The Glossary of Paris

The ratings, the bets in disability or scorecast tell you, but you do not know the exact definition? This is the difference between a winning bet and a losing bet, quite simply! The idea is not to become an expert or a full -time bettor, far from it. To be able to win money on your bets, you must absolutely choose the adapted bet and get to know the different types of bets that can help you make your bets profitable. Even if you cannot win miles and hundred, the goal is to leave at least with double your initial bet. Forward for our special sports betting glossary of Guide !


BookmakerA legal online sports betting site.
MargeThe margin of the bookmaker corresponds to the profit taken by the latter on a sporting event on which it offers bets.
CoteThe rating allows you to calculate your profit associated with your bet. If your team's rating or player is weak, it means that they will be more likely to win the sports competition.
MiseThe amount of money you have bet.
ProbabilityGenerally in the form of a percentage relating to the victory chances of a player or a team.
UnderdogYou will recognize the Underdog on its very high side, since it corresponds to the player or the team that is the least likely to win a meeting or a competition.
Dead HeatTerm used by bettors when there is equality between the various participants in a sporting event.

The bets

PariAction which consists in betting money on a sporting event.
Simple seemThe simple bet is an elementary bet. Just choose a sports meeting and make a prognosis.
Combined betThe combined bet corresponds to the fact of making several bets that you combine in a single ticket. It is an extremely interesting bet with spectacular chances of gains in the event of a correct prognosis.
Pari HeinzThe Heinz is a multiple sports bet that rests on 5 selections, or 57 Paris. If two are correct you win gains.
I look scorcastBetting on the team that will win the match and the final score of the meeting.
Looks like handicapBet on the result of a sports meeting by adding a point advantage for one of the candidates.
Stop mi-time/full timeBet on the half-time score or at the end of the match.
Bet on the total of goalsBet on the total number of goals after a meeting.
Live sports betThe most popular of betting are the live bets which allow you to bet on a sporting event as it goes.
Fancy betBetting on one of the two teams of a meeting that will have scored the most goals after a championship day.
Asian handicap betBet on a draw by adding an advantage for one of the participants.
Sports bet on a relegated teamBetting on the team that will be relegated to the competition or in the lower division.
Sports bet on 2nd and 3rd placeDetermine who will end in 2nd or 3rd place in a sporting event and you win your bet.
Winning betThe winning bet amounts to betting on the winner of an event.
American sports bettingThe American bet is complex since it is based on 5 selections, on 26 Paris which will bring you earnings if you get at least 2 good results.
Bet on the first scorerBetting on the player who will score the first goal of the meeting.
Pari score correctYou will have to predict the final score after a meeting.

the dimensions

European ratingThe European rating is the most widespread on online sports betting sites. It corresponds to a whole or decimal number (1.5, 3,…). To calculate your profit on a bet = your bet * (the rating -1).
English sideThe English rating is expressed in the form of a fraction (1/2, 3/5,…). To calculate your profit on your bet = your bet * the rating.
American sideThe American rating can appear in the form of a positive or negative number (-100, 200, ...). To calculate your profit on your bet on a positive dimension = your bet * 100 / the rating. For a negative rating, you can calculate your profit = your bet * 100 / (the negative rating).
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