Soccer prognosis: our tips for betting on the round ball

Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer? It did not work ? So convert to a professional bettor and continue to experience the emotions of football to make a soccer prognosis on the best teams in North America!

Here is a little overview of the soccer competitions and our Sports prognosis That we will follow closely to make your job easier during your bets!

Our free soccer forecasts

World Cup prognosis 2022:

From Sunday November 20 to Sunday December 18, 2022 Benest sworer prognosis for 2022

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Pronostic Premier League :

Reported match - date to be confirmed Prognosis Manchester Liverpool: the shock at the top

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CONCACAF Champions League

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Pronostic Europa League :

She’s the little sister of the Champions League. Discover the history of this competition which brings together European clubs for exceptional matches. Formerly organized according to very complex formats, it is today a real institution in soccer in Europe! Analysis, calendar, latest prognosis ratings and advice, you can no longer fail to win the jackpot by betting on the Pronostic europa league!

La Major League Soccer

Saturday April 17, 2021, at 5 p.m. Prognosis Impact Montreal Toronto FC: First day MLS

This is not any league that it is, because the Major League Soccer is the main professional league of soccer throughout North America! This league brings together 26 teams from the United States and USA. In this section, you will be entitled to a complete description of the teams involved and the competition in general. In addition, we offer you our pronostic Major League To allow you to make the most of your sports betting on Quebec bookmakers!

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How to make a good soccer prognosis?

Carrying out an online bet is extremely simple and will only take you a few minutes. First, you have to make sure you play on a specialized bookmaker on football. By choosing these sports betting sites, you will be sure to benefit from a reliable and secure site, the best football odds but also a Incredible diversity of Paris. It is also a great opportunity to make a free soccer forecast thanks to the bonuses offered by bookmakers.

Make your registration in a few clicks, make your first deposit using the many payment solutions offered, and you are ready to make your debut in sports betting.

Select football from the site drop -down menu, and then choose the match that you are interested in. You then only have choose And click on "Validate" to officially place your first football prognosis.

Take an interest in the challenges of the match

An essential element of any sporting analysis is the challenges of the match. In the world of the soccer, most of the championships last Between 36 and 40 days. It is therefore normal (and even further at the end of the year) to face matches with low challenges. For your sports betting on football, we advise you to focus only on matches where the issue for one of the two teams is important. We are thinking in particular of a qualification for a European competition or when it is necessary to avoid relegation.

Pay attention to the form of players

The form of players and a team is also to be taken into consideration in your forecasts. Do not hesitate to consult the last 5 games of the team you want to bet as well as the scorer statistics and the team's defensive solidity. Conversely, it may be interesting to bet against a team that you judge in mixture.

Take into account the external parameters

Certain parameters like weather can influence the end result of a game. In case of cold or rain, the terrain will be impacted, not promoting the fluidity of play and therefore spectacular meetings. So avoid the goalscities, the Paris over goals or the bets with a big handicap.

Analyze the teams and their respective rankings

The team classification is a criterion of choice, especially in the middle or end of the championship. At this time of year, you can have an objective overview on the competitiveness of a team. You can also obtain detailed information on its style of play (offensive, defensive, strong at home, etc.).

Beware of dimensions on bookmakers

The cotes des bookmakers are to be looked at with caution. We advise you first to make your prognosis, then to go to a sports betting site to see if the rating is interesting. In any case, it is advisable to look out On each bookmaker the rating of your prognosis to optimize your earnings. You can also use a rating comparator to save time.

Look at the number of supporters and their fervor

In the soccer, the supporters occupy a very important place. They are often called "the twelfth man", as they allow them to accompany their heart team in difficult times. German, Greek or Turkish audiences are known to be the most boiling in Europe.

Check if the match is at home or outsiof

Statistics are formal: a team is statistically more likely to win a home game than outside. Obviously, this is felt on the odds, often lower for teams playing at home. Each season, some teams are practically intractable at home, with a positive assessment. So avoid betting on the outsiof team in this situation.

Wait for team compositions before validating your prognosis

Finally, we advise you to wait until the last moment to validate your prognosis. Team compositions play a major role on the fate of your prono. Absent player? Hurt ? Put to rest? It would be a shame to bet on a team that would be private at the last moment of their best player.

