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Unibet: the sports bookmaker that is clearly essential in USA

100 % up to $ 500 on the first deposit

The Unibet site has a reputation that goes beyond the borders of Europe and is one of the best sports betting sites. Bet on the Unibet site in USA to discover in this detailed review.

Bookmaker review

The Bookmaker Unibet Sports betting is all the rage on the canvas Since 1997. Very popular among Europeans, the green site has crossed the borders to be adopted by Americans. We rolled up our sleeves to find a whole bunch of information on the Virtual Unibet Sport bookmaker.

With a breathtaking palette of sports, a diversity of bets, but also virtual games, while offering Extraordinary Bonus Bookmakers, the famous unibet bonuses, as well as an application, unibet mobile, at the cutting edge of technology, we can say that it is one of the best sites!

Whether you want to bet live (on the live sports betting site), play on online casino games, participate in online poker tournaments (on Unibet Poker) or bet on horse racing (on Unibet Turf) and lifting, We suggest UnibetWho in our humble opinion can shaof his competitors Bwin, Netbet, Zebet and Betclic!

Of course, you can enjoy Discounts on your sports betting every month, and you will also be able to participate in competitions to win numerous prizes and gifts. You will know absolutely everything about everything that affects online sports betting on Unibet Bookmaker thanks to this review!

Our opinion on the Unibet bookmaker

Before going into details, here is a non -exhaustive list of the positive and negative points that we were able to find in Unibet Paris online.

The positive points :

  • Languages ​​: Often, sports betting sites are content with only a few available languages, this is clearly not the case with Unibet, which offers you a whole anthill, more than 25 in total!
  • The types of bets: A good prognosis cannot be enough to make a good bet, and that, Unibet has understood this and offers you a wiof choice of type of bet.
  • L’application Unibet : Many bookmakers offer only an optimized site, but Unibet has an application, to be able to bet anywhere and anytime.
  • The bonus: In addition to the classic welcome bonus, Unibet offers you other advantages, with their boosted ribs, their sponsorship link, and their VIP club.
  • The sports : Unibet has a wiof choice of sports in its catalog, with the bonus of many competitions, and betting on politics or television events.
  • Client service : It is not uncommon to have questions during your experience on a site, and Unibet offers you three different ways to find your answer, two of which are available 24 hours a day.

The negative points :

  • Transfer means: Despite a good ten means of transfer offered, a bookmaker of this caliber could offer even more, and especially in cryptocurrency.
  • International accessibility: Despite its two official licenses, the site is not available to American users.

The point of view of users on Unibet Pari Sportif

So that you can also have another opinion, here is the return of three users of the application:

  • Marc : "I only wanted to register on Unibet only to take advantage of the welcome bonus, but I got into the game, and I’ve been there for two years now. »»
  • Nino : "I was told that Unibet was a reference in sports betting, and I was not disappointed! Lots of odds on several different competitions, a real treat! »»
  • Charles : "A little disappointed at the start because I could not pay in Ethereum during my first deposit, but ultimately, the large part Poker knew how to convince me. »»

The Unibet platform

When we arrive for the first time on the home page of the UNIBET operator's online game site, we are directly immersed in the world of sport, with a fully green and white "home page", as land and its lines.

You will still notice that there are very few images on the interface. Enough to be invaded by figures, current bets and the match of the day. However, Unibet USA proves that he is a very professional site that is only interested in sports betting and less in marketing.

How does Unibet USA work?

On the bookmaker platform, you have five distinct parts : Sports / casino / live casino / games / bingo / poker. We will obviously focus on the section that concerns us, the one around sport.

On the left part of your screen, you will find the list of all available sports, you will also have the possibility of choosing higher if you want to bet on sport, horse racing, virtual sport, or if you only want to look at Detailed statistics proposed by the site.

You will have on the main page the main matches that will arrive, but you can also choose to take the current events, those who will soon arrive, or to watch the current streaming meetings thanks to Unibet Live. Once you have found the meeting you need, and you have clicked on it, you will find in detail all the available dimensions, classified by categories.

