Hockey sports betting: Follow the advice and forecasts of our experts

The Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports in USA, including Quebec. American bettors follow the NHL matches and other competitions organized around the world with the greatest attention.

This is the reason why you will be able to consult Nos pronostics On ice hockey throughout the season! We will also give you a few tips to allow you to succeed in your Hockey sports betting on the long term.

Free prognosis on hockey with the best odds

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As a reference guide From sports betting in USA, we had to devote a large place to ice hockey as this discipline is essential in our country. In addition to allowing you to find a specialized bookmaker and use the types of popular bets, we have brought together the best experts to offer you a free prognosis on each match.

We invite you to find nos pronostics hockey On the biggest competitions: the NHL of course, but also the KHL, the Champions League and the World Championship! Depending on the opportunities to be seized, we also cover the World Cup (the competition that replaced the USA Cup), the Olympic Winter Olympic Tournament as well as other events associated with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF ).

Each hockey prognosis is here withA complete analysis of the match, with the latest information around the meeting and the most relevant statistics for your sports betting. You will be able to base yourself on many elements to bet well on hockey: context of the meeting, physical and mental form of players, play conditions, duels of duels between the two opponents, key players, etc.

We will also take the opportunity to introduce you The odds available as well as the bonuses and statistics offered by online bookmakers. This will allow you to find the best hockey sports betting site and therefore optimize your chances of winning. In this way, you will be able to bet on ice hockey in the best possible conditions!

The best books to bet on hockey

Whether you want to bet on the NHL, the KHL, the Champions League, the Olympic Games or the World Championship, ice hockey is always a good way to win your bets on online books. This is all the more valid if you choose a Hockey sports betting site, that is to say an operator specializing in this discipline.

Inasmuch as sport n°1 au USA, ice hockey guarantees high ratings on many games. This discipline is also highlighted on most USA sports betting sites. So that you can stimulate your earnings as best as possible, our team wanted to present the best American bookmakers to you! You can refer to our top sports betting below:

The 3 best books to bet on hockey
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

Each Bookmaker Present in our Top 3 has serious assets to be asserted regarding ice hockey. To start, you will have a more complete range of Paris, with the presence of many events. This means that you can bet on most of the competitions disputed around the world. In addition, you will have access to many types of hockey sporting bet: final result, scorer, dots gap, over / under, disability, total goals, etc.

For a single bet, the ratings will be on average higher than on competing sites. Each hockey sports betting rating will therefore allow you to consider greater prospects for earnings with your bets! Furthermore, the Welcome Bonus will be valid on ice hockey, whether it is a first bet refunded or a bonus on the first deposit. Other bonuses may be granted to you later, including free bets offered during the Stanley Cup and a cashback on your losing bets.

Finally, your bookmaker will put several tools at your disposal to help you prepare your forecasts : a cash out to manage your bets as you wish, a free mobile application to go to bookmakers bet hockey, detailed statistics to properly prepare your sports betting online, a streaming service to see certain meetings and a live space for Bet on live matches. If you want to know more, you can consult the Review of each bookmaker !

How to bet on ice hockey?

First of all, you should know that there is not a more interesting competition than another for your sports betting on hockey.

In reality, you must especially bet on the competition you know best, whether it is the National Hockey League, the KHL or the Champions League. You will also need to apply certain tips to put the odds on your side! We will give you All our advice To best bet on this sport.

Place your bets at the last moment or live

In NHL and in most major ice hockey championships, team compositions Are revealed at the last moment, about an hour before kick -off. In some cases, the announcements of the teams can reserve a lot of surprises.

This is the reason why we advise you to wait until the last moment or even the start of the match before placing a bet on a hockey team. Indeed, you are never immune to a last minute package : The absence of the captain, the holder or the best defender can have a direct impact on the performance of the team.

Depending on the announcements that are maof just before the start of the game and the teams aligned by the coaches, The dimensions can change At all! It is therefore more interesting to wait to place an bet, the goal being to have a rating closer to reality and not to be misleading by bookmakers.

Choose the right bookmaker

It is very important to choose the right bookmaker to place a bet on ice hockey. Not only will you have access to a full catalog Regarding competitions, but you can also use types of bets that will offer you many possibilities of bets throughout the season and different cuts.