In summary, it is necessary to pay attention to:

1. Dating issues

2. The shape of the players

3. External parameters

4. The classification of teams

5. Les Cotes des Bookmakers

6. Supporters of each team

7. Home or exterior

8. Wait for validation of the workforce

The 5 biggest championships in Europe

The world of soccer is populated by many competitions and other championships, since almost every country has its national championship. We nevertheless advise you to focus on the top 5 championships in Europe, for limit the risk as much as possible And having to be interested in the best.

England: the Premier League

The Premier League is the English championship, maof up of 20 teams that compete each weekend to obtain the coveted title of champion. Among the major teams in this league, you can cite Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea or the title holder, Manchester City.

Spain: La Liga

The Liga is the Spanish championship, renowned for its technical players. Again, 20 teams compete for the supreme title. In recent years, this struggle has often been limited to a duel between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, even if teams like Atletico Madrid, FC Seville or FC Valence regularly play the role of referee.

Germany: the Bundesliga

Of the 5 European championships, the Bundesliga Perhaps is the most offensive and the most spectacular. The German championship is indeed considered by many specialists as turned towards the attack, with many spaces. A team has been inaccessible in recent years: Bayern Munich, which has managed to be worried only by Borussia Dortmund.

Italie: Serie A

The A league It may no longer be the major championship that he was in the 1990s, but he remains extremely competitive. With quality clubs like Juventus Turin, Inter Milan, Lazio Rome, AS Rome, AC Milan or Atalanta Bergamo, Tifosi and all football fans cannot abandon Italian football.

USA: Ligue 1

Finally, the overview of major European championships would be incomplete without the Ligue 1. Experts are unanimous on the quality of the American championship, with many players who then join the largest European clubs.

By having significant financial means, Paris Saint-Germain dominates Ligue 1 and clubs like Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique of Marseille or Staof Rennais.

The national cuts of the 5 major championships

The calendar of each season is also provided in national cuts, which offer the opportunity to more modest clubs to win a trophy. Indeed, the number of matches to access the final is much lower than in a championship. Generally, winning a national cup provides access to a European cup the following year, most often the Europa League.


The FA Cup is the dean of competitions with direct elimination in the world. Each year, it brings together 759 teams. In the event of a zero result, the match is replayed (except in the semi-finals and in the final). The most successful club is Arsenal, which raised the trophy 13 times.

The King's Cup

The Spanish Football Cup, also called King's cup (COPA DEL REY) puts 112 teams from Professional football and Spanish amateur. With 30 titles, FC Barcelona is the most successful club in the competition.

The German Cup

The DFB Cup, or German Cup is a competition with direct football elimination in Germany. Created in 1935, it crowns each year one of the 64 teams that participate. By succeeding in winning it 19 times, Bayern Munich comes at the top of the charts.

The Italian Cup: Tim Cup

The Italian Cup Football was born in 1922 but often changed formula, including a recent overhaul during the 2008-2009 season. Since the Tim Cup brings together 78 Italian professional clubs. The Lazio of Rome is the outgoing winner of the competition, while the Juventus of Turin is the team that has managed to win it the most times (13).

The Coupe of USA

The American Cup is a legendary competition in USA. Fans of American football most certainly remember the fantastic epics of amateur clubs like Calais in 2000, Carquefou in 2008 or Quevilly in 2012. Since its creation in 1917, Paris Saint-Germain is the club which most often won the Cup (12).



National cup


Premier League

FA Cup



King's cup





A league

Tim Cup


Ligue 1 Conforama

American Cup

The biggest European competitions

The mains of the continent's clubs compete in European prestigious competitions such as the Champions League or the Ligue Europa. These competitions are very interesting from a prediction point of view since you will be sure to bet on teams to 100% of their capacity And motivated to win the meeting.

The Champions or Champions League League

It is the major competition on a European scale, the one that any club dreams of winning: the Champions League. To qualify, you have to finish in the first places in your national championship, or even go through dam towers. Then, the qualified teams are distributed in chickens of 4, with the first two qualified clubs for the final stages. During the latter, clubs compete on Allergarten games Until reaching the final that takes place in a simple match.

The Europa or Europa League League

The Ligue Europa is disputed by teams between the 5th and 7th place of the major championships, or teams of minor championships. The operation is identical to the Champions League: dams, hens and final phases.

She is obviously less prestigious than her big sister but looking at the charts, from very large clubs have raised this trophy in the past.

