order to enhance the heroes of all the territories of the Empire. Only here, the Olympic Games have been forgotten for many years.

It was not until the Baron Pierre of Coubertin and its creation of the International Olympic Committee to see new Olympic Games appear in 1986 in Athens.

Besides, it is only in 1924 That the first winter Olympic Games appeared. As they took place the same year as summer games, they are now two years apart.

Today, thousands of athletes representing the 206 pays Recognized by the IOC are measured at the Olympic Games. Every 4 years, the summer edition features 42 sports, while the Winter Olympic Games attract only 12 different disciplines. The fact remains that you will necessarily find the sportsman or the sport that will suit you.

Success your Prognosis OJ winter 2022?

14 years ago, the city of Beijing had already welcomed the summer Olympics. So she becomes The first city To welcome the summer Olympics and winter those. China has renovated some of the 2008 facilities for the winter 2022 Olympic Games. The bird's nest will welcome opening and fence ceremonies. The Olympic swimming pool has become the curling room and the Omnisports palace has been transformed into an figure skating track.

All alpine ski events will take place on the site of Yanqing which is located in the north of Beijing. While the biathlon, skiing or sledge events will take place in the neighboring province of Zhangjiakou.

The 2022 Olympic Games officially start the Friday February 4, 2022 and ends the Sunday February 20 2 weeks later. If you want to view the lives live on Radio-Canada, note that Beijing 13 hours of lag with Quebec.

Although there is a doubt around the cancellation of the 2022 winter Olympic Games due to the health crisis, China wants to be reassuring. Indeed, she also put a strict health bubble So that all participants have as little as possible with the outside. Athletes will have to perform a PCR test every day.

This year, New tests Added and as you can notice more and more disciplines open to women and mixed teams:

  • ❄️ The female single -seater bob in bobsleigh
  • ❄️ The mixed relay in short track speed skating
  • ❄️ The jump by mixed team in ski jumping
  • ❄️ The jump by mixed team in acrobatic skiing
  • ❄️ Big air and feminine in acrobatic skiing
  • ❄️ Mixed team cross cross cross

What are the sports to be expected during the 2022 winter Olympics?

🏔️ Sports ❄️ Test
Biathlon from February 5 to 19 Mixed / Individual relay women-men / Sprint women-men / prosecution women-men / women-men's relay / Group departure women-men
Bobsleigh From February 13 to 20 Monobob women-men / bob with two women-men / bob to four
Nordic combination on February 9, 15 and 17 Individual normal springboard skiing ski and cross -country skiing / large individual springboard ski and cross -country skiing / large springboard by ski ski and ski teams
Curling From February 2 to 20 Mixed double / men / women
Ice Hockey From February 3 to 20 Women / Men
Lledge from February 5 to 10 Simple women - men / double / team relay
Figure skating from February 3 to 20 Mixed couple / Mixed dancing / individual women - men / by mixed team
Speed skating from February 5 to 19 3,000 m women - men / 5,000 m women - men / 10,000 m men / women's team pursuit - men / grouped departure women - men
Short track speed skating on 5, 7, 9, 9, 11, 13 and 16 February 500 women - men / 1,000 m women - men / 1,500 m women - men / relays 3,000 m women / relays 5,000 m men / relay by mixed teams,
Ski jump from February 5 to 14 Normal individual springboard Women - Men / Large individual springboard Men / Men's teams / Mixed teams /
Skeleton From February 10 to 12 Women / Men
Acrobatic skiing from February 3 to 19 Women's bumps - Men / Freeski Big Air Women - Men / Mixed teams / Freeski Slopestyle Women - Men / Jump Women - Men / Freeski Halfpipe Women - Men / Ski Cross Women - Men
Alpine skiing from February 6 to 19 Descent women - men / giant slalom women - men / super -g women - men / slalom women - men / descent of the alpine combination women - men / slalom of alpine combination women - men / parallel by mixed teams
Cross -country skiing from February 5 to 20 Skiathlon women - Men / Free Sprint Women - Men / Km Classic Women - Men / Relais Women - Men / Classic Sprint by Women's Teams - Men / Online Departure Women - Men
Snowboard From February 5 to 15 Snowboard slopestyle women - men / giant slalom parallel women - men / snowboard cross women - men / snowboarding women - men / snowboard cross by mixed teams / snowboard big air women - men

American athletes favorite at the Winter Olympic Games

Here are the lists of American athletes favorite at the Winter 2022 Olympic Games:

  • 🙋🏽‍♀️ Bobsleigh - Cynthia Appiah (Etobicoke, ON) -
  • 🙋🏽‍♀️ Skeleton - Jane Channell (North Vancouver, C.-B.)
  • 🙋🏽‍♀️ Figure skating - Piper Gilles (Toronto, ON)
  • 🙋🏽♂️ Patinage the speed - GilMore Juno (Calgary, ab)
  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ Ski Acrobatic - Mikaël Kingsbury (Deux -Montagnes, QC)
  • 🙋🏽‍♀️ Ice hockey - Jocelyne Larocque (Ste. Anne, MB)
  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ Snowboard - Max Parrot (Bromont, QC)
  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ Figure skating - Paul Poirier (Unionville, ON)

Back on the biggest performance in USA's history during the Winter Olympic Games

YearTo Place
1924 - Chamonix - USA 8 Russian
1928 - Saint Moritz - USA 10eme
1932 - Lake Placid - United States 4eme
1936 - Garmisch -Partenkirchen - Allteragne Stand up
1948 - Saint Moritz - USA Reinforcement
1952 - Oslo - Norvège Reinforcement
1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italie 10eme
1960 - Squaw Valley - United States father-in-law
1964 - Innsbruck - Autriche Stand up
1968 - Grenoble - USA 13 Yumi
1972 -Sapporo -Japon 17EME
1976 - Innsbruck - Autriche 11eme
1980 - Lake Placid - United States 14eme
1984 - Sarajevo - Yougoslavie 8 Russian
1988 - Calgary - USA 13 Yumi
1992 - Albertville - USA Stand up
1996 - Lillehammer - Norway 21eme
1998 - Japan - Japan 4eme
2002 - Salt Lake City - United States 4eme
2006 - Turin - Italie 5eme
2010 - Vancouver - USA 1r
2014 - Sochi - Russia Mother
2018 - Pyeong Chang - South Korea paternal uncle

Sports where USA stands out are:

  • Ice hockey with 19 medals including 12 gold
  • Speed skating with 35 medals
  • Short track speed skating with 28 medals
  • Figure skating with 25 medals

Bet on the summer Olympic Games

From 1924 to 1992 the summer and winter games were organized the same year and since the events have been shifted every 2 years. In 1896 the Olympic Games, alone 42 disciplines were disputed between less than 250 gold athletes in 2021 there is with 50 disciplines and 339 tests And more than 11,000 athletes.

So we notice that there has been a clear evolution in the event. A reason for the reasons explaining the increase in athletes is the fact that many disciplines have open their doors to women. Indeed, there are more and more female trials and the parity of athletes has become almost equal

Find our sports betting on the summer Olympic Games

We have analyzed the next Olympic Games which take place in Tokyo in 2021. Our experts from the various sports represented in this international competition give you forecasts to help you prepare!

Here are the JO Tokyo 2021 forecasts available:

  • Libre winner winning prognosis : find the best swimmers expected during the competition and our complete analysis;
  • 2021 Jo medals prognosis : Discover here our forecasts concerning the medals that will be won at the Olympic Games;
  • Winning prognosis Jo Athletics : The many athletics tests are among the most watched and betrayed in USA, you will know everything about our article;
  • Pronostic Jo Baseball : This increasingly popular sport in USA returns for Tokyo Olympics, consult our analysis and the complete operation of this test;
  • Basketball prognosis Olympic games : We could not miss the famous basketball tournament during the Olympic Games, the best world teams compete for an Olympic title, our experts give you their prognosis;
  • PRONOSTIC JO GOLF : our experts have analyzed the golf tournament which will take place in Tokyo on behalf of the Olympic Games, discover our advice now;
  • Pronostic JO Hockey : grass hockey is a long -awaited event during each summer game, discover all the qualified teams, the tournament format and our prognosis on our dedicated article;
  • Pronostic Jo Tennis : This is one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world. Find all the information on this legendary test as well as our forecasts thanks to our experts.

Our bets are 100 % free and can clearly use a guiof to make your choices during the competition of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Take advantage!

Did you like sports betting 2021 Olympic Games? Back on the biggest performance in USA's history

USA is one of the major nations at the Olympic Games. Besides, our country has participated in all editions of Winter J.O. Better still, USA also organized an edition of the Olympic Games in summer (Montreal in 1976) then two in winter (Calgary, 1988, and Vancouver, 2010). On the board of medals, our athletes also used to shine. A total of 143 gold medals were collected by all our historic athletes. The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games were satisfactory with the 24 medals postponed, including 7 in gold.