Some bookmakers do not hesitate to offer you bonuses On the occasion of the biggest events of the season: in addition to the welcome bonus valid for registration, you can for example receive a cash back during the world ice hockey championship or free bets offered on NHL playoffs. Depending on the operators, these promotions can affect competitions from other sports (UFC, Premier League, LCF, Masters of Tennis, Grand Slam tournaments, etc.).

By choosing a bookmaker which specializes in this sport, you will also benefit from Best dimensions From the market, which will allow you to optimize your chances of gains in the long term. Choosing the right bookmaker is an integral part of your success in hockey predictions is absolutely not to be taken lightly! Our experts have established a list to help you in this task.

The 3 best books to bet on hockey
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

Manage your money

Obviously you have to know how to manage your money and more particularly your bankroll to be able to bet on hockey. Indeed, a good bettor must absolutely not put himself in danger with each bet he performs. We usually advise you to bet a maximum of 20 % of your capital On a single hockey prognosis.

By managing your money in the right way, you will limit the risks and therefore play as much as possible, without never be in tilt. The players who succeed in their hockey sports prognosis are those who are most serious in terms of their money. You should never get carried away and always respect your fixed bets.

Our tips for making a good hockey prognosis

In this part, we want to give you some tips for making a good hockey prognosis. This sport owes nothing to chance and it is possible to put the odds on your siof by following a few tips of experts.

Take advantage of the specifics of hockey

Ice hockey may be a sport where the possibilities of winning a bet are real, you need Analyze upstream meetings To collect many essential information. To take a concrete example, the goalkeeper is a key position in hockey: the analysis of his statistics is therefore essential. The number of stops maof and diving can in particular help you assess the performance of the one who carries number 1. In hockey, the goalkeeper uses a shield to push the puck away from his net.

You must also analyze everything in the defensive zone and in an offensive zone in order to assess the shape of the teams. This concerns the number of goals scored by each striker, the evictions conceded on average per game, the depth of the bench, etc. It should also be remembered that hockey meetings take place withinA particularly busy calendar. Thus, the form of the teams and the analysis of the history of confrontations can allow you to better assess the likely outcome of a meeting.

Finally, we suggest that you bet live if you are a real hockey expert. Like the Cotes Evolve according to game situations, you can take advantage of it to seize all the opportunities present within one and the same match. In hockey for example, temporary expulsion can change the progress of a game! Ditto for extra time, a penalty, an icing, a missed shooting, an unharmed offside, etc. Each game fact can affect the commitment of the two teams and the final result.

Pay attention to the results of the teams in the last games

One of the best tips that we can give you for a hockey sports bet is obviously Consult the statistics of previous matches Between the two teams. Not only can you analyze the history between the two teams, but we also advise you to assess the shape of the teams in the last 5 games.

Generally, following the old results is quite revealing, whether at current form level of the team or its history against a particular opponent. You should know that certain franchises are real black animals for others, which is why you must absolutely inform yourself of statistics related to previous meetings.

Know the issues of the match

Each match has its own challenges. For example, it happens that a single team is concerned by a good result (often at the end of the regular season). It’s very important because it Influences the desire of players and on the decisions of the coaches.

Otherwise, Some rivalries are present In the NHL championship, such as the Battle of Ontario between the Maple Leafs of Toronto and the Senators of Ottawa. In this type of meeting, you can be sure that there is an issue for both teams and that the home team will be pushed by a whole region! Our experts advise you to find out about what revolves around the match to better understand what will happen on the field.

Know the place of the meeting

The meeting place is a point to really take into account on a hockey bet. The matches taking place in closed rooms, Fans have a very special place And often give a unique motivation to players playing at home. It is essential to find out where the match you are going to take place, because it will necessarily have an impact on the result.

Whether in the regular season as in NHL or at an international cup like the world championship, The players are transcended When they play in skating rinks in front of thousands of madness supporters. If the dimensions are generally lower at home, it is not for nothing! Each team will necessarily want to leave with a victory when it comes to a round at home.

Why should we bet on ice hockey?