Vibrate for a country with international competitions

In the gate of football competitions, international competitions are at the top. Here, there is no longer any question of club, but of nation! This type of event brings together millions of spectators who come support their country in spectacular matches.

The football World Cup

The Football World Cup is one of the most followed events in the world, all sport confused. It brings together countries from all continents during a competition that lasts more than a month. It is therefore an opportunity to indulge in a few forecasts on your heart team while admiring the performance of Best players on the planet.

The World Cup takes place every 4 years, further strengthening its prestige. You can already find our World Cup prognosis 2022 To predict the winner of the next edition. Who will succeed USA? We answer the question!

It also exists in the Women's football And is in the same way as for men a major event for football players and bettors around the world.

The European Football Championship

The European football championship, also called Euro, also takes place every 4 years, 2 years after the World Cup. As its name suggests, it brings together the best European nations. Even if major football nations such as Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay are therefore absent, triumphing during a European championship is not an easy task. Indeed, 24 teams of a fairly close overall level The coveted title competed. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the edition initially planned throughout Europe in 2020 was postponed in 2021.

The Soccer Your USA

Football in USA, also called Soccer, took a long time to develop. Practice suffers from sports competition for many years on American soil such as ice hockey, basketball or American football. With the presence of numerous expatriates living in USA, the soccer nevertheless occupies a place increasingly important in the country.

MLS, a competition that mixes spectacle and suspense

As proof, American teams are changing today in Major League Soccer (MLS), the major championship in North America. The Toronto FC, the Whitecaps of Vancouver and the impact of Montreal therefore bear all the hopes of the country in a championship which gains competitiveness each year. The latter takes up the operation of US sports: a Regular season with separate deductibles in conferences and divisions then a phase of play-offs Who crowns the champion.

The best free soccer prediction sites

You are lacking in inspiration and do not see which prognosis to make? Several sites on the web offer you Free Soccer forecasts. Betting in USA is one of these platforms 100% free And which regularly proviof forecasts, advice and tips to its readers. Football obviously occupies a preponderant place, with the presence of football experts who have been passionate about this sport for years.

Bookmakers specializing in soccer

At the moment, football is the Sport number one around the world and also on online bookmakers! Indeed, according to the latest statistics, football represents 70 % of the bets played on the internet. Well in front of ice hockey which ranks very far with 2 % of the bets.

In itself, by betting on the soccer, you will be able to benefit from a Number of incredible sports meetings ! Bookmakers offer hundreds of Paris every day, for thousands of games that take place around the world: beyond the sporting events taking place in USA, you can obviously bet on the biggest European championships.

What's more, betting on football allows you to enjoy All the ranges of Paris available. From scorers, to the advantages of goals, including the half-time score or even live bets, your chances of winning are increased tenfold! Besides, Some bookmakers offer you bonuses Especially for your prognosis football. What to change the game isn't it?

Are the books of books reliable?

Bookmakers are determined by traders whose profession is to determine the probabilities of the various results. The ratings therefore represent the theoretical chances May a bet be a winner. The lower the rating, the more the trader believes that the team or the player is likely to win. However, it happens that traders are making mistakes. In this case, we are talking about value bet. The whole challenge of sports betting therefore consists in identifying ratings which would have been additional by the traders while avoiding those which have been under-cut.

Make a prognosis based on dimensions: good or bad idea?

Based on the dimensions to make a sporting forecast is a mistake that many beginners in Betting make. To establish a prono, we rather advise you to establish a confidence index As a percentage (example: 80%) and to look at if the rating is interesting according to this index.

The trap of big dimensions and the bait of the gain

There too, many amateurs in bets want to win the jackpot too quickly and bet for that systematically on big dimensions. We do not recommend this practice and encourage you to opt for single or only a few games. In this way, you will certainly earn less money suddenly but will start building a bankroll in regularly winning your bets.

The different types of bets for your Soccer forecasts

If sports betting on soccer are very popular in USA, it is also because bookmakers offer you incredible possibilities to win. For a single match, you will have hundreds of different ways of winning a football prognosis. Here are the most played bets online.

Simple and combined betting prognosis

You will bet on one of the three possible from a football match. At a Simple seem, you bet on one and the same meeting. Your gain therefore corresponds to your multiplied bet.

