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Rolletto: the sports betting site that is a hit right now

Get up to $ 1,500 bonus on Rolletto!

Rolletto arrives as a serious competitor to all the biggest books in the country. You can access a catalog maof up of more than 30 sports, but also unique advantages!

Bookmaker review

Do you know the new American operator Rolletto? If not, you will discover a Bookmaker Full of ambitions. Our experts had a wonderful surprise learning to know this New sports betting site. As you will see through our article, there is no shortage of advantages! It's time to discover what's waiting for you on Rolletto.

Our opinion on the Bookmaker Rolletto

Above all, we will put you in suspense with our Avis Rolletto Sports. As you will see, our experts do not write a complete review on this new bookmaker for no reason!

the site www.rolletto.com seems, from the finish, a well -constructed platform. Clear designs and above all a very well -crafted structure. There is something to do on this bookmaker, a game Sports, Live, Esports, Dino, Live Casino, Casino, MiniGames, Virtual Sports et Promotions ! Suffice to say that whatever your profile, you should be able to find your happiness there.

The sports part is obviously the one that interests us most! We counted no less than 32 sports available on the catalog. Football, tennis, basketball, esports and many other disciplines, popular sports and others that have a lot of future. In addition to having thousands of sports events available each week, you can reach some of the best odds on the market!

But that's not all, we quickly noticed that the operator Rolletto offers a lot of promotions and presents itself as one of the most generous bookmakers on the American market. A Offer of 1,500 USA at registration, constant promotions and the possibility of being rewarded for your loyalty, you should have enough to boost your balance.

You will in this criticism discover all the details of the Rolletto bookmaker. As you will see easily, this is one of the future big ones in USA!

The point of view of users on Rolletto

We want to give you the advice of the players on Rolletto now. We find this very interesting since they all had An experience on this bookmaker And that can make you want to join him or not.

Here are the players' reviews:

  • "I was surprised by the quality of the dimensions on Rolletto. My sports betting profits have almost doubled since I registered. Before, I did not realize but I lost a lot of money because of bad choices. "" Kévin by email
  • "How to tell you that I am very satisfied with this site. I used to bet on pétanque during international tournaments and it is well available. Being from USA, I have been enjoying it since I can bet on my players favorite! " Olivier by email
  • "I am slightly disappointed not to be able to take advantage of a VIP program as I used to most sites. Fortunately Rolletto offers a lot of daily bonuses, otherwise, I would already have gone!" Alvin par Mail
  • "I wish to advise all bettors to register on this platform. I have never been disappointed. Customer service has already helped me a lot, especially when I had some understanding concerns at the start of my adventure." Pedro Par Mail

As you can see, players' experiences are all different. So you can do Your own opinion on Rolletto Sports By making a very first registration! What are you waiting for?

The Rolletto platform

Wondering if Rolletto Sports works like other bookmakers in USA? We will answer you in detail in this part. We will also take the opportunity to explain how to register, but also how to play on mobile.

How does Rolletto work?

The Rolletto site is a real specialist in sports betting. If you can Access Paris 24/7 In pre-match or live, it is notably thanks to the presence of a bookmaker team that works day and night to offer some of the best dimensions on the market.

They spend their working time analyzing the different meetings, risks, and offering ratings in decimal format (or even in American format if you are used to it.

Know that the operator decided to to lower its margin to its ratings to its ratings To be able to offer as interesting as possible.

When you know that some bookmakers take almost 20 % margin on certain bets, Rolletto is far from that, with sometimes less than 10 % margin. Suffice to say that you should be able to find interesting offers on a daily basis, on the matches or the meetings that interest you.

How to register on Rolletto?

When reading our article on the Bookmaker Rolletto, you will necessarily have a crazy desire to start And start your forecasts on the platform. To do this, you will obviously have to go through the opening of your account. We will explain everything to you step by step to make your task easier.

Register on Rolletto:

  • ✔️ Go on Rolletto ;
  • ✔️ Click on the "sign up" button;
  • ✔️ Fill in the short registration form with your personal information;
  • ✔️ Confirm your email address;
  • ✔️ Make a first deposit and touch your bonus.