You also have the choice of Choose site language, among a very wiof choice, surely the world leader in this register, with 26 possibilities. There is obviously the American of USA, the American of Belgium, but also the British, the Austrian, the German, the Greek, the Italian, the Portuguese, the Finnish, the Danish, the Norwegian, the Swedish, the 'Estonian, the Polish, the Hungarian, the Romanian, and many more.

How to register on Unibet Pari Sportif?

If you finally want to take the plunge and register on Unibet, here is the procedure to start your adventure on the Unibet bookmaker:

  • Go on On the Unibet site: www.unibet.com
  • Click Then on the yellow button register at the top right of your screen.
  • Grab Then all your personal information that will be requested, such as your name, first name, date of birth, email, registration number of the national register, your telephone number, your profession, your gender, etc.
  • Choose Then a username that is not yet in the database, and be imaginative in the event of refusal. Do not hesitate to add a number at the beginning or at the end of the pseudo to differentiate yourself from what had already been done.
  • Configure Your password. It must contain certain specific characters, but they are all explained on the site. You absolutely have to hold it back, but also that it is complicated to guess. A personal security question will also be requested if you forget or problem on your account.
  • Confirm Although you are of age (this information will be checked anyway, no need to lie), that you have read the conditions of use, then validate the creation of your account by clicking on join.
  • To be able to really start your experience on Unibet, you will have to make a first deposit And thus take advantage of the Unibet registration bonus.

Play on Unibet with mobile application?

Note that if you connect on www.unibet.com From a mobile, you will be able to download the Unibet application, available on iOS or Android. You can also connect directly to the UNIBET Mobile optimized site.

All AS of online sports betting know Unibet and more particularly l’Unibet app. All sports disciplines, matches and ratings for your sports betting will be explained in the smallest details on the Unibet site.

Also, know that you can make simple bets and live bets, as well as follow sports meetings on the Unibet TV, and soak up professionals to issue the best bets.

The mobile application has become a real priority for bookmakers, but few of them have been able to go for course, and Unibet is one of them. So you can enjoy the same conditions from your phone. This feature is very practical, because it allows you to bet at any time, and to be able to follow your instinct at all times.

The bonuses that Unibet offers you

1. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet

On the unibet money and chance game site, we find a promotional service that lives up to our expectations! Indeed, as soon as you register, you will enjoy a welcome bonus of 100 % up to $ 500.

In addition, during a significant sporting event or an original sports meeting, a promotional coof for the unibet registration bonus, an advantage code, free forecasts or gifts can be offered to you. This was notably the case for the Grand Chelem tournaments (Wimbledon, US Open, pronostics Roland Garros, Australian Open forecasts), the Superbowl final, the NBA final or the Six Nations tournament. It's up to you to get in search of the Unibet Bonus coof that will offer you the most advantages.

We also suggest the Unibet sponsorship program. Through the invitation of your godson, Unibet sponsorship offers you a little boost on your player account. Besides, the VIP club is just as attractive! Always think about monitoring the operator's promotions, for example, to obtain a "unibet promo code" and benefit from free bets or a sports gamble advantaged by a bonus. And if you want help to stimulate your earnings, customer service is there for you!

On which Unibet sports invites you to place your bets

One of the most important criteria for a sports betting site is obviously the quantity of sports they offer. Here is the complete list of the thirty accessible disciplines (obviously, all these sports and competitions are likely to change over time):

🏈 American football 🦘 Football Australia ☃️ Bandy ⚾ Baseball
🏀 Basketball 🥊 Boxing ♟️ failure 🏏 Cricket
🚲 cycling 🎯 darts 🎮 Paris Sport 🏑 Gazon hockey
🥅 Floorball ⚽ Football 🏎️ Formula 1 ⛳ Golf
🐶 LEVERIER RACE 🤾 Handball 🐎 Horse race 🏒 Ice hockey
🏍️ Moto 🏉 Rugby to Xiii 🏉 Rugby to XV 🎱 billiards
🏄 Surf 🏓 Table tennis 🎾 Tennis 🐴 PMU
⚔️ Combat sport 🕹️ Virtual sports 🏐 Volley Ball 🤽 Water Polo
❄️ Winter Olympic Games 🩳 Catch / /

In each of these disciplines, many competitions are available. There are obviously the football classics, like the World Cup, Euro, CAN, COPA America, Ligue 1, Premier League, series A, La Liga, Bundesliga, the Champions League, the Europa League, and many others .

