Tipster: Should we follow the advice of prognosticors?

We constantly remind you: you have to Analyze meetings well Before placing your bets on an online bookmaker! To do this, you can take the time to observe the matches and search for the best odds available online.

Otherwise, it will always be interesting to follow the advice of a tipster. Thanks to specific evaluations and an even further study, these experienced bettors give you the opportunity to increase your long -term gains. But beware, you have to select the right person. With this article from our Guide You will know everything about these tips.

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What is a tipster?

As you already know, you must absolutely analyze the meetings before placing your bets. And if you can make these observations of your own free will, you can also trust tipsters. But who are they?

And tipster is a bettor that will give you forecasts as well as tips for placing the best bet. Specializing in a discipline, even in a single competition, this predictioner spends his time analyzing the teams, players and the challenges of each meeting.

Thus, a tipster can offer you Paid or free analyzes On a match, but also reveal to you the best odds on which to bet. Some predictionrs specialize even in a type of bet. For example, you can help yourself with a tipster to find a BET value, a surebet or special forecasts.

What is the price of a tipster prognosis?

If it is entirely possible to follow the advice of a free tipster, the best predictions have a cost. To take advantage of the predictions of the best sports betting tips, the price generally oscillates Between 250 and 300 frames per season.

This is a substantial cost and you must be able to place stakes between 50 and 100 USAs to make your capital grow, so you can share this subscription with one of your loved ones.

Why follow a sports betting tip?

It is sometimes difficult to trust a third party, especially when you have personal money at stake. However, following a sports betting tip can give you a considerable advantage compared to other players.

First, you will have to save time by following The advice of a predictioner on the Internet. This one analyzes for you the meetings and offers you its own forecasts, so you just have to select the bet on your bookmaker and bet your money. The whole observation and research phase will no longer be taken into account.

What's more, you will have the opportunity to win more money in the long term with tipster follow -up. If this prediction is good, you will increase considerably Your winnings of earnings. It is also possible to follow the advice of several bettors at the same time to stimulate your chances of winning. Indeed, you will very quickly be able to note that it turns out to be quite simple to follow a tipster: the latter will send you his pronounces by email, SMS or through social networks.

How to choose the best sports betting tipster?

Choosing a Tipster is not necessarily obvious, especially since this choice will be crucial for your future. Indeed, you must trust him entirely in order to make your capital grow. Here are the qualities of a good tipster:

  • He displays a good assessment And therefore an interesting return on investment.
  • He performs specific analyzes And often very fair.
  • He offers information at a price that corresponds to your budget.

In summary, it is very interesting to follow a tipster, especially if it has convincing results over time. However, you can devote a limited percentage of your Bankroll to the prevailing of prognosticors, in order to minimize your losses if their advice makes you lose money.

Another solution: take advantage of all our analyzes and Nos pronostics that we update every week. We share the latest information and the most relevant statistics on the biggest sporting events! In the meantime, we still want to reveal the criteria to be taken into account to choose your predictioner.

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The return on investment (king)

The King (Return on Investment) is an essential concept to determine if you are dealing with a reliable bettor. This is a calculation that allows you to analyze the results of your bets over the long term. You simply have to diviof the amount of your profits by the stakes engaged, before multiplying everything by 100. If the result is positive, this means that your forecaster is trustworthy.

Example : By following the forecasts of your Tipster, you have bet 1000 USAs in sports betting during the year 2022. Your profits amount to 500 USAs. You calculate your king as follows: (500/1000) x 100 = 50%. Your king is 50% for 2022, which proves that your pre -prognostician is reliable.

The return to Capital (ROC)

ROC (Return on Capital) is another important concept to assess the results of a tipster prognosis. This is a calculation that corresponds to the relationship between your profits and the amount of your bankroll. The rock therefore takes into account the starting capital and not the stakes engaged. Again, a positive result means that your forecast is reliable.

Example : By following the forecasts of your Tipster, you maof profits up to 500 USAs over the year 2022. Your departure capital was 1,500 USA. You calculate your rock as follows: (500/1500) x 100 = 33%. Your rock is 33%, which proves that your tipster has a good performance.

Communication media

Each Tipster shares their forecasts according to the communication medium that suits him best: email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Other predicainers offer you free access to their site.

