Prognosis Jo Curling: bet on curling during the winter Olympics!

Sport still too little known, even mocked by some, curling has however managed to raise crowds in recent years. The principle is simple, two teams compete and aim to get as close as possible to the center target thanks to stones. These granite stones are launched by one of the players on the ice, and its two teammates then scan so that readjust the trajectory and succeed in the best launch possible.

It's not just artistic skiing, alpine skiing, ski jump, snowboarding, biathlon, skating or ice hockey, and to wait between the Tokyo summer Olympics and those from Paris, Here is a small presentation of the curling Bet on curling at the Olympic Games

Asiof from the second edition, this sport has always been played by men and women, separated into two categories. From those of2018, a mixed event was created. All disciplines combined, USA, Sweden, USA, or Norway are all regular competitors. Here is a assessment of the 9 previous editions:

Editing Lieu Genre Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1924 Chamonix Homme Britain Sweden USA
1988 Calgary Homme Norway Suisse USA
1988 Calgary Femme USA Sweden Norway
1992 Albertville Homme Suisse Norway USA
1992 Albertville Femme Germany Norway USA
1998 Nagano Homme Suisse USA Norway
1998 Nagano Femme USA Denmark Sweden
2002 Ogden Homme Norway USA Suisse
2002 Ogden Femme Britain Suisse USA
2006 Pignerol Homme USA Finland USA
2006 Pignerol Femme Sweden Suisse USA
2010 Vancouver Homme USA Norway Suisse
2010 Vancouver Homme Sweden USA Chine
2014 Cruof T ground Homme USA Britain Sweden
2014 Cruof T ground Homme USA Sweden Britain
2018 Pyongyang Homme USA Sweden Suisse
2018 Pyongyang Homme Sweden South Korea Japan
2018 Pyongyang Homme USA Suisse Norway

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The progress of the Olympic Games USA 2022 events

During each day of the Olympic Games, there will be sports meetings Olympic Curling games. Here is for you all the meetings of this discipline for the American women's, male, and mixed teams, as well as the upcoming direct towers:

Date Hour Dating issue Team 1 Team 2 Genre
Thursday February 3 2H 05 Group match USA Britain Mixed
Thursday February 3 13h05 Group match USA Norway
Friday February 4 1h35 Group match USA Suisse
Friday February 4 Shine Group match USA Chine
Saturday February 5 7 H 05 Group match USA Sweden
Saturday February 5 13h05 Group match USA USA
Sunday February 6 7 H 05 Group match USA Czech Republic
Sunday February 6 13h05 Group match USA Australia
Monday, February 7 2H 05 Group match USA Italy
Monday, February 7 20h05 Semi-final 1 ? ?
Monday, February 7 20h05 Semi-final 2 ? ?
Tuesday, February 8 14h05 Small finish ? ?
Tuesday, February 8 20h05 Finale ? ?
Friday February 11 7 H 05 Group match USA Japan Femme
Friday February 11 13h05 Group match USA South Korea
Saturday February 12 2H 05 Group match USA Sweden
Sunday February 13 7 H 05 Group match USA Suisse
Monday February 14 2H 05 Group match USA Russia
Monday February 14 13h05 Group match USA Britain
Wednesday February 16 2H 05 Group match USA USA
Wednesday February 16 13h05 Group match USA Chine
Thursday February 17th 7 H 05 Group match USA Denmark
Friday February 18 20h05 Semi final ? ?
Friday February 18 20h05 Semi final ? ?
Saturday, February 19 20h05 Small finish ? ?
Sunday February 20 9 H 05 Finale ? ?
Wednesday February 9 13h05 Group match USA Denmark Homme
Thursday February 10 7 H 05 Group match USA Chine
Friday February 11 13h05 Group match USA Suisse
Saturday February 12 7 H 05 Group match USA Sweden
Sunday February 13 2H 05 Group match USA USA
Monday February 14 7 H 05 Group match USA Italy
Tuesday, February 15 2H 05 Group match USA Chine
Tuesday, February 15 13h05 Group match USA Russia
Thursday February 17th 2H 05 Group match USA Britain
Thursday February 17th 20h05 Semi final ? ?
Thursday February 17th 20h05 Semi final ? ?
Friday February 18 14h05 Small finish ? ?
Saturday, February 19 14h05 Finale ? ?

