Ice -hockey Jo Hockey Prognosis: bet on ice hockey in USA!

For those who do not know this discipline very well, the Ice Hockey, is practiced, as its name suggests, on the ice. To try to stop the rubber disc called palette, there is a very equipped goalkeeper in each team.

To advance the puck on the ice, it must be dragged using a butt. The game is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes, and the players take turns regularly.

She opposes Two teams of 5 players, and each of them aims to have the Palet's goal cross more than their opponent. The one who scored more goals than her opponent wins the game. Real pillar of the competitiveness, he can undoubtedly help you for your Bet on hockey with $ 300

Ice hockey has been there since the start of winter Olympics, those of Antwerp in 1920. Even today, it still has a preponderant place, in this competition, and the nation which wins the gold medal has a real recognition. USA is largely leading the convinced men and women's debates, and They won 22 medals out of 30 editions, including 13 in gold. The latter are the Russians with 9 in gold and 13 in all, then the United States, the eternal finalists (15 times finalists, they only won the title 4 times).

This sport is perfect for making forecasts, because It has very few surprises. Only last year has an exception. Indeed, our Americans lost in the semi-final against surprising Germans, and it was ultimately the Russians who had imposed themselves in the final after extension (4-3), their first gold medal since 1992, and the last Medal in short since 2002.

The Germans had never been to the final, and had to be satisfied with a bronze medal, twice, in 1932 in Lake Placid, and in 1976 in Innsbruck.

To paint you a little better the current trends, here is the summary of the last 5 editions of the Olympic Hockey Olympic Men's Winter Ice:

Lieu Year Winner Finalists 3ème 4th
Pyongyang 2018 Russia Germany USA Czech Republic
Cruof T ground 2014 USA Sweden Finland UNITED STATES
Vancouver 2010 USA UNITED STATES Finland Slovakia
Turin 2006 Sweden Finland Czech Republic Russia
Salt Lake City 2002 USA UNITED STATES Russia Belarus

In women, hockey was introduced in 1998, and after six editions, these are often the same nations as we find on the podium, USA (4 in gold and 2 in silver), the United States (2 in gold, 3 in silver and 1 in bronze) , Sweden (1 in silver and a bronze), Finland (3 in bronze), and USA, which succeeded, won a bronze medal, after defeating Sweden in the small final.

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The 2022 Hockey Olympic Games

Before reaching the Olympic Games, some teams had to go through a Preliminary qualifying phase, this is the case among men, Slovakia (who qualified for the costs of Belarus, Austria and Poland).

This is also the case with the team Latvia (which has qualified at the expense of USA, Hungary and Italy), as well as Denmark (which qualified against Norway, Slovenia and South Korea).

The Chinese qualified themselves as an organizing country. USA, the Russian Olympic Committee, Sweden, Finland, La République-Tchèque, Germany, the United States, and USA have qualified directly thanks to their world ranking (classification from the last results of the countries).

On the female hockey side, the Chinese have qualified in the same way as men, while USA, the United States, the Russian Olympic Committee, Finland, USA, and Japan will all go to Beijing thanks to their ranking.

Three teams were able to get rid of the dams to reach China, this is the case of the Republic-Tchicked (tomb of Hungary, Norway, and Poland), Denmark (tomb of Austria, Germany, and Italy), and Sweden (Tombuse of USA from Slovakia, and South Korea).

Twelve male teams and ten female teams will therefore be present in Beijing. They will be distributed in three and two groups respectively. During the group phases, each team faces each of the other nations in their group, and the best are then qualified for the second round.

During this phase, the teams that lose an ice hockey match are directly eliminated. The team won the final wins the gold medal, the one who loses in the final takes that in money, and the nation that loses in the semi-finals but wins the small final wins the bronze medal.

Here are the different female and male groups:

Hockey group Jo Female

  • Group A: USA's national women's team / Finland / Roc (Russia) / USA / USA
  • Group B: China / Denmark / Japan / Republic-tcho / Sweden

Hockey group Jo Masculine

  • Group A: Germany / USA Ice Hockey / China / USA team
  • Group B: Denmark / The Rocheque Republic / ROC (the Russian Olympic Committee, which replaces Russia, suspended for mass doping) / USA /
  • Group C: Finland / Latvia / Slovenia / Sweden

The course of the 2022 hockey events Olympic games

So that you can best follow all these events, here is the summary of all ice hockey matches that will take place in Beijing:

Male calendar, with the meetings of Team USA in bold:

Match stake Date Hour First team Second team
Group A match Feb. 3:10 p.m. Canada Germany
3:10 p.m. USA Chine
Feb 12 6h10. Canada USA
10h40 Chine Germany
Feb 13 3:10 p.m. Canada Chine
3:10 p.m. USA Germany
Group B match Feb 9 10h40 Russia Suisse
3:10 p.m. Czech Republic Denmark
Feb 11 6h10. Russia Denmark
10h40 Czech Republic Suisse
Feb 12 3:10 p.m. Russia Czech Republic
3:10 p.m. Denmark Suisse
Group C match Feb. 10h40 Sweden Latvia
6h10. Finland Slovakia
Feb 11 10h40 Sweden Slovakia
10h40 Finland Latvia
Feb 13 6h10. Slovakia Latvia
10h40 Sweden Finland
Qualification Feb. 5h10 ? ?
7 e 00 ? ?
9h40 ? ?
14h10 ? ?
Quarterfinal Feb 16 5h10 ? ?
7 e 00 ? ?
9h40 ? ?
14h10 ? ?
Semi final Feb 18 5h10 ? ?
14h10 ? ?
Match for 3rd place Feb 19 14h10 ? ?
Finale Feb. 5h10 ? ?

