Prognosis Jo Snowboard: bet on the Snowboard Jo 2022!

Snowboard is a Sliding Winter Sport which takes its name from the anglicisms "board" board, and snow "snow. It is the meeting of two ancestral practices, skiing and surfing, which he is inspired by.

There is no precise date of appearance of this practice, but the first traces of plates to be slid appeared in the 1920s. At the time, the practice consisted of sliding on the snow standing on a wooden board.

Jake Burton was recognized as the official inventor of " snowboard ". During the 1970s, various pioneers gave an impetus to this sport which gained popularity and invaded traditional ski slopes.

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In this article, we give you our advice for bet on the winter Olympics And more specifically concerning your Snowboard Olympic Games Snowboard.

Here is some main information about this sport:

🏂🏻 Sport Snowboard
📅 Creation 1920s
🌍 More titled UNITED STATES
🥇 more medalist athletes
  • Men: Mark McMorris (CA)
  • Femmes : Kelly Clark (USA)
🏆 More titled Athetes
  • Philipp Schoch (Sui)
  • Seth Wescott (USA)
  • Shaun White (USA)
  • Vic Wild (RUS)
  • Pierre Vaultier (FR)

The history of snowboarding during the Olympic Games

The First championships At the national level of snowboarding took place in the USA in 1982, then the first world level championships followed a year later.

The International Snowboard Federation (ISF) was created seven years later, before the snowboarding established itself as a discipline as such as early as 1994.

It is thanks to these major developments that the discipline joined the Olympic Games.

Indeed, the snowboard is represented for the first time at the Nagaro Olympic Games (Japan), in 1998 with two tests that have become flagships: The giant slalom and the pipe pipe. Many changes were then made:

  • In 2002 in Salt Lake City: the giant parallel slalom replaced the giant slalom test
  • In 2006 in Turin: the boardercross test appeared
  • In 2014 in Sochi: the slopestyle and the parallel slalom are their entry
  • In 2022 in Beijing: a new mixed team cross test was introduced

This sport quickly surprisingly experienced a strong popularity. Despite its only six appearances at the games, the snowboard has now become one of the flagship sports in the competition. Between 1998 and 2018, around 1,106 athletes from more than thirty nations Various took part in the snowboard events at the Olympic Games.

The United States is the most medalist country at the Winter Olympics with 31 medals, placed in front of its main competitors, USA, and its 13 medals.

For this 2022 edition, 6 disciplines are on the program, divided into 11 events that will take place at the Parc of Genting, located in the pole of Zhangjiakou. Other competitions such as acrobatic skiing, cross -country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping or biathlon will also be disputed.

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Snowboarding at the Olympic Games in USA

As with its American neighbors, The snowboard is popular in USA. The popularity of this sport continues to grow, sometimes even to the detriment of skiing (which leads to tensions between feelings of sensations).

Americans are pioneers in the world of snowboarding since this is where the very first shop exclusively dedicated to the practice of this sport was opened.

Several major events have marked the progress of this sport:

  • The Westbeach Classic à Whistler, one of the biggest events in USA organized until 1998 before giving way to the TWSSF (Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival).
  • Creation of the International Snowboard Federation (ISF) in Vancouver.
  • Vancouver games in USA. Quebecer Jasey-Jay Anderson wins gold in giant slalom while 5.3 million Americans support him in front of the television.

This sport was put under the spotlight thanks to athletes like

  • Mark McMorris Who participated in his first World Cup in 2009 and has chained the podiums since.
  • Maxence Parrot is a American snowboarder specializing in slopestyle and big air. He was rewarded many times at the Winter X Games, 13 podiums in the World Cup, 1 silver medal at the world championships, and 1 silver medal at the 2018 Olympic Games.
  • Sébastien TOUTANT A won the Shakedown for the third time in his career in 2011. He also has his record 6 podiums at the World Cup. At the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, he won the Big Air gold medal in snow.
  • Female side, Océane Fillion has taken an important place in the landscape. Member of the 2014-2015 Freestyle Quebec team, the number of its titles won increases from year to year and leads it to live incredible experiences.

Today, the country rose to 4th place in the most medalist nations ranking. During these Beijing Olympic Games, 19 Spechers will represent the USA team.

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How is the snowboard test at the Olympic Games?

As we approached earlier in this article, there are 11 events during these 2022 Winter Olympic Games. They are dispersed as follows: 5 women's events, 5 men and a mixed test.

Athletes use similar plates. For some events, speed is the only determining factor, while others are fully judged. One thing in common: all require a lot of technical skills.