Curling 2022 Olympic Games

This discipline has an almost unique functioning for Olympic events. The athletes compete in a mini championship, then, a phase of play-offs. Here is in detail everything you need to know about the operation of each of the 3 Olympic Curling 2022 events.

Curling Jo Female

The female test has a peculiarity. The 10 teams in the running are identical to those already present four years ago. Thus, Sweden, the USA, USA, Russia, China, USA, Japan, Denmark, Great Britain, and South Korea will play all against each other in a recovery.

There is no equality and when two teams are still tied, an extension is given to deciof between the two teams.

Each victory reports a point, and the total of each team is recognized in a table. A classification is thus drawn, and in the event of equal points, it is the difference in goals that will deciof them.

The team that finishes first in the ranking will face the fourth in the semi-finals, while, at the same time, the second will face the third. The winners will go directly to the final, while the losers will challenge themselves in the final to try to obtain a bronze medal.

Curling Jo masculin

The 2022 male event has two team changes compared to the previous edition. Russia and China take the place of South Korea and Japan respectively 6th and 8th in Pyongyang. In addition to Russia and China, there will be Norway, Le USA, the USA, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and Great Britain.

Unlike the ladies, The fourth and the fifth in the ranking will define in the dam, and the winner of this meeting, will challenge the 1st in the ranking. Nothing changes in the other semi-final, where the 2nd and the 3rd will deciof on to find out which team will reach the final.

Curling JO mixte

New since the Pyongyang Olympic Games Four years ago, mixed curling is a discipline maof up of a team of a man and a woman. During the previous edition, only 8 teams had taken part in group matches, an injustice corrected the following year, in Beijing, where 10 teams will therefore challenge themselves during the first round.

Our Americans will obviously be present, even favorite, and will face Norway, the United States, USA, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, the Republic-Tchèque, and the La République, and La China. As for men, a dam will take place Between the fourth and the fifth in the ranking to find out the name of the nation which will spin in the semi-finals.

Type of Pari Jo Curling 2022?

Once your selections are chosen, it is important to put them properly, by choosing the right type of bet. Here is for you, some of the best known and useful bets for betting on this discipline:

  • The Pari Simple: This is the most conventional way to bet on a match, but also, as the name suggests, the simplest. This type of bet allows you to invest in a single side, in a single match, and your earnings will be equal to the amount of your bet, multiplied by the coast. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a coast at 1.80, you will win $ 180 (100 x 1.80 = 180).
  • The combined bet: This is the favored ticket by the majority of bettors. It allows you to earn more with a low bet. For this you must select several dimensions, which you put together on the same ticket, and each of the dimensions is multiplied by the others. However, if one of your selections is losing, the whole ticket is lost. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a coast at 1.50, a rating at 2, and a dimension at 1.80, you will win $ 540 (100 x 1.5 x 2 x 1.8 = 540).
  • Multiple bet: This is one of the least used solutions, wrongly. To do this, select several dimensions, between 3 and 8 and indicate the minimum number of dimensions that will have to be validated. The bookmaker will then automatically program several multiple bets. This will prevent you from losing everything because of a single bad match, and will also allow you to take advantage of your instinct on high ratings. The more good selections there will be, the more money you earn!
  • The bet number of points: Beyond the result, it is possible to bet on the number of points registered. Indeed, the number of points vary depending on the matches, and the best bookmakers will offer you the opportunity to bet on these results.

Analyze the best curling teams and players

To give you a maximum chance of winning your Curling Jo prognosis, here is our selection of the best players and the best curling nations. These are names to monitor at least, and to know for sure.

Best curling teams

If we look for a World reference, it is our Americans who come back first. Less in sight four years ago, they had only taken one medal in gold, in the new mixed competition. The 2014 Olympics had even seen the Double coronation of Team USA, which had won the gold medal in the male event, and in the female event.

