Sports betting rating: the attribution of dimensions by bookmakers

The ratings are at the heart of the online sports betting system. To better understand this aspect, we invite you to be interested in the allocation of a sports betting rating by bookmakers in our Guide.

Thus, you will quickly know how these probability indices are calculated and how bookmakers do everything to earn money by remaining attractive. From calculations to computer software, including traders, you will know everything.

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Small reminder on sports betting ratings

You may already know, but a rating corresponds to the probability that a situation will occur. Presented in several forms according to the models of each country (a decimal figure, a fraction, or a positive / negative dimension), the dimensions are there for multiply your In case of victory.

To put it simply, if the Montreal team has a dimension of 1.5, while Toronto opponents have a rating at 3.2, then Montreal Quebecers are designated as the favorites by the Bookmaker. These sports betting ratings can also be calculated according to a percentage to best know your chances of winning your bet.

Here are the three biggest families:

The European Coast

Also called decimal rating, it is the most widespread rating type in Europe. Less on the European continent, but it is important to know it. Europeans obviously think it is the most logical of everyone, because it is a simple gain multiplier. This rating is in the form of a decimal figure, like 0.5, or 5.25. For example, you deciof to bet on a football team whose rating is at 2.20. If you bet $ 100 on this team and win your bet, then your gain will amount to 2.20 x 100 = $ 220. Child's game, right? This rating model is so easy to understand at first glance that it is about to become the norm worldwide. We then advise you to familiarize yourself with, if you are less used to seeing the types of dimensions that will follow!

The British rating

With its small name Faction Format, the British coast is like everything at home: apart. It was in the 19th century that they set up this somewhat bizarre system. From a completely logical point of view, it remains in the line on the decimal side, the English have simply decided to Transform this system into fraction ! So the decimal rating of 0.5 gives ½ British side. For the English, it flows from source, but for Europeans (yes, because now the distinction is official!) You have to have a certain gymnastics of mental calculation, that is to say convert the fraction into decimal. Small test, a British rating in ¾ gives a European dimension of…? 0.75! Bravo for those who follow! So if you have bet $ 100 on a team with such a rating, you will earn $ 75. We agree, this example of a bet is not at all advantageous, but we had to find a simple way to explain this eccentricity to you!

The American rating

Soberly nicknamed the US format, the American side is very vague for Europeans. First of all, be aware that it is possible that the rating in America is positive, or negative. To translate into decimal language, you will have to go through a paper voucher, or a calculator for the most panicked! The formula is as follows. (100/American rating) +1. And to calculate the most interesting, that is to say how much you will win, it will be necessary to calculate this way: setting X (American rating/100) +1. We hope they are more used to it than us, because the American ratings give us cold sweats, even as professionals in the environment! To cite a concrete and demonstrative example, if you place a bet of $ 100 and the American rating is at 185, let us calculate the gain: 100 x [(185/100) +1] = 285, and 100 x (185/ 100) = 185, you will earn $ 185 on this bet. Get started, with small sums and small bets, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all these coast systems! Most operators offer a functionality that allows you to change the dimension system so that it is more readable depending on the preferences of the bettors.

How are sports dimensions calculated?

Sports ratings are established by learned calculations between the statistics of the two teams, and a manual adjustment by the Sports traders Depending on the shape of the moment, injuries, etc ... of course, bookmakers also take a margin On each bet, between 5 and 10%. Discover everything there is to know about the rating of sports betting.

What is a rating in a bet?

We are going to understand the beginners to understand the Sports betting ratings. A rating is a quantified proportion given by the sports betting site. It defines both your potential gain and also your chances of winning. Bookmakers use different criteria To establish their dimensions (statistics, traders' opinions, etc.).

To calculate your potential gain, you just have to multiply your bet.

  • Example : You bet $ 100 on Rafael Nadal at a dimension of 1.80 against Federer. If Nadal wins his match, you win 100x1.80 = $ 180.

Some bookmakers are known to offer higher dimensions than their competitors. We think in particular of Betway or Spin Sports which are regularly acclaimed by the players.

How to calculate a sports rating?

If you want to calculate a sports betting rating yourself, here is the calculation to use:

  • Gross rating = 1/ (probability of an event)

For example, if you estimate that a team at a 70% chance of winning, then its rating will be 1/0.7 or 1.43. If you see that the bookmaker takes a dimension greater than 1.43, then it can be interesting to bet on this match.

It is therefore essential that you do according to your personal analysis a Evaluation of the chances of winning of the team you want to bet. You will be able to determine whether the Bookmaker undercote or over-cote the team in question.

How do bookmakers calculate the dimensions?

Thanks to the evolution of technologies, online bookmakers currently use computers and Specialized software To define most of their sports ratings. These computer systems are able to support thousands of data to release a specific calculation on a dimension. Following the definition of different statistics, the bookmaker can place the most advantageous rating towards it.

In this mathematical calculation, the margin of the bookmaker and the rate of redistribution of gains will be taken into account. In addition, the online Paris site must assign lucrative ratings for its finances, but also attractive to players. However, we must always keep in mind that the bookmaker will always be the big winner. Even if it sometimes happens that its ratings are undervalued, it is very difficult to beat the computer system of the prediction site.

The role of the sports trader on sports ratings

If the calculation software is favored by bookmakers, there are still parameters that it cannot take into account. Therefore, online betting sites employ Sports traders. Even if its role is less influential than the computer, it is the person who can change the sports ratings according to a specific situation. For example, when a player is injured or if he considers that a team is in a good dynamic, the trader adjusts the dimensions according to his intuition.

Thus the bookmaker offers great responsibility to these sports traders. This person will have to analyze risks et Follow the trend of players to ensure a certain profitability thanks to a Mathematical method to win sports betting Among other things. For example, the bookmaker must ensure that the number of bettors is similar for each of the dimensions and possible outcomes. If all players favor a sports betting rating, it is that it is too attractive. The trader will therefore take this parameter into account to best adjust the Bookmaker coast.

Another important role in the sports trader: he must ensure theattractiveness of the bookmaker. For this marketing field, the coteur must analyze competition so that bettors favor his sports betting site. A trader is in constant research of information!

An interesting service: boosted dimensions

Some bookmakers offer special offers and punctual to satisfy their customers. Among them, we find the Boosted dimensions. The sports betting site can deciof to highlight a specific bet, increasing the rating of this bet.

  • Example : During the 2019 World Cup final, some bookmakers had decided to Boost the Mbappé rating scorer. While her basic rating was 2.50, she found herself boosted at 3.00. If you set $ 100, you will earn $ 300 instead of $ 250.

It also happens that betting sites offer boosted combis. On the same principle as the boosted rating, a match handset chosen by the bookmaker sees its increased rating.

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