Table tennis European Tennis Championship Prognosis!

Table tennis, more commonly called " ping-pong "Is not one of the most publicized sports. Yet it is a fairly popular activity, among young people in particular. We see a lot of people playing table tennis, whether in the playground, camping or at home for people with a ping-pong table.

But despite everything, this sport is slowly starting to democratize gradually. More and more sponsors are coming, which increases budgets and therefore its visibility. The bookmakers For example, begin to offer table tennis in their sports betting offer, which was not the case a short time ago.

If like many people, you are not a ping pong pro, I invite you to read this article in which we will explain everything to you, in the smallest detail, so that you succeed Prognosis On table tennis.

Discover the history of table tennis

Table tennis has a long history behind him and it is interesting to lean on it to better understand the way in which the ping-pong has evolved. So here are some Important dates, which allowed this sport to become popular in the collective spirit:

  • 📌 1901 : It would be the official year of the creation of the ping-pong as we know it;
  • 🏓 1926 : date on which the first world table tennis championships took place;
  • 🏆 1960 : It is the beginning of Chinese hegemony on table tennis, which still lasts today;
  • 🏅 1988 : Introduction of table tennis to the Olympic Games.

So you see that table tennis has a very old story, especially since before the ping-pong as we know it is created, other table tennis games existed, strongly resembling the ping-pong. In addition, even if it is not a very publicized sport, you can see that table tennis is present at Olympic Games Since 1988 all the same!

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Before placing your European table tennis championship prediction, it is important to choose the best bookmaker to predict on table tennis. This in order to get the best odds and to be sure that the competition in question is proposed. All the more for the Table tennis, which is not a very publicized sport. Suddenly, many books do not offer it in their Paris offer. The ratings can also vary considerably from one site to another, due to its low media coverage and therefore the little information that we have.

The bookmakers that we offer above are the most famous in Suisse And are perfect for betting on table tennis. Each of these sites offers this sport in its Paris offer and generally the odds are rather interesting.

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So go take a look at one of these bookmakers, you should find your happiness.

How is the 2022 Table Table Tennis Championship?

The European Table Tennis Championships will start on August 13 in Munich, in Germany and will end on August 21. They will take place in the famous Audi Dome. Seven trophies are awarded during this competition:

  • 🏅 Three titles for the winners of the simple, double and by gentlemen teams;
  • 🏅 Three titles For the winners of the simple, double and ladies' teams;
  • 🏅 A title For the winners of the mixed double.

Each category will start with a Group phase, that the players will try to pass to reach the final stages. In some categories, preliminary towers may take place to determine who will participate in the group stage.

Once this phase is completed, the direct elimination matches will start. Certain categories begin with 32ᵉ finals, others with 16ᵉ finals, or more simply with eighth finals. Here the winner of the match goes to the next round and so on, to the final.

We will now detail the course of each categories.

Simple man

  • 📍 Sunday, 14 to Tuesday, August 16 : Group phase
  • 📍 Tuesday, 16 to Friday 19 August : Preliminary towers
  • 📍 Friday August 19 : Eighth finals
  • 📍 Saturday August 20 : Quarters and semi-finals
  • 📍 Sunday August 21 Finale

Simple woman

  • 📍 Sunday, 14 to Tuesday, August 16 : Group phase
  • 📍 Tuesday, 16 to Thursday, August 18 : Preliminary towers
  • 📍 Friday August 19 : Eighth and quarter -finals
  • 📍 Saturday August 20 : Semi final
  • 📍 Sunday August 21 Finale

Double man

  • 📍 Saturday August 13 : Preliminary tower
  • 📍 Tuesday August 16 : 16ᵉ finals
  • 📍 Wednesday August 17 : Eighth and quarter -finals
  • 📍 Thursday August 18 : Semi-final and final

Double Femme

  • 📍 Saturday August 13 : Preliminary tower
  • 📍 Tuesday August 16 : 16ᵉ finals
  • 📍 Wednesday August 17 : Eighth and quarter -finals
  • 📍 Thursday August 18 : Semi-final and final

How to succeed these sports betting on the European table tennis championship?

