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The Gold Cup is a football competition during which teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean are clarified. Organized by the Concacaf (Confederation of Football of North America, Central America and the Caribbean) and created in 1963, the competition brings together 12 teams which compete for the Cup every two years. So, if you are passionate and want to bet on the Gold Cup to try to win big on your sports betting, you can not fall better! In this section entirely devoted to the Gold Cup, you will be able to learn more about the competition and enjoy our Best Football Prognosis To try to raise the maximum of money.

General culture point

The creation of the Concacaf stems from the merger between the NAFC-North American Football Confederation-, and the CCCF-Center-American and Caribbean Confederation of Football-, in 1961. Indeed, before, the two confederations organized their own championships , with the CCCF cup on one siof for the CCCF and on the other, the North American NAFC Championship. Following this merger, the very first competition was born in Salvador 2 years later under its former name: the CONCACAF Nations Cup. The tournament was thus organized every two years from 1963 to 1971.

In 1973, things evolved somewhat. Indeed, if the championship keeps the same format, the challenges are now different, since the tournament champion will be automatically qualified for the final phase of the World Cup. We remember in particular the huge good surprise of Haiti who managed to make a place in the 1974 World Cup by winning first place in the tournament. In 1985, this time it was USA's turn to stand out by winning the title. This year marks the country's first participation in the World Cup.

It was not until 1991 that the Gold Cup as we know it today was born. Indeed, unlike the CONCACAF Nations Cup, the competition is now completely dissociated from the World Cup qualifications. Since the advent of the tournament, Mexico and the United States have continued to dominate the competition. Indeed, the two countries alone won 12 tournaments out of 13. Mexico thus counted 7 victories to its credit, against 5 for the United States. The only country that managed to win the Cup was in USA in 2000. Nothing very surprising since the three countries are the only ones qualified for the final phase of the competition. Indeed, the training of Central America and the West Indies must, before, stand out during the qualifying phases of the UNCAF Cup of Nations. The Caribbean, on the other hand, must distinguish themselves during the Caribbean Cup of Nations.


If Mexico and the United States have largely dominated the competition so far, Americans and other countries have not said their last word and could well win the hand cup’The tricolor. Even if the next tournament will not take place before 2017, you can now place your forecasts for the qualifying phases.

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