According to our tests, All you have to do is just a few minutes To be able to start on Rolletto Sport. The operator wanted to make things simple with this very fast registration procedure. Whatever your IT skills, you will have to have no problem opening your new player account on this sportsbook.

Play on Rolletto with mobile application?

The Bookmaker Rolletto has decided not to put a mobile application in place for the moment. This is indeed another solution, just as effective, which was chosen by the developers of the platform. They set up a site 100 % compatible Flash mobile And HTML5, allowing you to connect to your account from any mobile device, with the simple use of a web browser.

Using your classic mobile browser as Mozilla, Chrome or Safari, you will only have to go to the Rolletto.com site. As you will see, the designs, the features and the entire platform will fully adapt to your small iOS or Android screen. If you want to place a sports bet during your trips, if you want to place a deposit or a withdrawal wherever you are, it will be possible! As you can see, the Rolletto mobile version is very successful.

The bonuses that Rolletto Sports offers you

This part is certainly the most anticipated of American players. Here we will present to you all of the Rolletto bonuses available. Starting with the famous welcome bonuses, including regular promotions and ending with the loyalty program. You will quickly see that the operator is extremely generous!

1. Rolletto SportsTouch 100% deposit bonuses up to $ 1,500 To bet

Welcome Bonus

Rolletto offers different offers depending on the universe you want to register. If you deciof to start on the bookmaker part of the site, you will have the chance to touch a welcome package allowing to Touch up to 1,500 bonus USA* ! A fairly colossal amount that allows you to start your sports betting in the best way.

Touch the Sport Bonus:

  • 1️⃣ Register SUR ROLLETTO SPORTS;
  • 2️⃣ Placer A first deposit and touch 150 % bonus up to 1,500 USA.

As you will see, everything is automatic to touch your first dollars of bonuses. No code is not required. Above all, you will have to register from the Sports Rolletto part! Indeed, the offers differ according to the universe on which you deciof to open an account.

Here are the conditions of the offer:

  • The minimum deposit required is 20 USAs;
  • You have to bet 15 times the amount of the bonus on bets combined with a minimum of 3 selections to unlock it;
  • Each selection of your bet must have a minimum rating of 1.30 to be eligible for unlocking;
  • Players have 30 days to unlock this offer before its expiration;
  • The maximum bet amount with the bonus is 1,000 USA.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to unlock this bonus and transform it into real money. That said, we saw some of our readers succeed in doing it! Whatever the amount you deposit at the start, you can boost your balance. If for example you deposit 100 USA, you can start betting with 250 USA, interesting isn't it?

Also, if you want to start on Rolletto Esports, this time you can receive a welcome bonus of 100 % of your first deposit up to 200 USAs. The conditions are lower since it is enough this time to bet 10 times the amount of your bonus to be able to withdraw it. Whatever the choice you will make, we are sure it will be the right one!

*The site can modify its offer at any time

Regular promotions

When you go to the "Promotions" part From Rolletto, you can find a lot of fairly interesting offers. It will be enough to click on "Sports" to filter those that should interest you. The operator strives to offer bonuses almost daily for his already registered players, enough to put your pockets in it, to bet even more.

Here are the available promotions:

  • 🚀 Delete Game : When your bet is underway, you will have the chance to be able to delete a selection at any time that you no longer feel. If for example you learn at the last moment the absence of a key player, it will be the ideal option;
  • 🎉 Cashout : This offer is available at any time on your current bets. The operator Rolletto can offer you an amount of buyback from your bet at any time, so that you can secure your earnings or limit your losses, before the end of the match;
  • 🎊 3+1 Freebet : This is a gift offered for registered players. If you place three sports betting, the third will be free! You can touch up to 100 Freebet USA thanks to this exceptional promotion.

For the moment, the Promotional offers available are these. However, we greatly advise you to consult the section with each connection, this will allow you not to miss any opportunity proposed by Rolletto! As you will see fairly quickly, the operator is quite generous on a daily basis.

Loyalty program

Unfortunately, no real information is given on the VIP Rolletto program. However, rest assured right away, if you are a regular bettor, that you deposit and bet frequently, you will necessarily point out by the VIP service of the operator. No point of loyalty in sight, or status to pass, but you could however be ed at any time by one of the agents.

