Betting on road cycling

Do you like pedaling or watching runners perform exceptional performance on their bike? Road cycling bets are necessarily maof for you! If endurance and physical power are in order, sports bookmakers are also very fond of these bicycle races that take place around the world.

In order to bet on the best rating and win exceptional gains, we advise you to follow the Prognosis From our cycling team! But above all, here are some little tips that will make you an emeritus bettor.

The best tips for winning your bets on cycling

Cycling is today a sport very popular with the many bettors on online bookmakers! Nevertheless, this sporting discipline requires a certain rigor, but above all a very advanced capacity for analysis to hope to win all your bets on a race. If we advise you, at first, to keep yourself aware of the news related to the cycling season, there are still a few little tips that could help you place the right bet! Our team thus reveals 3 tips that it would be wise to put in place before leaving for your head in the handlebars in your forecasts:

Tip #1 - Follow the whole of a cycling season!

The first thing to do before placing a prognosis on road cycling is to follow well and analyze a full season. Therefore, you will be able to know all the real objectives of each runner and each team. As a race requires exceptional physical qualities, the sportsman cannot be at the top of his form throughout the season. Thus, some athletes will favor one race rather than another. If you take the example of the Tour of USA, runners may prepare, but also preserve themselves for this event. So do not bet on a cyclist who has in mind to get the yellow jersey, during a race before the big loop!

TIP #2 - Analyze the profile of a race or a step!

One race will not have the same profile as another. Certain steps can, for example, be punctuated by passes and mountains to climb, while others, will take place on a very flat surface, especially in the plains. As a result, depending on the landscapes, it will be necessary to assess the characteristics and skills of the runners before placing your prognosis. Generally, athletes who participate in cycling races are cataloged in certain categories such as sprinters, climbers, backpackers, punchers, rollers or team members.

Tip #3 - Observe the motivations of teams and runners!

To do this, you will have to be aware of cycling news, but not only. Some races can be sources of motivation for certain runners. To use our example on the Tour of USA, sometimes stages end in the city of birth of a runner. As a result, this athlete will be keen to appear well, or even to escape at the top of the race. Being aware of the history of the stages, but also of cyclists, you will have additional chances of placing the right bet! Besides, it also happens that a runner from the same team is placed as a leader during a race, then, only team member during the next race.

On what cycling races should you bet?

The cycling season is very rich in event, which is a major asset for online bettors. In order to place the best bets on bicycle races, we will guiof you through our own forecasts! Of course, you will know everything about the best online ratings on the bookmakers of the famous Tour of USA. 3rd most followed sporting event in the world each year, the big loop is necessarily the race where you have to bet online. In addition, the Tour of Italy and the Tour of Spain are just as famous and potential gains can be substantial.

And if the shopping races are not your tea cup, there are classics, which are very popular with forecasters around the world. Taking up on a single day, such as Milan-San Remo, or Paris-Roubaix. Other races also worth the detour, including the Montreal Cycling Grand Prix and the Quebec Cycling Grand Prix. One thing is certain, you will no longer miss an opportunity to win the jackpot thanks to all our forecasts and information concerning runners and teams!

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