Do you want which prepaid tickets will be the best payment method on online game sites? Well, that falls out, since we want to share with you the Ukash option, which is present on a good number of online game sites! We will allow you to discover all the advantages of this Method of payment Who has revolutionized the market! Let's go for a complete and practical portrait of the Ukash payment solution, to allow you to invest in full safety during your games on online game sites!

Bookmakers who accept Ukash
1. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
2. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet
3. Karamba$ 10 at registration to place your 1st bet To bet
4. Party​Casino Sports200 -USA bonus on the first Paris To bet
5. 888 sport100% bonus up to $ 250 on your 1st deposit To bet

Ukash's principle

Ukash is a prepaid ticket that is a resounding success with online casinos players as well as online sports betting! You will be able to invest your money on online game sites safely, since you will have no attachment to Ukash! Indeed, we remind you that Ukash is a prepaid ticket! You will therefore have paid the ticket in advance, which is available at reasonable prices, which will allow you to avoid bankruptcy! Also, once the amount of the ticket is exhausted, the game will stop for you, and you will have to acquire another Ukash prepaid ticket in order to be able to continue your game on the sites of online games !

How to use it on sports betting sites?

You will be able to acquire a ticket in many points of sale around the world, or directly on the Ukash site! You will then receive the famous ticket, on which a coof will appear that you will have to enter the appropriate space when you want to invest money on online games! You will be able to make all of your deposits on online games sites through the UKASH ticket at no cost! In addition, some operators will even offer you to make you benefit from bonuses if you use this type of payment methods!

Ukash's advantages and disadvantages

As we told you previously, Ukash’s main advantage is that your bank account and personal information will remain anonymous. No risk of being the subject of a cyber attack for example! Indeed, it all depends on the coof on the ticket, which will be a good way to preserve a certain anonymity! You can deposit at will, and as many times as you wish! On the other hand, the major drawback of this payment method remains the fact that you will in any case be able to withdraw your earnings through the Ukash ticket! Indeed, everything will happen from the ticket, and once it is used, the adventure will stop there for this little piece of paper! You will have to opt for another payment method, in order to be able to withdraw your earnings!

Other methods of payment of bookmakers

Place and remove your earnings easily with effective and 100% secure payment solutions:

Bookmaker of the month
  • 100 % bonus until 300 $
  • $ 10 free every week
  • application mobile
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