You must therefore choose your tipster depending on Your own habits As a bettor. If you are from the old school, it is better to favor an expert in Paris who delivers his forecasts by email or by SMS. Conversely, you can opt for a Snapchat or Facebook Tipster if you are a fan of social networks.

The choice of matches

Analysis of a match requires a lot of time and energy. To find the right prognosis and the best dimensions, you must take into account a lot of information: recent results, classification, statistics etc. As a result, a tipster may predict you a limited quantity matches per day.

You must therefore check beforehand that the selected meetings are those that interest you. You should know that each Tipster has one or more favorite sports (football, tennis, basketball, American football) and this also applies to competitions. As a result, each bettor must ensure that they have the same interests as its pre -prognostician.

The speciality

The best tipsters do not bet on each sporting event. Each of them has a sport or a competition predilection. You must therefore make your choice according to your expectations as a bettor.

If you want to bet on a football match, you must follow the advice of a predictional specialized in the round ball. It is also the most popular sport in tipsters. Conversely, it is better to go to another expert in Paris if another discipline interests you.

The price

The monthly or annual plan of a tipster can be quite expensive. It is generally necessary to count between 250 and 300 USAs throughout the season. If you do not have a huge starting capital, this investment may represent a major part of your profits.

You must therefore choose an expert who is in line with your bankroll. In reality, we find Tipsters at all prices, some even offering their services for free! Before investing, we advise you to check the value for money of your tipster. To do this, you just have to calculate the king and the rock on his last published pronos!

Have several books

The 3 best books to bet in USA
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Tipsters earn money thanks to their subscribers, but not only. They generally have a partnership with one or more online bookmakers, the goal being to promote these Paris sites. Ideally, it is better to choose a predictioner working with several bookmakers.

Indeed, this will allow you to take advantage of Best dimensions And the most generous bonuses. Before each prognosis, your tipster will inform you of the most advantageous bookmaker to place your bet. This will necessarily have a positive impact on your bankroll or on the amount of your potential earnings.

Risk management

You have to know everything about your tipster. He has Solid experience In the field of online sports betting? Does it use a fixed or variable bet for each bet? How does he manage to manage the risks inherent in this activity? What are the favored ratings for his pronounces?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before entrusting your money to a prediction. This will allow you to better understand your habits as a bettor and therefore see if you are compatible.

The frequency of sports betting

Some experts give you their forecasts on a daily basis while others favor a weekly or monthly frequency. Again, you must choose a tipster whose frequency of sports betting corresponds to yours.

If you wish to devote yourself exclusively to Ligue 1, you are for example in the right to expect your predictioner that he gives you advice on the American championship every week. For those who are more active on online betting sites, a daily monitoring seems to be the best option.

Values ratings

Your tipster should not only have extensive knowledge of sport. He must also master all the subtleties of the sports bet. In this way, you can enjoy the many advantages offered by online bookmakers.

The predictioner can in particular direct you to the best dimensions available on the Paris sites or offer you a BET value. This will allow you to increase the amount of your potential earnings and better understand this special universe!

The variance

It is always best to ensure the longevity and experience of a tipster before trusting him. Some bettors can have positive results despite a long series of losing forecasts while others chain victories before collapsing irreparably.

Variance is a criterion that allows you to understand The relationship between gains and losses of a prognostician. In view of the uncertainty of sport, even the most reliable tipsters cannot win you with each bet. It is therefore this report that will help you identify some certainties.

Avoid scams of a free or paid tipster

Finally, we still want to warn you against certain drifts. By betting on a tipster, your own money is at stake and you have to be cautious.

If most predictions are reliable, others take the opportunity to sell their services without necessarily mastering the field of sports betting. We will give you here some tips To identify signs of reliability.

Legal notices on its site

Legal notices are generally available at the bottom of the page and allow you to better understand how your tipster works. Admittedly, this reading may take you a few minutes, but you will at least know where you put your feet.

The number of subscribers on its social networks

The best predictions are generally followed by thousands of subscribers on social networks. So this is a reliable indicator, even if you have to make sure that the Tipster has not invested massively in false profiles to build its reputation.

Consult reviews on specialized sites

There are now many comparators and tipster verification platforms. We are thinking in particular of Tipstrr, Blogabet, Betadviso, Betting Metrics and Betting Expert. Do not hesitate to consult these specialized sites before making your choice!

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