Even on other sports, the main competitions are available, such as the NBA for basketball, the MLB for baseball, the six -nations tournament or the top 14 for rugby, NHL for ice hockey, NFL for American football, etc.

But in addition to all these sports, and all these disciplines, you can choose if you wish to Bet on future political events (American, American, Brazilian, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, or British) elections, on the next television awards or TV shows (X Factor, Dance with stars, Oscars, Musical Festivals ...) part with boosted ratings is also accessible from the sports bar.

What are the possible types of Paris on Unibet?

Once you have found the prediction (s) you want to make, you must now put them on the best possible ticket. Unibet offers you several types of available bets, here is a non -exhaustive list:

  • The Pari Simple: It is, as its name suggests, the simplest way to deposit your bet. Just choose the match you want to bet and then bet the amount you want. The total gain will be equal to the product of your bet and your dimension. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a 2.1 rating, you will earn $ 210 USA.
  • The combined bet: This is the favorite type of bet of many bettors. These are tickets that can bring a lot with a low bet, but with a bigger risk. All the odds you have chosen will be multiplied with each other, to give you a very important general dimension. For example, if you set $ 100 USA on a dimension at 1.80, a dimension at 2.50, and a dimension at 1.40, you will earn at least 630 dollars (100 x 1.8 x 2.5 x 1.4 = 630). However, if one of your selections is false, the whole ticket is a loser.
  • Multiple bet: Also called system bet, this type of bet is the right compromise between large gains, and risk -taking. Here too you choose several dimensions on different matches (between 3 and 8), and you indicate the minimum number of dimensions that will have to be good. The bookmaker will then automatically generate several combined bets, and the more fair selections, the more money you would make.
  • The goalship bet: This type of bet can be integrated into a simple bet, a combined bet, and a multiple bet and allow you to win money. It allows you to indicate a player who will score a number of points or goals. This type of bet and his variations (goalscorer over a period, goalscorer, goalscorer more than another team, scorer and his team won, etc.) are valid on several sports, such as football, hockey on ice, rugby, and others. A variant is also possible in basketball, where you can indicate the number of points, rebounds, or decisive assists that the players (s) will make. This type of bet is very practical during tight matches, to bet on other things than the results.
  • They seem them to take exactly: Very risky, the exact betting bet remains a safe bet to bring back big gains. It allows you to give the score that there will be at the end of a period, a half-time, a quarter, or the match. This type of bet is valid for football, ice hockey, tennis and other sports with a small number of points. Very risky and sometimes raging, the exact bet makes it possible to win very large sums, with very interesting dimensions. This type of bet can be placed on a simple bet, a combined bet, or a multiple bet.

What Unibet Sports Payment Payment Methods use?

Before going into detail on how to deposit and remove on the platform, here are all the methods that are possible to use on this bookmaker:

Means of payment Valid for deposits Valid for withdrawals
Bank Wire Transfer
Entro Pay
Visa Electron

How to deposit on Unibet USA?

If you wish to be able to bet on the Unibet site, you must obviously have maof at least a first deposit. To do so, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Appointment on www.unibet.com Then connect to your account (if you do not have an account yet, you must create one (a tutorial is available above in the article if you have not yet registered on Unibet).
  • Click On the Place.
  • Choose The amount you want to invest (only put money on the site that you may be ready to lose)
  • Choose The transfer means you want to use among the list offered on the site, or higher in the summary table of the Bookmaker payments.
  • Click On validate, then enter a security coof if you are asked.
  • You should receive your money almost instantly and be able to use it in stride.
1. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet

How to withdraw on Unibet Payi Sportif?

