Bet 1st scorer: Get big odds on serial scorers

Sports betting enthusiasts are now spoiled for choice when it comes to placing an equal On a meeting. Indeed, the bookmakers today offer an impressive number of different sports betting.

Among this wiof choice, there are bets that adapt perfectly to the more limited knowledge of novices. So we find the famous bets on the first scorer. We invite you to discover the concept of this bet in detail in this article.

Our selection of the best Paris Bookmakers First scorer

So that you can perform your Bet first scorer In the best conditions, we have traveled the web in search of the best platforms for this type of bet. Here is our selection of Best sports betting sites from the moment :

1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

The concept of betting on the first scorer

Thanks to its simple name, the concept of Bet on the first scorer is easy to understand. Indeed, as you will have understood, it is a type of bet which consists in indicating which player will mark the first point during the meeting. To take the slightest risk possible and increase your chances of betting properly, you can simply give the name of a single player who, preferably, has the attacker's position. However, there are lots of other ways to spice up this bet. Indeed, you will have, for example, the possibility of betting on several scorers. In addition, some bookmakers proviof you with 2 betting options which consist in betting on the player who will score the first point meeting, as well as the last. This kind of bet is therefore very interesting since it will allow you to win much larger in the event of a winning prognosis than a Bet on the first traditional scorer.

Example of Paris on the first scorer

If you choose to bet in favor of Montreal Americans on a meeting that opposes them to Boston's Bruins, you will have to try to determine who among the players of the team will score the first point of the match. So, you will have to try to guess who team players will get out of the best during the first minutes of the match between Max Pacioretty, Alex Galchenyuk or Thomas Plekanec. For this type of bet, Betway is the essential bookmaker.

Our opinion on the 1st scorer bet

If you want to increase your chances of getting out of your Paris on the first scorer, we strongly advise you to use this bet with a team of heterogeneous players. It will be much easier to guess who will be disturbed during the First minutes of the meeting Since you just have to bet on the favorite (s). Although we have classified this kind of bet in our Paris section for beginners, we advise you to really take the time to analyze the meeting before making it use since it is still a bet that requires a certain dexterity.

top bookmakers
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet
4. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet
5. Yoni​bet Sport100 % bonus up to $ 100 to bet To bet

Lots of other bets to discover

Take advantage of betting in to discover and learn to use the different bets that you will find on bookmakers sites:

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