Americans know this better than anyone, Ice hockey is a separate sport ! Besides, if hockey has many specificities, it approaches football on certain points. Take for example the final score system. Like football, ice hockey has much lower scores compared to other collective sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball or rugby.

The possibilities of scoring a goal are therefore much rarer, which allows you to bet on the number or the goals difference with more success. Some bettors also believe that Outsiders' victory chances are not so far from those of favorites. Ice hockey is also the ideal sport to bet on a "clean-sheet", that is to say for a team to take no goal during a meeting!

In parallel, ice hockey is a sport where The reversals make the delight of the bettors, especially those who are used to placing their bets on current matches. If we add many competitions to bet and really interesting odds on the best sports betting sites, hockey has everything to please!

Bet on the biggest hockey competitions

The hockey season is quite busy, with many competitions in anticipation around the world. For our part, we will offer you forecasts on the following competitions: NHL, KHL, the Champions League, the World Championship and the World Cup.

The National Hockey League (NHL) :

Better known by his English name National Hockey League (NHL), the National Hockey League is the largest ice hockey competition in the world. It brings together the 31 best teams from North America: 7 USA teams and 24 in the United States. During the regular season, the teams are distributed in two conferences, such as what is done in the NBA.

The 8 best classified teams of each conference are then found for the play-offs with, as a high point, the grand finale called Stanley Cup.

Among the teams in the running in this closed league, we find in particular the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Oilers of Edmonton, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Colorado Avalanche, the Nashville Predators, the Boston Bruins, the Los Angeles Kings or the Vegas Golden Knights. Montreal Americans are the most titled (25) in NHL history. The Hart trophy rewards the best player of the season while the All Star Game is a match between the best players of each conference.

The Continental hockey league, Or vinegar:

It is the European equivalent of the NHL. This competition works in the same way with a regular season, then play-offs and a final named the Gagarin Cup. The KHL brings together 24 teams from 6 countries located in Eurasia: Russia (19), Belarus (1), Kazakhstan (1), China (1), Finland (1) and Latvia (1).

The Champions League :

It brings together the best European teams, except those that compete for the KHL. On the program, we find in particular 24 teams from the 6 founder leagues (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, USA, Sweden) and the winners of 7 minor championships including that of the Magnus League in USA.

The World Championship :

Each year, the World Championship brings together the best 16 nations. Unfortunately, this competition does not follow the NHL calendar and is therefore generally deprived of the best players. The Hockey World Championship begins with a group stage and ends with direct elimination matches.

The world Cup :

Finally, the World Cup is a fairly special competition insofar as it has only taken place three times since its creation in 1996. In reality, this tournament is struggling to find its place in the calendar and therefore takes place in Irregular interval, with a number of participants that varies with each edition.

Players to follow for your hockey forecasts

Many legendary players have written the most beautiful pages of ice hockey, especially in NHL: let's mention Eddie Shore, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Mario Lémieux, Aleksandr Ovetchtkine and of course Wayne Gretzky which is still considered to date as the best player of all time.

However, there is no point in living in the past for those who intend to bet effectively on hockey! At the moment, other players manage to do well. It is best to know them before you start on hockey sports betting sites.

Leon Draisaitl, Mikko Rantanen, Nathan Mackinnon, Carl Grundstrom, Alexander Iafallo, Connor McDavid, Bradley Marchand, Alksander Barkov, Aleksandr Ovetchkin, Evgeni Malkin or John Eichel are considered to be The best players of the moment. On the goalkeeper side, Sergei Bobrovsky, Braden Holtby and Carey Price regularly keep their inviolated cages.

What are the most popular hockey sports bettings?

Some types of bets are better suited than others to bet on ice hockey. This observation is also worth for other sports (baseball, football, etc.). You must therefore read the types of forecasts available on hockey sports betting sites! We will present to you below the forms of favoring:

  • The 1x2 single bet : Like football, you will be able to bet on the three possible outcomes of an ice hockey match. The draw is therefore taken into account. If the meeting promises to be unbalanced, you can rather use disability bets.
  • The equal moneylines : Unlike the first type of bet quoted, the hypothesis of the draw is deleted here. You can only bet on two possible results. The Moneyline bet is essential on the NHL meetings since the draw was abolished in 2005.
  • Packline equal : Here you can bet on the final result of the match including a bonus or a penalty penalty at one of the two teams. The Puckline bet can allow you to swell the dimensions on a meeting that seems unbalanced.
  • The total bet : You will have to guess the total number of goals scored by the two teams. The statistics maof available to you before the match by bookmakers can help you see more clearly in your forecasts.

