Thierry Pellerin, the ex-American gymnastics design pleads guilty of sexual crimes

Former Olympic hope and gymnastics coach, Thierry Pellerin has just admitted to having pushed two teenagers from the club Lévis gymnamic, where he officiated, to send him intimate photos. He also admitted that he had captured the private parts of eight boys in video when they urged the gymnastics club to the toilet.

Accusations far too heavy to deny

A well -known figure in Lévis, Thierry Pellerin was appreciated by everyone and no one would have suspected that he could commit such acts. But in July 2020, Lévis, Montreal and USA fell high when its old Olympic gymnastics hope At the head of an angel is arrested.

Two parents of 11 and 12 years old teenagers had filed a complaint against the coach of their children. These complaints were filed after the father of one of the boys discovered Compromising messages Between Thierry Pellerin and his son, confiscating the latter's phone.

Of the Sexual exchanges were found, as well as photos that had been erased. The coach first defended this by indicating acting as a "big brother to teach him things of life". He also sent intimate photos, but asked the young boy not to talk about it.

"Faced with these serious accusations, Thierry Pellerin had no choice but to admit his actions, surprising his entire city and USA"

The first name of a second boy from the gym club being mentioned in the exchanges, the father then warned his parents, who immediately filed a complaint. The police then have arrest process And discovered, during the search of his home, many compromising pieces.

And hard drive containing 14 videos Eight children, aged 6 to 12, was found in particular.

Faced with these serious accusations, Thierry Pellerin had no choice but to admit his actions, surprising his entire city and the Canada, he who was seen as a model and often taken as an example.

A course at first exemplary

Thierry Pellerin, now 24, is a former professional gymnast and coach at the Lévis gymnamic club. It was at 15 that he specialized in argument And it is this discipline that will make him known and allow him to discover the professional world. He notably invented a movement to the horse of arises, which bears his name: the " Pellerin ».

After discovering the international scene at 18, he became USA Champion to the horse's horse. He is best known to be an Olympic hope for Tokyo games. The children he trained considered it " an idol " and one " model ", Status which he undoubtedly took advantage of to obtain what he wanted.

The accusations against Thierry Pellerin

The coach is accused of multiple charges of which mainly the lure, for having deceived and abused them with his status to achieve his ends. He is also accused of incitement to sexual s, of making sexually explicit equipment accessible to a minor, possession of possession of juvenile pornography and production of juvenile pornography.

It is therefore the descent into hell for the old American rising star of the Gymnastic, which risks spending very long years behind bars.

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