Here are the VIP advantages:

  • Personalized assistance;
  • Birthday gifts;
  • Payment facilities;
  • Invitations to events;
  • Promotions exclusives VIP.

We advise you to consult your phone or even your mailbox regularly. It would be possible at any time to be ed to benefit from bookmaker favors. We still advise you not to count on this programme VIP And to play as usual: at worst, you will have a good surprise from Rolletto!

On which sports Rolletto offers you to place your bets?

We have identified a total of 32 sports available on the Rolletto platform. A fairly supplied catalog that will allow you to have access to all the disciplines you like the most. By going to the main page, you can navigate very easily through them and bet on the best!

Here are the Rolletto sports:

footballbasketball tennis baseball
Ice HockeyHandballFormula 1 volleyball
Futsal RugbyFootball Snooker
Table tennisBadmintonCycling Cricket
PétanqueDartsWater polo Boxing
Bandy golfFloorballAussie rules
MMAKabaddiStock Car Biathlon
ski alpinSpecialESports /

Thanks to them, it will simply be thousands of competitions and events that will be offered to you every week. Whether you are a big fan of football or dart, the biggest competitions await you thanks to this catalogue XXL. In addition, you will see many new features appear, such as Esport recently!

What are the types of possible Paris on Rolletto?

You are certainly wondering if you can Apply your strategies In the best way on this Rolletto sports betting operator? You can reassure yourself because the site has everything planned so that you can express yourself at best. Our experts have deciphered the types of bets offered, you will see that the site went straight to the point!

The types of bets:

  • 🥇 simple : which simply allows you to bet on a single selection and a single rating. This is the most secure bet, since if your prediction is correct, the bet will be a winner and you win the Multipliée by the coast;
  • 🥈 Combined : This type of bet offers the chance to touch very interesting dimensions. You can indeed combine several selections, the dimensions multiply between them to form a final rating. However, you will have to have all your correct matches to be able to win the gain;
  • 🥉 System : It is thanks to this bet that you can secure your combined bet. Indeed, the system bet makes it possible to generate several possible combinations of it, so that you can touch a gain even if one or more selections are losing.

Whether you are an experienced bettor or bettor, the Rolletto site should please you. You can indeed implement all your strategies, since the types of Paris offered are The most classic and effective in USA. So what are you going to try with your first bet?

What Rolletto payment methods use?

We have found it important to give you all the information on Rolletto's payment methods. Whether for deposits or withdrawals, it is essential to be able to have access to secure and reliable options, but also to simple and quick procedures. We have maof sure for you.

How to deposit on Rolletto?

When you have opened your first Rolletto USA player account, you will necessarily want to place your first deposit to touch the famous Bonus of 1,500 registration USAes. As you will see, the payment platform is accessible only a few seconds after opening your account. This is completely secure thanks to HTTPS certification and is not very difficult to handle.

The deposit procedure:

  • ✔️ Connect to your account Rolletto Sports ;
  • ✔️ Go to your bank, "deposit" section;
  • ✔️ Fill in the amount to be deposited;
  • ✔️ Select one of the proposed methods and follow the procedure;
  • ✔️ Confirm the payment!

In just a few moments, you should be able to touch your welcome bonus and start betting on rolleto. Know that the minimum deposit on this site is 20 frames, and that different methods are offered to pay your money.

Here are the means of deposit:

  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Bank cards ;
  • Electronic walks;
  • Banking solutions;
  • Prepaid tickets.

For example, we could cite Bitcoin, Tether, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or Interac and Klarna. In addition, it is clear that the operator wanted to make available to American players all of the most used methods in the country. You should therefore not have any concern to place a deposit at no cost and instantaneous with one of these means.

1. Rolletto SportsTouch 100% deposit bonuses up to $ 1,500 To bet

How to withdraw on Rolletto?

If you are wondering how you will be able to remove your earnings on rolletto.com, the answer is very simple. You must, as on all sports betting sites in USA, validate your player account above all. To do this, certain identity documents will be sent to customer service. You will have to take a photo or scan these documents then send them by email!