As in any discipline, there are several Tips and Strategies To succeed in his sports betting on table tennis and in particular on the European championship. We will therefore list it below:

  • 💡 Make sure first of Know the rules. Indeed, if you are not a seasoned table tennis player, you surely know the rules you have learned at the campsite or in the courtyard. However, these are not the real rules! A game is not played for example in 21 points and there is no need to serve a long time. So make sure to know the rules to carry out your table tennis prognosis.
  • 💡 Follow the world ranking And observe the monthly progression of the Pingermen. This will give you an indication of the best players in the world and the most fit of the moment.
  • 💡 Know that The Chinese are very strong in table tennis and very largely dominates the rest of the world. It is therefore strongly not recommended to bet against a Chinese if he faces a pongist from another nationality.
  • 💡 Bookmakers are generally not ping-pong experts and surprises arrive quite regularly. So do not attach too much importance to the dimensions and interest yourself players' playing style. Bookmakers do it very little, while each player has weak points. Some may have a lot of trouble playing against defenders for example and if you know this, it will eventually be an opportunity to bet on a beautiful side. So statistical table tennis.
  • 💡 Focus on a particular type of bet. There are generally quite little choices in table tennis sports betting. But it is important to specialize on one in particular. You can obviously bet on the winner, but also on the total number of points, the winner of a particular set, or even place a handicap on one of the players.

Who are the best ping-pong players?

To give you an overview of the recent winners of European Championships, here is a table summarizing the last players to have won this competition. This should surely help you develop your forecasts.

🏅 Simple man winner 🏅 Simple woman winner
📌 2020 Timo Boll Petrissa Solja
📌 2018 Timo Boll l iQ Ian
📌 2016 Emmanuel Lebesson Melek hu
📌 2015 Dimitriy Ovtcharov Elizabeth Samara
📌 2013 Dimitriy Ovtcharov life n

Now let's move on to the last double winners:

🏆 double man winner 🏆 double woman winner
📌 2020 Lev Katsman / Maxim Grebnev In Petri Solja / Shan Xiaona
📌 2018 Daniel Habesohn / Robert Gardos Nina Mittelham / Kristin Lang
📌 2016 Patrick Franziska / Jonathan Groth Kristin Silbereisen / Sabine Winter
📌 2015 Ferrel / Xoao Modeiro Stephen MEL EK Hu / She NY Anfei
📌 2013 Wang Zen Gy I / Ru i again In Petri Solja / Sabine Winter

Simple woman/man

Who is the best table tennis player? This is a question that it is hard to answer, but find below the best European table tennis players according to the ITTF world ranking. Obviously there will be not the best players in the world, who are mostly Chinese, like Liu Shiwen.

world ranking Player Nationality
8 ᵉ ying han German
11ᵉ g an yang Monaco
12ᵉ Nina Mittelham German
15ᵉ Sofia Polcanova Austrian
17ᵉ 韩 Ouna s Korean German

Place now for the best European players:

world ranking Player Nationality
6ᵉ Truls Moregard Swedish
8 ᵉ Darko Jorgic Slovenian
9ᵉ Dimitriy Ovtcharov German
12ᵉ Patrick Franziska German
13ᵉ dang Q IU German

Men/Woman teams

Whether in men or women, the best European team is undoubtedly German selection. Over the last 11 editions of the European Championships, Germany has won 9! On the ladies' side, they have won 4 of the last 6 editions.

But other selections also stand out, such as the Romania, which was the winner of the 2019 and 2017 edition of the ladies. The Sweden is also one of the strong nations among men, but it has trouble dethroning Germany. We could also cite USA or Austria, among the strongest selections.

The best ping-pong players in USA

On the siof of Suisse, table tennis is not particularly a very developed sport. Unfortunately, we do not have very high level players. Among the best known, we find Lionel Weber, who is currently the best American player. We can also quote Elia Schmid who is one of the most famous American Pingers.

In women, Rachel Moret And Céline Reust are probably those that have the best level today.

Success your sports betting on table tennis thanks to our additional information

Here are some answers to the questions you could ask yourself. This could be useful to many of you in the development of your Sport bets.

Who is a former table tennis champion?

There are different ways to become a former table tennis champion. You can become national champion, European champion or world champion for example. the champion d’Europe In title is Timo Boll. He won the last two editions.

What channel can we look at the European table tennis championship?

In USA, the European Table Tennis Championships 2022 are broadcast on the RTS. The good news is that no subscription is necessary to view chain programs.

Why do you call table tennis and not a ping-pong?

Ping-pong would be the name of the equipment supplier producing the game in the United States, at the beginning of the 20th century. Today we use table tennis to designate the sports practice, while the term ping-pong is used to designate the leisure game.

How is the table tennis ranking?

Since 2019, the world ranking of table tennis players has been done from Performances carried out during international tournaments of the last twelve months and no longer on the performance in the face of the classification of opponents.

Our European Table Tennis Championship Prognosis

Among all the possible forecasts on the 2022 table tennis championship, we believe that the safest is to bet on Timo Boll. The German will finally participate well in this competition and will try to defend its title.

This ping-pong extraterrestrial has already won this tournament at 8 reprises And could therefore mark the history of this sport a little more. No other athlete seems able to stop the 41 -year -old German.

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