Snowboard freestyle

Several events make up this style of performance:

  • The half-moon: the athlete starts at the heart of a half-shaped track. The goal is to perform jumps in the air, and figures, while swinging on both sides of this half moon. Here, style, variety, risk -taking, are judged, but also the height of execution or landing are taken into account. Each athlete makes two qualifying descents and three passages in the final, only the most successful descent is taken into account for the classification.
  • The slopestyle: the snowboarder goes down a composed track obstacles like walls, jumps, ramps or boxes. The sequence and style of figures, the level of difficulty and the use of the modules of the route are considered here. The athletes make two descents into qualifying and three descents in the final, but only the best descent is taken into account for the results.
  • The Big Air: the participant Uneas a long track before launching and carrying out figures in the air. The level of difficulty, the style and the quality of execution are noted here. The first of the qualification access the last stage. During the latter, each athlete completes three jumps and the two best notes are combined to determine the final result.

Snowboard alpin

The parallel giant slalom offers the possibility to Two planchists to compete on two parallel routes. The times of the two races are totalized and the 16 fastest athletes pass in the eliminatory turn where the winner of each race continues the competition.

During the knockout stages, two snowboarders carry out their descent simultaneously on the parallel routes and the first at the bottom goes to the next round. The two fastest clashes in the final. Here, only the speed counts.


Athletes Uneas a slope maof up of jumps, bumps or mounds. Two races against the clock take place with a single athlete on the track. Times will determine the finalists.

In the final phase, the athletes descend in groups of four. The two best are qualified and pass in the next round, until there are only two left for the grand finale. The Cross Women and Men snowboarding take place in a similar way.

A novelty is entering this year, with the Mixed team snowboard by teams. Each team is maof up of a man and a woman who will take turns descending the track.

Beijing 2022 snowboard tournaments for women

Here is the women's program during this competition:

Snowboard cross
  • from 11 a.m. A11h45 - Manche 1
  • from 11:55 am to 12:25 pm - Manche 2
  • 14 and 30, 15 and 04 -reply MES's FINALE
  • from 3:07 p.m. to 3:25 p.m. - quarter -finals
  • from 3:28 p.m. to 3:38 p.m.
  • 3:25 p.m. - Small final
  • After a small final - grand finale
🗓️ Date🕛 Time and tests
Saturday 5 FebruarySnowboard slopestyle
  • from 10:45 am to 11:45 am - Qualification, Manche 1
  • From 11:47 am to 12:47 pm - Qualification, Manche 2
Sunday 6 February Snowboard slopestyle
  • From 9:30 am to 9:55 am - Manche 1
  • of 9h57 a 10h22 - manche 2
  • of 10h24 a 10h49 - manche 3
Tuesday 8 February Slalom bag parallele
  • from 10:40 am to 11:05 am - Qualification round
  • from 11:34 am A11h59 - Eliminatory handle
  • 14th and 30 ah 14 and 48 -reply MES FINALE
  • from 3:06 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. - quarter -finals
  • from 3:24 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. - semi -finals
  • 3:36 p.m. - Small final
  • After a small final - grand finale
Wednesday February 9Halfpipe
  • of 9h30 a 10h19 - qualification, manche 1
  • from 10:21 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. - Qualification, Manche 2
Thursday 10 FebruarySnowboard halfpipe, finale
  • From 9:30 am to 9:55 am - Manche 1
  • of 9h57 a 10h22 - manche 2
  • of 10h24 a 10h49 - manche 3
Monday February 14 Snowboard big air
  • of 9h30 a 10h14 - qualification, manche 1
  • of 10h15 a 10h59 - qualification, manche 2
  • From 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. - qualification, round 3
Tuesday February 15 Snowboard big air finale
  • From 9:30 am to 9:50 am - Manche 1
  • of 9h52 a 10h12 - manche 2
  • from 10:15 am to 10:35 am - Manche 3

Beijing 2022 snowboard tournaments for men

On the men's side, here is the program:

🗓️ Date🕛 Time and tests
Sunday 6 February Snowboard slopestyle
  • From 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. - qualification, round 1
  • of 13h32 a 14h32 - qualification, manche 2
Monday February 7 Snowboard slopestyle finale
  • of 12h a 12h25 - manche 1
  • of 12h27 a 12h52 - manche 2
  • of 12h54 a 13h19 - manche 3
Tuesday 8 February Parallel giant slalom
  • 11:07 am at 11:32 am - Qualification round
  • from 12:01 to 12:26 p.m. - Eliminatory handle
  • 14 and 48, 15 and 06 -reply MES's FINALE
  • from 3:15 p.m. to 3:24 p.m. - quarter -finals
  • from 3.30 p.m. to 3:36 p.m. - semi -finals
  • 3:43 p.m. - Small final
  • After a small final - grand finale
Wednesday February 9
  • of 12h30 a 13h19 - Snowboard halfpipe - qualification, manche 1
  • de13h21 a 14h10 - Snowboard halfpipe - qualification, manche 2
Thursday 10 February Snowboard cross
  • from 11:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Manche 1
  • of 12h10 a 12h40 - manche 2
  • from 2 p.m. to 2:34 p.m.
  • from 2:37 p.m. to 2:55 p.m. - quarter -finals
  • from 2:58 p.m. to 3:08 p.m. - semi -finals
  • 3:15 p.m. - Final Pite
  • After a small final - grand finale
Friday February 11 Snowboard halfpipe
  • From 9:30 am to 9:55 am - Manche 1
  • of 9h57 a 10h22 - manche 2
  • of 10h24 a 10h49 - manche 3
Monday February 14 Big air
  • the 13h30 and 14h14 - Manches 1
  • from 2:15 p.m. to 2:59 p.m. - Manche 2
  • of 15h a 15h45 - manche 3
Tuesday February 15 Big air finale
  • of 13h a 13h20 - manche 1
  • of 13h22 a 13h42 - manche 2
  • of 13h45 a 14h05 - manche 3

Change subject program

On the siof of the mixed teams, all the events will take place on February 12 with the Snowboard Cross competitions.

Snowboarders emblematic snowboarding

As in all sports, there are its lot of great emblematic figures. This sport with many disciplines, it is difficult to select a single name, each of them has its specialists. We can still quote:

  • Terje Haakonsen, Appele Le Michael Jordan du Snowboard. He arrives on the stage in the 90s and quickly won major competitions and distinguished himself in many videos. But he marks history by boycotting the first Olympic Games in the competition in 1998 following dissatisfaction with the competition system. He then created his own competitions like the Artic Challenge and the TTR (Ticket to Ride). He is undoubtedly the most influential rider of this sport.
  • Craig Kelly is a great star from the 80s game snowboard. He embodies the American dream snowboard version by being shif in pipe competitions before moving towards freeride. He is also the muse of Jake Burton's brand and has released pro models in his name, like the legendary Kelly Air. Unfortunately, he died in 2006 in an avalanche. A memorial was dedicated to him.
  • Shaun White (USA) is the most decorated athlete in the competition, With three gold medals. He unleashes passions and alone represents the image of this sport. It must be said that he is very present in the media (TV appearances, role in the cinema, video games in his name ...). He is a legend of sport!

Beijing 2022 Snowboard winner prognosis

To give you the information necessary for your Snowboard Jo's prognosis, here are the favorites of different competitions:

Pronostic Snowboard Yes 2022 Hmbe

The favorites of this 2022 men's snowboard competition 2022 are:

  • Japanese Plain, who snatched the money from the Halfpipe in Pyeongchang 2018 and Sochi 2014
  • Scotty James, the Australian triple world champion was bronze medalist in the Republic of Korea.
  • The American Sébastien TOUTANT, winner of the Big Air in Pyeongchang
  • The American Nevin Galmarini, who finished with the money during the giant slalom parallel of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and Olympic champion at the 2018 Olympic Games.

Pronostic Snowboard Yes 2022 Femme

Siof women, The American Chloé Kim Who has become the youngest woman to tear down gold from Olympic snowboard at 17 has since become champion of the Worlds, Olympic and X-Games in Halfpipe, which makes her The first athlete to have won these three major events, as well as the Youth Olympic Games.

Anna gases The Austrian specialist in the freestyle events was crowned Olympic champion at the Pyenongchang Olympic Games. The previous year, she won the Big Air gold medal at the world championships as well as 3 medals during the X winter games with a gold medal in a slopstyle.

The Czech Ester Ledecka also shone during these last Olympic Games since she won Two gold medals during the same edition of winter games, on two different types of equipment (skis and snowboard). This is the first athlete to have succeeded in this feat!

The American Jamie Anderson Specialist in the pipe pipe and slopestyle was crowned Olympic champion by winning gold for the Slopestyle in 2014 and 2018 and the money for the Big Air in 2018) and won 3 victories in the X Games.

Pronostic snowboard JO 2022 mixte

The two Australian reigning world champions Jarryd Hughes and Beautiful Brockhoff, are among the favorites of this test.

But the Italians Lorenzo Sommariva et Michela Moioli are serious competitors since they won a silver medal at the last world championships and they won the only winter World Cup.

The chances for USA are concentrated on Quentin Sodogas and Chloe Trespeuch rose on the third step of the podium of the last world championship.

Here is important information before making your Snowboard Jo 2022 Snowboard prognosis.

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