Here are the documents to send:

  • 📝 ID : driving license, passport, national identity card;
  • 📝 proof of address : invoice in your name and first name, dating from less than 3 months.

When this step was validated in less than 48 hours By the Rolletto verification service, you can then start withdraw your earnings, in just a few clicks. As you will see, it's even easier than putting money!

The withdrawal procedure:

  • Connect to your Rolletto Sports account;
  • Go to your bank, "withdrawal" section;
  • Inform the amount to be withdrawn;
  • Validate the proposed method;
  • Confirm the request!

Then you just have to wait wisely. Generally, the financial service takes 24 to 48 hours to check and validate your operation. Know that withdrawals are free of charge and are generally instantaneous. Most methods such as cryptocurrency, the bank card or even e-wallets are available to be able to recover your earnings.

What about the quality of Rolletto customer service?

Rolletto Sports obviously offers its players a assistance 24/7. The site has indeed set up an international support available to answer all the players' questions, but also to help them in certain steps. You will be able to them through different communication methods.

Contact the support:

  • 📧 By email : at [email protected];
  • 💬 par live chat : Available directly on the site on the red bubble at the bottom right.

As you will see, the agents respond in record time. You should have an answer to your questions and doubts in just a few minutes. Also, a FAQ (Frequently Questions) has been set up. Although it is not the most complete we have seen, you can find important answers in just a few clicks, do not hesitate to take a look before your registration.

The Rolletto Casino Partie

As you have already noticed, the operator is not only a high -quality bookmaker. Rolletto Casino is actually also available for all registered players. In one click, with the same balance, you can switch from one universe to another and discover the casino part. Many players deciof to register on this site to play on its online casino.

Here are the advantages of the Rolletto casino:

  • 🤪 Live casino games powered by the best publishers, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play;
  • 🤓 Thousands of titles available on the toy library, notably with Sweet Bonanza or Gonzo's Quest;
  • 😱 Exclusive promotions at the Rolletto Casino, allowing to touch free spins and many other bonuses!

If you want to discover this universe, we highly recommend that you take a look. In addition, the operator leaves the possibility to his players to Playing free 100 % of the available games. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack and many others are therefore accessible and can allow you to entertain yourself while your bets are underway.

Rolletto Sports: Frequent Questions

➡️ What are the conditions of the Rolletto bonus?

The Bonus Rolletto Sport offer allows Touch 150 % of your first deposit up to 1,500 CAd. Conditions ? It will be necessary to bet 15 times the amount of it on combined bets with three minimum selections of 1.30 coast. Players have a total of 30 days to unlock their real money bonus! See the details of the offer.

➡️ What different universes of Rolletto?

Rolletto does not only offer a Bookmaker and Sports part. You can with the same player account and the same balance play on the casino rolletto, of thousands of slot machines And table games await you. Mini-games are also offered like Dino, Dice, Hilo, or Plinko. For sports lovers, Virtuals Sports are also offered!

➡️ How to perform cashout on Rolletto Sports?

When you have placed a bet and the match is underway, you can see this one in your current tickets. To can Cash-out, it will simply be necessary to click on the amount proposed by the bookmaker and accept the offer. You will have a certain period before validation to be able to validate it, after it, the offer can go up or down. Make a bet on Rolletto.

➡️ What sports are available on Rolletto?

Our experts counted a total of 31 disciplines On the operator Rolletto Sports. It is possible to bet on the most popular sports such as for example football, tennis, basketball or formula 1. but also on disciplines less famous such as pétanque, darts and many others. You should find your happiness!

To bet

General info

  • American Players are accepted
  • Nom: Rolletto Sports
  • Internet address: www.rolletto.com
  • Online since: 2005
  • Jurisdiction: Curaçao online gaming authority
  • Languages: 4

Bonus info

  • Bonus maximum : 200CHF
  • Bonus first deposit : 1500$
  • Bonus Match: 150 %
  • Minimum deposit : 10$
  • Bonus counter : –

Payment options

Now take advantage of your 200chf bonus on Rolletto Sports!To bet