  • Example : On Betway, Barcelona's victory is listed at 2.10 against Real Madrid. Make $ 100 and win $ 210 if FC Barcelona wins the match.

pour combined, you will be able to bet on several meetings on the same coupon. Thus, the ratings are multiplying together to offer you pretty gains!

  • Example : on 888 sport, Barcelona's victory is listed at 2.10 against Real Madrid, Manchester City's victory against Liverpool is listed at 1.80 and the draw between Tottenham and Arsenal is listed at 3.50. The total rating of the combined bet is therefore 2.10x1.80x3.50 = 13.23. If you bet $ 100 and the 3 results are good, you earn $ 1323!

Grief Breeder Prognosis

As its name indicates, you will have to select a player from a list given by the bookmaker and hope that he scores a goal during the meeting. This type of bet is very popular on Betway. The scorer's offer on this bookmakers is very competitive. You can particularly bet on a scorer during the match but also on the first or the last scorer, or the player who registers a double or even a hat -trick.

  • Example : On Betway, bet on a goal from Lionel Messi, siof at 2.20. No matter the result of the match, it is enough that Messi scores a goal for you to win your bet. Mise for example $ 100 to win 220.

Half-time / end-of-match betting prognosis

This type of prognosis is actually a 2-in-1 bet since you have to determine what will be the result of the match at halftime, but also at the end of the match. Logically, the parts of the half-time / end of the match bet are relatively attractive.

  • Example : You can bet $ 100 on a Real Madrid half-time victory but think that FC Barcelona will win the game. The rating of the bet Real Madrid half-time / Barcelona end of the match is 9.50. If you set $ 100 and this scenario occurs, you will win $ 950!

Pronostic pari score exact

This type of prognosis is very popular with players on online bookmakers. You have to guess the scoring of a meeting, to the goal. But do not fear, even if your chances of winning are weaker, the ratings of the bookmakers will not be less than 6 and calculation methods allow you to make a profit each time.

  • Example : on Spin Sports, the victory over the exact score of 2-1 of Liverpool against Chelsea has an enticing coast of 6.80. If you deciof to bet $ 100 on this exact score, you will win a nice sum: $ 680.

Pronostic seems to handicap

The Handicap betting prognosis is a type of bet that has greatly developed recently under the leadership of online bookmakers. Thanks to them, it is possible to bet on matches which were too unbalanced and therefore with too weak dimensions. From now on, you can assign a more or less weak positive handicap to a team. In the case of a negative handicap, the team chosen begins the match with a goal deficit, while a positive handicap attributes a goal advantage before the start of the game.

  • Example : You bet $ 100 on "Paris Saint-Germain H-1" against Olympique of Marseille on a dimension of 2.50. To pocket the $ 250, PSG must win the match with 2 goals or more (2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1, 4-0, etc.).

Exotic bets with big odds

Football being the most popular sport in the world, you will find an anthology of Exotic Paris which can sometimes reach very high dimensions. We think in particular of bets on corners, yellow or red cards, the method to score a goal, dubbed or even tripled. If these bets can be tempted by their big potential gains, we only recommend them to confirmed forecasters.

The different Soccer prognosis techniques

There is no infallible method to win a football prognosis. However, Some techniques are used by professional bettors and make it possible to considerably increase your chances of earnings.

The Martingale

Casino lovers already know this technique which consists of double your Whenever you lose a bet. The Martingale It is only to be reserved for players who have a substantial bankroll because several lost bets can quickly raise the amount of the bet.

The recombiné

The Recombinated is an advanced betting technique which consists in making a simple bet on a match, then reinvesting the amount of the bet + the gains on the next match. Rather than making a combined bet that can not be modular, so you take bets As things progress And can therefore be aware of the latest news that could be decisive for your prognosis (team compositions, injured, etc.)

Free Soccer prognosis applications

Most online bookmakers proviof you with free football prognosis applications. So you can take your bets from your mobile or tablet subject to an internet connection. Here are our top 5 best prognosis applications in USA:

  • Betway
  • Spin Sports
  • Celibacy
  • 888 sport
  • Bwin

Our 3 tips for making a good Soccer prognosis

If you start in the world of online soccer prognosis, it is better to surround yourself with good people. For this, our team of expert has been selected for his sharp knowledge on the round balloon, and nothing else ! We focus only on football, in order to offer you the best free soccer prognosis.

In fact, it involves a extensive analysis of different competitions, knowledge of a large number of players, and Information on recent news (Transfers, injuries, change of coach).