In summary, for their first game, the USA team will challenge Germany for their first game, then the USA, before ending up with the Chinese locals.

Hockey calendar on female ice cream, with the meetings of Team USA in fat:

Match stake Date Hour First team Second team
Group A match 3 Feb 5h10 Canada Suisse
14h10 Finland UNITED STATES
Feb 4 5h10 Russia Suisse
Feb. 5 5h10 Canada Finland
14h10 UNITED STATES Russia
Feb 6 14h10 UNITED STATES Suisse
Feb. 14h10 Finland Suisse
5h10 Canada Russia
Feb. 5h10 UNITED STATES Canada
14h10 Russia Finland
Group B match 3 Feb 5h10 Chine Czech Republic
9h40 Japan Sweden
Feb 4 5h10 Denmark Chine
Feb. 5 9h40 Denmark Japan
9h40 Czech Republic Sweden
Feb 6 9h40 Chine Japan
Feb. 9h40 Czech Republic Denmark
14h10 Sweden Chine
Feb. 9h40 Japan Czech Republic
14h10 Sweden Denmark
Quarterfinal Feb. 5h10 ? ?
Feb 11 9h40 ? ?
5h10 ? ?
Feb 12 9h40 ? ?
Semi final Feb 13 5h10 ? ?
Feb. 14 9h40 ? ?
Match for 3rd place Feb 16 12h30 ? ?
Finale Feb 16 5h10 ? ?

Analyze the best teams and ice hockey players

To best help you make your ice hockey forecasts, here is a summary of the best teams, and the best players.

Best ice hockey players

The Corona Virus has brought bad news for all ice hockey fans. Indeed, because of the pandemic, the NHL season has been late, matches are to be caught, and The League has therefore decided to ban its players from going to Beijing To compete in the Olympic Games.

This decision definitively rebates all the cards, and the choice of the selected players is still vague. The national teams should be composed largely of players playing in the lower divisions in North America, or in Europe.

The North American League had maof this decision four years ago, which had already changed many things at the time, with the title obtained by the Russian Olympic Committee, a fall in the German final.

Thus, the Senators of Ottawa, the Oilers of Edmonton, the Maple Leafs of Toronto, the Americans of Montreal, the penguins of Pittsburgh, the Boston Bruins, the Lightning of Tampa Bay, or all the other contenders under the Stanley Cup will not be released by their club, which risk of greatly affecting USA's services.

In women, we do not yet know if the best players in female hockey on the planet will go to Beijing, because theIIHF (The International Federation of Referent Ice Hockey) has not communicated on this subject.

Without being sure, here is a short presentation of some names to know. In the United States, attacker Amanda Kessel has already participated in two Olympic Games for a gold medal (2018 in Pyongchang), and a silver medal (2014 in Sochi).

In our American women, Halli Krzyzaniak and Emerance Maschmeyer have repeatedly proven their skills. The Finnish Meeri Raisanen and Susanna Tapani, as well as the German Viona Harrer and Tanja Eisenschmid could be talked about in China.

Best ice hockey teams

As announced just before, the non-liberation of male players by the NHL could completely change the physiognomy of the competition. USA, and the USA, usually favorites, could disappoint ...

Those are European nations that could benefit. In particular Germany and the Russian Olympic Committee, the latest finalists. Sweden, Finland, La République-Tchèque, or even USA, could also surprise.

In women, the choice is much easier. American women are archi-favorites, and if they are finally led to lose, it should be the Americans champions. Finland and Sweden should compete for the last place in the podium, but could, for the second time only in history, break North American hegemony, and rise to the Olympic Games.

Our Joint Ice Hockey Winning Hockey Prognosis

In case you lack inspiration and you need advice, here is the selection of our team for the ice hockey prognosis on the 2022 winter Olympics:

Ice hockey prognosis Jo Homme

With the absence of the largest ice hockey stars, the competition looks even tighter than usual. Americans and Americans, usually favorite are Outsiders today.

The favorites are the Russians, but our team of experts sees another European nation shine: Germany. Finalist four years ago, they have since progressed, and it was revenge that they are advancing in Beijing.

Chez Betway, they are sides at 25, an offer not to be allowed to pass for all lovers of sports betting, even if the statistics do not play in their favor.

Ice hockey prognosis Jo Women

Among women, the competition promises to be less tight and raised, and that should once again rust in favor of a North American nation. USA is listed at 1.90, while its neighbor is 1.95, and our experts, advises you to Build on American women, always present in major competitions, enough to win your sports bet, even the jackpot.

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