Stanley cutting prognosis

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She is thus authorized to play against the best team of the Pushes In order to determine who will be the team that will face the NHL representatives. Only, the PCHA has a hard time surviving this fierce competition, which will bring the league to stop its activities in 1924. Two years later, it is WCHL's turn to know the same fate. The NHL So finds himself playing for the Stanley Cup.

From 1942 to 1967, only six teams were led to evolve in the NHL and share the Stanley Cup. During this period of almost 25 years, the Montreal Americans won 10 titles alone, including 5 in a suite between 1956 and 1960. But, the Toronto Maple Leafs team was very close to nearly 9 wins on the clock. In 1967, the NHL faced competition and then decided to double its number of teams. The league therefore gradually increases the number of its teams from 12 to 30.

Discover the operation of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup rewards the best team of the NHL season, all conferences and divisions combined. It is composed in two stages, the regular season, and the play-offs. During the regular season, Each franchise is playing 82 games, against one of the 31 other teams, even if the majority of their meetings take place against teams from the same division and the same conference.

To this of Phase tells, The 8 best teams of each conference arrive in play-offs, and deciof in duels of four winning matches, with direct elimination. After several weeks, we then know the best team of each conference, who compete in a long -awaited final, and it is this confrontation that is called the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious trophy in world ice hockey .

Here is the summary picture of all the clubs that argue for the final title at the start of the season:


Western association

East Association

Peaceful division
Division Centrale
Atlantic division
Metropolitan division
Flames of Calgary Coyotes of l’Arizona Bruins of Boston Hurricanes of la Caroline
Ducks d´Anheim Avalanche du Colorado Sabres of Buffalo Blue Jackets of Columbus
Oilers d’Edmonton Blackhawks of Chicago Red Wings of Detroit Devils from New Jersey
Kings of Los Angeles Dallas Stars Florida panthers Islanders of New York
San José Sharks Wild you Minnesota Montreal Americans Rangers of New York
Crack the Seattle Predators of Nashville Ottawa senators Philadelphia flyers
Canucks of Vancouver Blues of St-Louis Lightning of Tampa Bay Penguins of Pittsburgh
Golden Knights of Vegas Winnipeg jets Maple Leafs of Toronto Capitals of Washington

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How to bet on the Stanley Cup?

Here are 3 tips for betting on the Stanley Cup:

  • Look at the route: The two teams arriving in the final come from a long and winding route, and it can give a good indication as to the final result.
  • Know the history of the two training courses: Obviously, you have to look at the last results of the two teams, against their other opponents first, but also and above all against their future direct opponent.
  • Take a look at the infirmary: Ice hockey may be a collective sport, it is maof of several individuals and if one of them is absent, it can change everything. We therefore advise you to find out beforehand, and maybe even better, to wait for official team compositions before betting.

The types of bets to bet on the Stanley 2022 Cup

Here are some types of bets available on the Stanley Cup:

  • The Cup winner: You can deciof to simply choose the team that will win the cup.
  • The winner of one of the final games: To win the cup, you have to win four games before the opposing team does it. So you can bet on the victory of one of the two franchises during one of the meetings.
  • The final scores: You can bet on the final score under the four winning rounds.
  • The final score of one of the meetings: In one of the decisive matches, you can bet on the final score of one of the games.
  • The number of purposes of a match: On one of the meetings, you can choose the number of goals, more or less than 5.5 goals, the exact number of goals, etc.
  • Striker : During the meetings, you can choose to bet on one of the players in one of the two teams.

The best teams of the Stanley 2022 Cup

Here is the list of the 8 teams that managed to climb in the quarter -finals of the Stanley Cup:

  • Colorado Avalanche ❄️
  • St Louis Blues 🔵
  • Calgary Flames 🔥
  • Edmonton Oilers 🛢️
  • Carolina Hurricanes 🔴
  • New York Rangers 🏒
  • Florida Panthers 🐯
  • Tampa Bay Lightning

Discover below the best dimensions available for the Stanley Cup

Here are the best odds in the various bookmakers:

  • Victory of Colorado Avalanche: siof at 1.38 in Betway.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning victory: siof at 3.15 in Bwin.
  • Victory 4 - 0 of Colorado Avalanche: Listed at 6 at Bwin.
  • Victory 4 - 1 of Colorado Avalanche: Listed at 4 at Bwin.
  • Victory 4 - 2 of the Colorado Avalanche: Listed at 5 at Bet99 Sports.
  • Victory 4 - 3 of Colorado Avalanche: siof at 5.5 at Betway.
  • 4 - 1 victory of the Tampa Bay Lightning: Listed at 17 at Bet99 Sports.
  • Victory 4 - 2 of the Tampa Bay Lightning: siof at 8.75 in Betway.
  • Victory 4 - 3 of the Tampa Bay Lightning: Listed at 7.25 in Bet99 Sports.

Stanley Cup final forecast for the 2022 season

After months of competition, the winner, of the NHL final, from the Stanley Cup will be known in a few weeks. After a year when each franchise played 82 games, the playoffs have advanced enough to know the names of the two teams that can claim the final title.

West section winner

West, Colorado Avalanche only bought on his opponents, finishing first of the regular season, before eliminating without worries Nashville Predators (4 games at 0), St Louis Blues (4 - 2), then the Oilers D'EDMONTON (4 - 0). Denver will be able to count on his very prolific attackers, Makar Cale, Nathan Mackinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, and Mikko Rantanen.

Winner Section is

To the east, the table was more disputed. The Lightning of Tampa Bay succeeded in winning the conference, narrowly beating the Toronto Maple Leafs at the end of the suspense in the round of 16 (4 - 3), crushing the Panthers of Florida, however first of the regular season, then coming to the end of the New York Rangers (4 - 2). Blues and whites will mainly count on the performance of their Russian striker Nikita Kucherov.

Favorite of bookmakers, we too see for our Stanley Cup final prognosis The avalanches of Colorado continue to descend the slope, and to destroy everything in its path. Already champion twice, in 1996, and in 2001, the Reds and Blues have never been so close to a hat -trick.

Their victory is listed at 1.52 at Betway.

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