Thanks to our team, you will also have the certainty of take advantage of the best odds. One more reason to follow our free football pronos throughout the season!

Advice n ° 1: play on competitions and championships that you master

Our first tip for making the best football predictions is to Do not disperse in terms of football supply Offered by bookmakers. Indeed, you can bet on the Thai, Norwegian or Russian championship for example. If you do not know the players of these championships or its operation, bet on it would become a serious mistake and make you lose money. Rather focus on competitions that have already proven themselves : the Champions League, the Europa League, the Premier League, La Liga or the MLS. It is on these competitions that our experts are concentrated for their free football prognosis.

Advice n ° 2: perform a detailed match of the match

Before each meeting on which you want to bet, you must Analyze several parameters which will determine the possible outcome of the match. For example, are interested in the form of teams, players, the competition calendar, motivation, weather conditions, etc. Don't have time to do all of this research? Then follow our free football forecast!

Tip n ° 3: Play live

Finally, we advise you to play live If you have some knowledge. Since the ratings will evolve according to the progress of the match and the game situations, you will have more possibilities to win gains. Have flair to win all your football predictions!

Did you know ? Football in 3 minutes to understand our Soccer prono

To bet and win at sports betting, you need knowledge! If you are bored by historical readings, you have come to the right place, because we have fun with knowledge! Besides, did you know that 99 % of readers in this section often win online bets ? It's not for nothing ! Enter with us in the world of round ball with a football story, much more original than that of Wikipedia. In three minutes, top time, you will be able to boast with your friends when you watch TV matches. Besides, our little anecdotes are sometimes very unknown to lovers of Soccer prono!

  • Football is the descendant of the Soule:

    But who is the parent of football? Was we playing round ball in the Middle Ages? Well yes, well almost! Appeared around 1200, the English and the American devoted themselves to a funny game called the "Soule". The goal was simple, it was necessary score a point in the opposing camp. However, there was no land limit! Besides, Soule's game was really brutal. The only rule established by "arbitrators" was not to commit any homicide. It was at this time that it would have been necessary to invent the Tibias protectors!

  • The World Cup trophy was stolen:

    It was the Americanman Jules Rimet who introduced the World Cup by inviting national teams to meet during a tournament. He even gave his name to the trophy! The latter was also stolen from England during the 1966 World Cup. Stopped in an exhibition hall, All English secret services were on the case. After a ransom request, the Jules Rimet trophy was finally found by a dog, in a London street. He had flair! To find out more about the Football World Cup, do not hesitate to discover our incredible anecdotes to read too, in a short time!

  • A goalkeeper remained alone on the ground:

    In 1937, we played football on December 25 in England. The meeting between Chelsea and Charlton was stopped because of a too thick fog that prevented the players from making the end of the game. While all the players have been in the locker room for a long time, a police officer finds a goalkeeper, alone in his cages. The latter had not even noticed that his teammates had returned, because of the far too thick fog! So he kept his inviolated cage.

  • A team has already lost 149 to 0:

    It is undoubtedly the Record of goals in a match. A Malagasy team lost 149 to 0, enough to be depressed. Well no ! Unhappy with the refereeing, the players decided to score a total of 149 goals against their camp. The referee had to be overwhelmed so as not to interrupt the meeting!

  • India packaged for the World Cup in 1950:

    This is the story of Indian selection, the one that has always been to qualify for a World Cup. The players succeeded in 1950 ... but they finally decided to forfeit ! Why will you tell me? First of all, because the journey to go to Brazilian competition is very expensive, but above all, because FIFA has prohibited them from barefoot! Incredible but true, India has never managed to qualify since.

F.A.Q: Your questions about the Soccer prognosis

💯 How to make a reliable football prognosis?

To make a reliable football prognosis, we recommend that you analyze the challenges of the match, statistics and wait for team compositions.

💼 Why follow our free football forecasts?

Following our free football predictions will not only allow you to adopt the process of professionals in the sector, but also to earn money thanks to the many forecasts on the biggest competitions in the world.

💰 Can we experience sports betting?

By following the right methods, advice and techniques to bet well, it is quite possible to generate regular income thanks to sports betting, and therefore to live from this passion.

💪 What is the best sports betting site in USA?

In USA, our selection of sports betting sites is on 3 choices: Betway, Spin Sports and 22Bet.

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