American top moments at the Olympics:

  • Ethel Catherwood, Fanny Rosenfeld, Ethel Smith, Florence Bell et Myrtle Cook are the first American women to win the golden relay at the Amsterdam Games in 1928;
  • Sidney Crosby Allows the American Ice Hockey team to win gold in Vancouver during extra time;
  • Alex Bilodeau Wins the gold in the test of the bumps and emented all the Americans by celebrating his victory with his brother suffering from cerebral paralysis;
  • Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir is the skating duo that won the most medal in the history of the Olympic Games. They won 3 gold medals and 2 silver including 2 gold in ice dance and team at the 2018 Games;
  • Cindy classes wins a medal with each event in which she participated in 2006 in Turin. She wins 5 medals (1 in gold, 2 in silver and 2 in bronze) and will even be qualified as "women of the games" by the present of the IOC;
  • Joannie Rochette won the bronze medal with a individual female test at Vancouver in 2010. No American skater had no longer won a medal in individual test since 1988;
  • Jamie Salé and David Pelletier won gold at the 2002 winter games with perfect performance;
  • The sisters, Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe both found themselves on the podium in 2014 in Sochi after winning the bump test. They finished first and second;
  • Marianne St-Gelais has become the first individual three -length triple medalist in speed skating in 2018 at the Pyeongchang Games;
  • Marie-Philip Poulin Allows you to recover gold from Sochi Games against the Americans at hockey;
  • Marc Gagnon Wins 3 medals at the 2002 Games after being disqualified in the 1,000m quarter -finals. He receives the bronze medal in 1,500 m, the gold medal in 500 m and gold with the male team.

Finally, discover here some anecdotes that have marked the history of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games, its athletes, its supporters and its medals, you are surely big fans. But above all that we have recently known on television, many legends surrounded the Olympics and fueled the sweet dreamers!

For example, according to Greek mythology, it was the son of Zeus, the hero Heracles, who built the first Olympic stadium in honor of his father after carrying out his twelve works. The length of the track was notably determined by the 600 steps of the hero, also called Hercules. However, more recently, did you know that ...?

  • Baron Pierre of Coubertin was racist and medalist

    Yes, the creator of the modern Olympic Games was not a great humanist in itself. In addition to his colonial ideas, the American baron was convinced of the superiority of the white race, just as he was a fervent opposing the arrival of women to the Olympiads. In addition, he had established artistic events at the Stockholm Games in 1912. Pierre of Coubertin is gold medalist of literature!

  • Luxembourg's improvised anthem

    In 1952, Josy Barthel won the 1,500 meter event. He is Luxembourg. Problem, the brass band has absolutely not the partition of the Luxembourg anthem. What to do ? The musicians then launch an instrumental improvisation, who will make the winner melt in tears!

  • Cascaof discomfort during the 1908 marathon

    A funny race took place in London in 1908! During the marathon, the runner at the head after 30 kilometers maof a discomfort. Whoever replaces him at the top of the race begins to vomit near the arrival because of a glass of champagne that he accepted on the road. The Italian who exceeds him between the last straight line so exhausted that he is mistaken, then will vanish five times in the last 200 meters. In the end, it is an American who won the marathon. There is no point in running, it is better to go on time!

  • Tarzan, Olympic gold medalist

    Johnny Weismuller is a swimmer, a medalist five times in swimming during the J.O of 1924 and 1928. In addition to his sports performances, he was also an actor! Indeed, the young man maof twelve Hollywood films by embodying the famous character of Tarzan. For the anecdote, he already used his cry to scare away Cuban thugs in a golf game in 1958. They wanted to kidnap him!

  • Cheating at the marathon

    In Saint-Louis in 1904, an American had fun playing the marathon test by car! Basically, he ran, he took his tacot, then went down to travel the last meters on foot. New record ! Except that it was disqualified!

  • When the Russians ruin McDonald’s

    For the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, the fast-food industry giant McDonald’s, launched an exceptional marketing operation. With a loyalty card in his pocket, a soda, a fried or a Big Mac were offered when obtaining a medal by an American athlete. According to their calculation based on the previous Olympics, the USA had won 94 medals and McDonald’s was largely financially winning thanks to this operation. Unfortunately, the USSR decides to boycott the games and the USA dominate all the other countries and win 174 medals (83 in gold). Ronald McDonald’s was emptied!

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