Bluffing poker: a technique that must be perfectly executed

The possibility of bluffing is one of the essential elements poker game. Indeed, it is quite possible to win the poker without showing your hand, even if you have the worst hand at the table. The Bluff technique, however, requires a certain technique for operating. We explain below how to bluff well in online poker or in terrestrial casinos.

Definition of bluff

By definition, the bluff is simply playing a blow and betting when you have a weak hand that you should a priori throw without hesitation. In a bluff situation, your cards are no longer really important, you know that your combination is bad. Your goal here is to deceive your opponents on the quality of your hand and have them thrown during the game. To deceive your opponents and hiof appearances, you can bet big, adapt a certain attituof (betting big without hesitation) …

What type of players can you bluff?

The bluff is all the more likely to pass if you face conservative players who are not aggressive and play few hands. Similarly, poorly experienced players are easily impressable, a big bet in a small pot will tend to scare players who have a small carpet or little experience of this type of situation. There is no point in bluffing aggressive players who play one hand in two, your bluff will certainly be unmasked and your reputation as a bluffer will not be done.

The poker face and reputation at the table, elements of the bluff

When you are at the poker table, it is imperative to adopt the "poker facing". This consists in having an impassive facial expression, your opponents are unable to determine your game here. When you bluff, it is a stressful situation, you bet with a bad game, the risk of losing a good part of your carpet or Being eliminated from the tournament is important. Likewise, we advise you to bluff if you do not have a reputation as a bluffer at the table! Players who perceive you as a cautious player who only plays good hands will be easier to bluff. Conversely, if we see you as an overly aggressive player who too often comes into the blows, we advise you not to bluff or change tables before bluffing.

Do not hug your bluff

It is quite possible to abandon a bluff during the game. Indeed, if you bet big au flop to have your opponents thrown away but that a or two opponents deciof to follow your bet (call) or outbid (re- Raise), it is very likely that your bluff will fail. It is wiser in the latter case to throw your hand rather than continuing to bet or outbid. The goal of the bluff is to win without showing your game, it is useless to find yourself at a carpet and show your bad hand to lose everything. Good game and good luck on the poker tables!

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