How to play roulette: Discover the steps not to be missed

The roulette is one of the historic games of the universe of casinos. The game has been able to evolve over the years and modernize, while remaining faithful to the purest tradition of gambling. The success of the game is explained in part thanks to its simplicity and the adrenaline it provides. Indeed, it is quite possible to have fun without having real strategic notions. However, you have to know some bases to make sure you understand its functioning.

Our expert advice to play roulette

How to play roulette?
  1. Know the types of Paris
  2. Play with casters European possible
  3. Withdraw when you have reasonable gains
  4. Take pleasure in To play

How to play roulette and how to bet?

Roulette is characterized by a game table covered with a green carpet on which the different possibilities of Paris are displayed. A cylindrical roll with numbers ranging from 0 (0 and 00 for non-European casters) to 36 is also fixed on the table. The numbers represent the very heart of the game since it is depending on them that it is possible to bet. There are, in fact, several possibilities of betting:


The bet is done on 2 numbers. The gain is 17 times the amount bet.


The bet is done on the intersection of 2 horizontal rows, or on 6 numbers. The gain is 5 times the amount bet.


The bet is done on 4 numbers. The gain is 8 times the amount bet.


The bet is done on the color (red or black), the type (peer or odd), or on slice 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The gain is 1 times the bet. Putting on simple chances is the best rate of redistribution even if the advantage remains at the bank.

Dozen on horseback:

The bet is maof in 2x12, or 24 issues. The gain is 0.5 times the amount bet.

Some tips for putting all the odds on his side

You should know that the bank always has an advantage over the player, and this, on any possible bet. It is also very important to know how to be wary of the tips offered on the internet. There is no viable strategy that provides 100 % of roulette gains. Roulette therefore remains a game of money at a loss which requires knowing how to keep your head on your shoulders and focus, first of all, on the pleasure of playing. However, there are some interesting tips to take into account before starting:

  • Favor European casters which do not have 00. The 00 is an additional chance that saves the bank. So it's less for you to win your bet.
  • Do not think in terms of systems. Martingale's trick, which consists in doubled each time the loss case will considerably destroy all your bankroll without you having time to notice it.
  • You have to know how to withdraw when it is time. When you have maof reasonable gains, it is best to stop the game.
  • The risks of losing money are greater than the probabilities of earnings. So you have to be a good player and, if possible, do not only play for money.
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