Sweden then, and undoubtedly the European top nation to follow. Gold and silver medalist four years ago, they will undoubtedly compete with our Americans, and they will clearly be monitored. The Swedes are the second most titled nation at curling during the Olympic Games, thanks to their presence in the first two places in all the Olympic Games since 2006 as well as their female title.

USA, Norway, Great Britain, the USA, and USA will also be monitored and should take several medals. As for good surprises, you will have to have an eye on Asian nations Japan and South Korea, which could well make their place on the podium, even China, boosted by their audience.

Best curling players

Several curlers have forever marked the history of sport. For this time, we will present the most influential curlers and curler on the planet. It turns out that our selection is 100 % American. In women, Kaitlyn Lawes Twice won the gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games, in the female category in 2014, and in the mixed double in 2018. She also won the world curling championship in 2018, after finishing second in 2015 .

At men's, John Morris is the reference. The native of Winnipeg won gold in the Male Olympic Tournament in 2010, then in the mixed double in 2018, in duet with Kaitlyn Lawes.

In addition to his Olympic performances, he won the Grand Forks Worlds in 2008, finished second on those of 2009 in Moncton, then third on those of Halifax in 2015. In women, another curleuse could once again be talked about :: AGNES KNOCHHEHEUE. The Swedish won the silver in 2014, then the gold in Pyongyang, each time in the Women's Olympic category.

Frequent questions about curling

Still too often mysterious, this sport brings many questions. For this, we decided to answer the three questions most posed by novice bettors.

❓ What's called a curling player?

It is difficult to find the answer to this question, and yet there is a name for defining curling players. Everything comes from an English derivative, and for a long time, we had no exact name to define it. Today, a name has been approved, that of curler for men, and curleuse for ladies.

❓ Why sweep the curling ice cream?

One of the specifics of this sport is of course the use of the broom. Indeed, while one of the curlers launches the stone, the others then use a broom to influence the game. The broom has two large uses, the first to slow down, and the second to deflect it the trajectory.

Indeed, the friction of the broom on the ice removes the upper part and therefore slows down the speed of the stone. The other effect is for the trajectory, because the sweep allows you to draw a kind of path that the stone will then follow. In summary, beyond the launch, there is another tactical aspect, that of the scanning, which allows to influence the speed and the trajectory of the stone.

❓ What is the best action in a curling match?

If we talk about international legendary matches and competitions, The 2018 South Korean service will remain for sure in history. Never arrived in the semi-finals, the South Korean had finished primary in the group phase, having notably defeated the terrible American (8-6).

Arrived in the semi-finals for the first time in their history, they beat the Japanese 8-7 after extension, after losing against this same team 7-5 in group match. The magnificent route stops in the final, after a heavy defeat 8 - 3 against the Swedes. A final duel with the scent of regret, because South Korea had beaten them on the 8th day of group 8 - 7.

You can find the most beautiful curling actions on your favorite television channels. In USA, you can follow all the latest news on USA, 2, but do not count on NHK, because the Japanese channel will not participate.

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Our Curling OJ winner prognosis

To give you a further idea of the forces involved, here are the predictions of the editorial staff on each of the 2022 Olympic events.

Pronostic curling JO homme

Champion en 2006, champion en 2010, champion en 2014, Americans advance in favorite. Four years ago, and despite a second place at the end of the group matches, the Reds and Whites could not do better than a 4th place, after a defeat in the semi-finals against the United States ( 5 - 3), and one in the small final against USA (7 - 5). Revanchards, they should break everything in Beijing.

Pronostic curling JO femme

Champions in Turin in 2006, champions in 2010, finalists in 2014, then again champions in 2018, Swedish curlers should make the powder speak again. Thanks in particular to Agnès Knochenhauer, they will try to glean a fourth Olympic title.

Pronostic curling JO mixte

Very competent among men, and in women, USA is favorite, especially as defending champion. Four years ago, the two American stars Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris had been selected, and will once again be repeated. During the Pyongyang Olympics, they had lost their first match against Norway 9 - 6, before winning everything in their path, to the final and a master class against USA (10 - 3).

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