Some surprising anecdotes on hockey

The atmosphere in the enclosures dedicated to hockey is quite paradoxical between the cold of the ice rink and the heat emanating from the stands! Through its history, ice hockey has woven a special relationship with all Americans since it is one of the most popular sports in our country. In this sense, we wanted to reveal some unknown anecdotes about our favorite sport!

An endless first match

On March 3, 1875, in Montreal in Quebec, the first official ice hockey meeting codified by rules took place. Everything has been thought of so that the match takes place in the best possible conditions. A wooden washer is also used instead of the usual butt ball so as not to break the windows surrounding the ice rink and to avoid injuring a spectator.

Unfortunately, the game stopped during the second period following a fight between the players and the members of the skating club who usually occupied the room. First, rather difficult steps!

A miracle on the ice

Much more recently, at the end of the 80s, a hockey guard almost died on the ice. This is the story of Clint Malachuck, current coach of the Calgary Flames Guardians. During a match, the goalkeeper gets his throat cut by a skate blade. Luckily, Clint Malachuck still survived thanks to the rapid intervention of doctors who still had to sew 300 stitches.

While losing a lot of blood on the ice, a good number of horrified spectators passed out and 5 of them even suffered a heart attack. Back on the skating rink two weeks later, the goalkeeper is the source of a new ice hockey rule: the compulsory port of neck protection for players!

Hockey, a combat sport?

In the North American championship, the fights between two players are tolerated by the regulations! To be more precise, players drop their gloves to confirm their desire to fight, but cannot use it to hit the other. Ditto for the use of the butt in this kind of situation.

Subsequently, the players will be sanctioned by the referee, but not excluded! Generally, the referee separates the two brawkers when one of the two falls to the ground. Some players are also selected for this, they are called "police"!

A winning fracture

In 1964, during the Stanley Cup final which rewarded the big winner of the NHL, Bob Baun was injured during the 6th game of his team. Despite intense pain, the player decides to continue the game and even scores the winning goal.

He will also participate in the last match of his team, the 7th, and will win the Cup before finally going to the hospital. The sentence is final: leg fracture and 143 stitches. So it's a bitter victory for Bob Baun!

Faults on the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the trophy which is given to the winner of the National Hockey League. All the names of the titled players are engraved on this cup. However, there are a lot of spelling mistakes on the trophy. The legendary goalkeeper Jacques Plante, for example, won the title of NHL 5 times and his name is engraved in 5 different ways!

Even more surprising, the president of a winning club took advantage of having the trophy in his possession to register the name of his father. The NHL has since decided to block the name of the intruder!

Hockey sports betting faq

Finally, we decided to answer all your questions about sports betting on ice hockey.

🕵 What are the best books to bet on hockey?

Betway, Spin Sports et Betiton are the Best sports betting sites For players who intend to bet on hockey. You will find a complete catalog, with the presence of all competitions, and ratings on average higher than on competing sites. You will also benefit from several generous bonuses, detailed statistics on hockey, a cash out of this discipline and a streaming service to see certain live meetings.

😜 How to bet on hockey?

In order to put the odds on your side, it is best to focus on the competitions you follow on a daily basis. Then, you need to assess the dynamics of the two teams through the history of their confrontations, the recent results, the individual statistics of each player, the general classification or even any absences. Finally, remember to favor the types of best suitable Paris whose Moneyline, the total bet and the Puckline.

🔥 What is our offer concerning hockey forecasts?

Each week, we offer hockey forecasts on the biggest competitions: NHL, KHL, Champions League, World Championship and World Cup. Our forecasts are accompanied by a complete analysis of the targeted match, with the presence of the most relevant statistics and information for your sports betting. We present to you in passing the available dimensions and the bonuses offered by online bookmakers.

top bookmakers
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet
4. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet
5. Yoni​bet Sport100 % bonus up to $ 100 to bet To bet
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