To withdraw, the procedure is almost identical, here are the details:

  • Appointment on www.unibet.com Then connect to your account.
  • Click On the Remove button.
  • Choose The amount you want to withdraw (you don't have to withdraw all).
  • Choose The transfer means you want to use among the list offered on the site, or higher in the summary table of the Bookmaker payments.
  • Click Then on validate.
  • You should receive the money quickly, the time will depend on the withdrawal means you have chosen, but it can go up to 7 days, even if, most often, it should happen within 48 hours.

What about the quality of Unibet Sport customer service?

Benefiting from customer support that meets all your expectations in a professional manner (legislation, conditions of a welcome bonus, addiction, responsible game, gaming universe, assistance for the rules, etc.), we can say that the site Unibet improves your playing conditions!

If however you experience a “Unibet Paypal” transaction for example, you have three ways to customer service:

  • Thanks to the F.A.Q: It is certainly not a direct with the site, but it is however the fastest way of having the answer to your questions. You will indeed find on the site ofUnibet A fair with very high quality questions, where questions are listed in several categories, to be able to find them more easily.
  • 💬 Par Live Chat : If you want to have a quick response to the site, you can also send a message directly to one of the customer service. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just have to go to the Unibet Sports bet site, click on the cat logo at the bottom right of your screen and type your question. You will have an almost immediately response, and this help is available from 10 a.m. to midnight.
  • 📧 By email : If you want to have a more constructed response and have a trace of it, you can also send an email directly to Unibet, with the following email address available to you: [email protected]. The answers by email will be given to you within 24 hours guaranteed, and you will have the opportunity to question them by this BIAI continuously, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

The Unibet Casino Partie

We can only recommend that you register on Unibet. If you don't do it for sports betting offered by the bookmaker, maybe you will do it to The online casino !

Unibet offers you a huge selection of casino games: poker, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, roulette and many others await you for wild games ... Or free! Each game is available without registration in virtual silver mode. You can also benefit in mobile version if you wish.

Know that Unibet offers A selection of games Created by the best publishers on the market, including Netent and MicroGaming, which are generally the studios most sought after by players.

Unibet also offers you a Casino live : You can directly face a dealer that appears on your screen via webcams. It is a particular game moof that is very close to experience within a terrestrial casino. In addition to the sport bonus, Unibet Paris Sportif offers you a bonus for your registration on the casino part.

Unibet USA: frequent questions

📱 How to download the Unibet mobile application?

For Android phone holders, you can download the Unibet mobile application on the Play Store by looking for Unibet in the search bar. For people with an iPhone (iOS), head on the App Store and search Unibet in the search bar.

🔴 Can we bet live on Unibet?

Yes, it is possible to bet live on Unibet. To do this, simply click on the "Paris in Live" menu tab.

🐎 Unibet Turf, can we make horse racing?

Yes, Unibet offers a multituof of horse racing bets (Unibet Turf). To bet on horse racing, go to the menu tab "Paris horse racing".

💬 How to Unibet customer service?

There are several ways to reach Unibet, and the bookmaker offers you three different ways of having an answer to your questions. Discover here by what way get in touch with the Unibet bookmaker.

⚖️ Is the Unibet site legal in USA?

Like all sports betting sites, Unibet does not have the right licenses in each of the globe countries, but it is well authorized in USA. Discover here the list of countries where Unibet is not allowed.

⚽ What are the sports available on Unibet sports betting?

Unibet offers many sports more than thirty in total, with the bonus of the best competitions in the world. Discover here the full list of all the available disciplines.

💸 How to deposit on Unibet?

It is extremely easy and accessible to place on this bookmaker. In 5 steps and a few clicks, you can finally take advantage of the site. Discover here the procedure to do a deposit on this sports betting site.

The opinion of the editorial staff on Unibet: 9.7/10
To bet

General info

  • American Players are accepted
  • Nom: Unibet
  • Internet address: www.unibet.com
  • Online since: 1997
  • Jurisdiction: malta games authority, swedish onliit is games authority
  • Languages: 18

Bonus info

  • Bonus maximum : 500$
  • Bonus first deposit : 500$
  • Bonus Match: 100 %
  • Minimum deposit : 15$
  • Bonus counter : –

Payment options

Take advantage of your $ 500 bonus on Unibet!To bet