L’ESWC (eSports World Convention)

ESPORT World Convention is a real international event that brings together the best players during video game tournaments, all in an atmosphere overheated by fans. In order to diversify your sports forecasts, we have decided to enlighten you on This competition which always welcomes a greater number of bettors each year. Between tournaments, professional teams and controllers, go around the ESports World Convention with us, the Review-casino-usa.com team!

History of the ESWC

For novices or, those who have never heard of eSports and its flagship competition, ESWC, it is possible to tell you that it is an electronic sports tournament that welcomes the most Large champions and the best video game teams in the world! As in all sports tournaments, and especially in all world championships, players of the whole planet will compete for a few days to become the undisputed master of their discipline.

First created in 2003 by the American, Matthieu Dallon, the first editions of this world competition took place in the amusement park focused on the new technologies of Futuroscope. Subsequently, the fact of staging electronic sports meetings with in particular an audience and the broadcast on the internet of the competition, strongly contributed to its expansion until the ESWC is organized in the Paris Bercy hall Then in San José and in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Although stopped in 2009 following the economic crisis and the model advocated by the project (sponsorship of private brands), the ESWC has resumed its rights thanks to Jean-Marie Coutant who organized this competition again at the amusement park from Disneyland Paris. Since then, Esport has been booming and many seasonal meetings have taken place during Paris Games Week and elsewhere, as in Montreal in 2015.

Unfortunately, not all players can participate in the ESWC! You have to spend a whole bunch of selections at the national level to reach the elite of competitions and become the big champion of his favorite video game. For those who wish to follow this planetary event, know that today, the ESWC is organized by the Webedia group which brings together for example, Jeuxvideo.com, Millenium, IGN, PSG ESPORT, TOORNAMENT.COM and MIXICOM.

Iconic games, players and teams

While waiting for ESPORT to be represented at the Olympic Games, the ESWC adopts a fairly comparable format in the organization to satisfy the champions of electronic sport. Classified according to certain categories, a good number of video games are represented during each competition. For example, we can find action action for teams like Counter-Strike and individual as Call of Duty or strategy games (World of Warcraft), arena (Clash Royale), sport (Fifa et PES), racing and even rhythm (Guitar Hero et Just Dance) !

In addition, as in all sports, there are large champions! On the table of the best nations, USA wins the title with its 13 gold medals in particular won during tournaments of the game Fifa With its champions recognized as Bruce Grannec or Daxe. In total, our American friends won 30 ESPORT medals! It is perhaps thanks to this notoriety and this supremacy that American esports players recently obtained the legal status of professional player.

What's more, the major world football clubs have decided to embark on electronic sport to create real competitive teams and be represented in the championships like ESWC. Thus, it is no longer rare to find professional players from esports fighting for the teams of Schalke, Besiktas, Valence, Santos, PSG or West Ham and Manchester City! The emblematic "Teams" like Millennium only have to be well!

Bet on the ESWC

While the next edition of the ESWC arrives in July, we explain why you have to bet on eSports and this world championship:

  • ESPORT and ESWC may be the future of sport in general.
  • This makes esport even more attractive and it promotes the general economy of the environment.
  • The ESWC atmosphere is overheated like the biggest football stadiums and the most beautiful arenas.
  • The ribs are attractive and can make you win big.
  • The best online bookmakers have gotten into it, esports bets are accessible to everyone.
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