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On betting in, we are obviously great fans of American football and enjoyments bet on American football. This is the reason why we wanted to devote an entire section of our site to bet the Vanier Cup. Thanks to our special section, you will be able to learn more about the very popular competition, but also take advantage of our many predictions to place bets that will be able to bring you big! Through this article, we will present the story of the competition in detail and put you in appetite with our first forecasts on the 53rd edition of the Vanier Cup.

What is the Bookmaker of the Vanier Cup? We present you 3

If you are a beginner in the online sports betting sector, know that all bookmakers do not offer the same diversity in terms of their sports offer. If football, tennis, basketball or ice hockey will be offered on any platform, more confidential sports like American football are not sure to have their names to the rank of sports offered. For lovers of American football that we are and sports betting followers, it would be a shame to miss out on a renowned competition to be able to distribute big gains to connoisseurs.

Fortunately, some online platforms are known to offer their customers a very large offer on American football. And of course, the vanier cup is there! So quickly discover our recommendation on the Vanier Cup bookmaker:


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General culture point to use for your sports betting on the Vanier Cup

If you live in USA, you surely know the Vanier Cup! Nevertheless, we wanted to retrace the history of the famous championship for the rare people who would not know him. The Vanier Cup is the name given to the inter-university American football championship that has been played every year since 1965. Two teams compete in competition: the Uteck Cup winners and the Mitchell Cup winners.

Like the Gray Cup, the Vanier Cup takes its name from its creator, Goerges P.Vanier, the former Governor General of USA at the time. The first 1965 edition confronts two teams invited by a national jury. It was indeed to wait until the following year for an eliminatory series system to set up in order to put the trophy back to the best university team. Until 1982, the vanier cup was known to the name of " American College Bowl ». The teams that participate in the competition today are divided into four conferences: the University Sport of the Atlantic, the University Sport of Ontario, the University Sports Association of West USA and the Student Sport Network of Quebec Quebec .

In addition to crowning the winning team, the Vanier Cup also gives individual awards. For example, the best player on the final receives the Ted Morris commemorative trophy, former player and coach of the Toronto Argonauts who is one of the legends of American football. This trophy was given for the first time in the first championship in 1965. The best offensive or defensive player is seen the Prix Bruce Coulter, another American football legend that has evolved in the Alouettes team Montreal in the 1950s. Of course, it is possible to make sports betting on the Vanier Cup. The right books that we present to you in our guiof will allow you to bet on this breathtaking competition.

Favorites to know for your vanier cutting prognosis

The year 2019 marks the 55th edition of the Vanier Cup. And Laval, holding the title, has only to get well, because the teams are many to want to steal the trophy. Will the University of Montreal Champion of the 50th edition and finalist of the 51st edition, will it manage, this time, to win the victory? Or, then the honors may return to Western winner of the 2017 edition and finalist of the 2018 edition. For our team of experts, Laval remains the favorite team for their own succession. To consult the latest information and our tips, go to our "Vanier Cup prognosis" page to not miss anything from our analyzes.

In lack of time? Discover our free vanier cutting prognosis

All lovers of sports betting know this, being a good pre -prognostician takes time. If you do not have enough to be interested in American football and the Vanier Cup or just that you do not yet have the necessary skills, rest assured!

Regularly during the season, we publish a free vanier cutting prognosis on our prognosis page. So be sure to visit it regularly so as not to miss the great gain opportunities! Play-offs are fast approaching, what is your excuse not to bet on the Vanier Cup?

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